Nachtmystium Announce More 2017 Shows

Nachtmystium have announced some more reunion shows. You can see their updated schedule below. The band will release their new album “Resilient” in September as well as a split 7″ with ColdVoid


Tour Dates:

07/07 Los Angeles, CA – 5 Star Bar (performing “Eulogy IV” and “Instinct: Decay“)
07/08 Wilseyville, CA – Festum Carnis (performing “Eulogy IV” and “Instinct: Decay“)
07/25 San Diego, CA – Til-Two Club (performing “Reign Of The Malicious“)
09/29 Louisville, KY – Louisville Deathfest

Blake Judd commented:

“I am extremely excited to return to the stage after a nearly five-year hiatus. Wasn’t sure if this would ever happen again, given the condition my personal life was in and the condition the band was in publicly. I’ve spent the last year and a half cleaning up the mess I made of both, have assembled an amazing new live band of respectable and very talented musicians here in Southern California.”

Blake Judd Posts Rehersal Footage Of Nachtmystium’s New Lineup

Blake Judd has posted some rehearsal footage of the new Nachtmystium lineup in action. The band now features Judd, along with Jean-Michael Graffio, Austin Pumphrey, Martin von Falkenstein, and Phenex. So far, the band will perform at the Louisville Deathfest, and at the Carnis Festum Open Air Festival. The group’s new release “Resilient” will come out later this year.

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Nachtmystium Post New Studio Footage From “Resilient” Recording Sessions

Nachtmystium have posted some studio footage from their “Resilient” recording sessions. Interestingly, the effort, which is expected to be released in September, may now be a full album rather than an EP.

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Nachtmystium Reveal New Lineup

Blake Judd has confirmed that the new Nachtmystium lineup will feature him, along with Jean-Michael Graffio, Austin Pumphrey, Martin von Falkenstein, and Phenex. So far, the band will perform at the Louisville Deathfest, and at the Carnis Festum Open Air Festival. The group also have a new EP, titled “Resilient,” set to be released later this year as well.

NACHTMYSTIUM – March, 2017. Austin Pumphrey, Blake Judd, Jean-Michael Graffio. (not pictured due to geographic restrictions: Martin von Falkenstein and Phenex) First new promo photos since 2013. We are back. First shows this summer / autumn: July 8th, 2017 we headline @ Festum Carnis in Wilseyville, CA (Bay Area) we play 'Eulogy IV' and 'Instinct: Decay' in their entirety. Then we headline the first night of the annual Louisville Deathfest in Louisville, KY on September 28th, 2017. #nachtmystium #hatemeditation #twilight #usbm #blackmetal #psychedelicblackmetal #deathmetal #doommetal #progressivemetal #metalhead #metalguy #metalgirl #blackmetalguy #blackmetalgirls #darkthrone #mayhem #burzum #leviathan #xasthur #judasiscariot #theruinsofbeverast #mosaic #sanguisimperem #coldvoid #mammut

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Nachtmystium To Perform “Eulogy IV” & “Instinct: Decay” Live At Carnis Festum Open Air Festival

Nachtmystium previously announced that they would be returning to the stage at the Louisville Deathfest, and now they have another show booked. The band will be performing “Eulogy IV” and “Instinct: Decay” in full at the Carnis Festum Open Air Festival at the Blue Mountain Event Center in Wilsneyville, CA on July 8. The group’s new EP “Resilient” will be released later this year.

Alright everyone – another big announcement today! After announcing our headlining slot at Louisville Death Fest in September, 2017 the other day, I was approached by a festival promoter in the Bay Area (California) asking if we would like to headline a night of the Carnis Festum Open Air Festival on Saturday, July 8th! Although the Louisville Death Fest appearance was promoted as our 'only U.S. show' this year, I received an offer for the fest in July here in California and us doing it will generate enough funding to cover all the flights for our band mates / crew to Louisville. After speaking to the promoter of Louisville Death Fest and explaining the situation to him, he agreed that we should do the festival and is OK with it, especially considering that it won't effect the draw in September whatsoever due to the massive geographical distance between the two shows. SO – with that being said, I am proud to announce this exclusive one-time-only performance where we will play our 2004 EP "Eulogy IV" and 2005 LP "Instinct: Decay" both in their entirety! We have never performed "Eulogy IV" (the entire mini album) live before ever, and only did "Instinct: Decay" live one time (@ Roadburn Festival 2012 in Tilburg, Holland as part of Voivod's curated day) So, this is an exclusive performance for the fans here in the States. This festival is INVITE ONLY / not entirely open to the public, as it is way out in the middle of nowhere up in the mountains / woods. Bands and fans will all be camping out under the stars at this unique location. I and my band mates are all very excited about this performance. We will also be receiving a sound-board, multi-track recording of the entire performance.. We will most certainly take the recording to our home studio for post-gig mixing / editing / mastering and will release the show as a limited edition release of some form or another later this year. For more info on the festival, visit A final line up / announcement from them detailing our performance and the rest of the finalized line up should be posted in the next week. Hope to see some of you there! Success and serenity to you all. -Blake Judd /

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Nachtmystium Set For Louisville Deathfest, Stream “Voidless” Instrumental Demo From Upcoming “Resilient” EP

