Projected (Sevendust, Alter Bridge, Etc.) To Release New Album “Hypoxia” In June

Projected (Sevendust, Alter Bridge, etc.) have announced that their new album, “Hypoxia,” will be released on June 24. Guitarist John Connolly (Sevendust) commented:

“To me, personally, it feels like the most cohesive work we’ve done especially considering it’s the first time we all went in the studio together. That in itself had a huge impact on the songwriting process. And it’s taken some time to finally get released but it feels like we’ve matured quite a bit as a band.”

“Hypoxia” Track Listing:

01. “Consequences”
02. “Dead Weight”
03. “The Thing That’s Real”
04. “Stain”
05. “Take Aim”
06. “Hypoxia”
07. “Without You”
08. “Scars”
09. “My Addiction”
10. “Test”
11. “Dark”
12. “Death Is Mostly Permanent”
13. “At Your Window”

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