Projected (Sevendust, Alter Bridge, Etc.) Finish Recording New Album

Projected (Sevendust, Alter Bridge, etc.) have finished the recording process for their new album. John Connolly confirmed the news in the below Instagram post:

[via Blabbermouth]

Projected (Sevendust, Alter Bridge, Etc.) To Release New Album “Ignite My Insanity” In July

Projected (Sevendust, Alter Bridge, etc.) have announced that their new album “Ignite My Insanity” is going to be released on July 21. The effort will feature 21 songs across two discs, and it can be preordered HERE.

“Ignite My Insanity” Track Listing:

Disc 1:

01. “Strike”
02. “Reload”
03. “Six Feet Below”
04. “Vain”
05. “Rectify”
06. “Faith”
07. “Gomorrah”
08. “Heaven Above”
09. “10 Years Gone”
10. “Only”

Disc 2:

01. “Fire”
02. “Ignite”
03. “Call Me The Devil”
04. “Concede”
05. “Inhuman”
06. “Better”
07. “Hate You Back”
08. “Upside Down”
09. “Seconds”
10. “Inside The Sun”
11. “Battlestations”