It looks like Blake Judd will be resurrecting Nachtmystium following their break-up. The band is set to perform at the Louisville Deathfest at The Cure Lounge in Louisville, KY alongside Brutality, Dehumanized, Artificial Brain, and more. That event will take place on September 29-30. Nachtmystium are also working on a new EP titled “Resilient,” which will be released later this year. For now, you can check out an instrumental demo called “Voidless” below:

Judd commented:

“Alright everyone….what I (and I’m sure many or all of you) thought you’d never see again. Nachtmystium is doing a one-off exclusive set for the metal heads of the city I ran to and got sober in. We are headlining night 1 of the annual LOUISVILLE DEATHFEST, Friday, September 29th, 2017. We will be flying in from LA for this special show, and also bringing a full crew of sound and light techs with us to ensure the performance is above and beyond what one would expect from a band in a small, intimate club.

This city and the great friends I made there during my year living in half way houses / sober living residencies while I tried to put my shattered life back together is a place that will forever be very special to me. I am thrilled to be making my first trip back since moving to California late last year to be for this special event. We will be playing material spanning our entire catalog, focusing on albums / tracks that were never played live (primarily from the “Silencing Machine” and “The World We Left Behind” albums, along with the new material from the upcoming “Resilient” EP, which should be out on Earache Records in time for this show!) along with some staple songs for long time supporters. Expect a full 60+ minute set.

Thanks to AJ Lucas for having us. Can’t wait to see everyone and to put on the best show we can for you guys.
ALSO – in support of this unlikely event being announced, I have uploaded our new (now finished!) instrumental demo for a brand new track called “Voidless“. A link to the SoundCloud page where the track is streaming can be found below. This demo will be a free download track all weekend in support of the announcement of our appearance at Louisville Deathfest 2017!”

Earache Records Acquire Nachtmystium’s Back Catalog

Earache Records have announced that they have acquired Nachtmystium’s back catalog, and that they are planning to reissue a lot of it. The labek is also planning an official release for the band’s “Retox” rarities compilation. You can read more about all that in the below press release.


“Long-standing British independent record label Earache Records has acquired the majority of back-catalogue titles from American psychedelic black metal band NACHTMYSTIUM.

Formed by notorious frontman Blake Judd in Illinois in 2000, NACHTMYSTIUM stormed onto the scene with their raw, true-to-the-roots black metal sound, releasing their debut full-length ‘Reign of the Malicious‘ in 2002. Following the band’s second studio album, 2004’s ‘Demise‘, NACHTMYSTIUM expanded their style to incorporate more psychedelic elements, drawing influence from groups such as BLACK SABBATH and leading to comparisons as a darker, heavier PINK FLOYD.

Earache‘s new deal with NACHTMYSTIUM includes the rights to five of the band’s studio albums, four EPs, a demos collection, and a remixes and rarities album which was previously only released on YouTube.

Earache‘s Al Dawson comments: “We’ve been fans of Blake‘s music for a long time now and I am excited in the fact that we are now the official home of his extensive catalog of some of the finest American black metal ever.”

NACHTMYSTIUM frontman and founding member Blake Judd comments: “I am proud to announce a new cooperation in the lengthy release history of Nachtmystium. I have teamed up with the folks at the legendary, UK-based metal label, Earache Records, to reissue the majority of Nachtmystium‘s back catalog recordings. Earache will also be releasing a brand new compilation LP of unreleased studio tracks, covers and remixes, titled ‘Retox‘.

Some of the back catalog titles will also feature brand new artwork, never-before-seen photographs, and all albums will feature extensive liner notes I have written specifically for each release. These specific reissues will stand as the final versions of these recordings to be released, so I have worked closely with each artist featured on these releases and am currently working closely with Earache‘s production department to ensure that these reissues will honor each record appropriately and that we have created something special for the fans who choose to purchase these new (and final) versions of these albums and EPs.”

Regarding the musician’s previous and widely-publicised personal issues, Judd adds: “Many people on the internet, understandably due to some issues that occurred in the past that I am very ashamed of, will be quick to jump on me personally and most likely Earache as well for announcing new releases without having directly addressed and taken action regarding the past issues mentioned above.

Of course, what is being referred to here, is the issue of unfulfilled orders. When these releases have been actually scheduled and given proper release dates, another press release will go out and within this will be an e-mail address created specifically for this project and detailed instructions on how to receive records/CDs from me directly if you, at any point in time, ordered a record, t-shirt, etc. and did not receive the item(s). More information concerning this will be in the press release announcing the official release dates for these recordings.

“Thank you all for your patience and I do hope to make things right with everyone I can who fell victim to my addiction issues by not receiving orders for music or merchandise. I intend on giving away every single record and CD I receive of these reissues if that’s what it takes to make things right with the fans whom I wronged and did not fulfil orders for.”

The full list of NACHTMYSTIUM titles acquired by Earache is as follows:

Reign of the Malicious
Nachtmystium (EP)
The First Attacks – Demos 2000-2001
Eulogy IV (EP)
Instinct: Decay
Worldfall (EP)
Assassins: Black Meddle, Pt. I
Doomsday Derelicts (EP)
Addicst: Black Meddle, Pt. II
Retox: Remixes and Rarities“