Huntsmen Share New In-Studio Performance

Huntsmen were planning to livestream a performance from Treehouse Records Studio in Chicago, IL on March 21, but they ended being unable to due to shelter-in-place orders related to the coronavirus pandemic. However, the band did manage to pre-record a set with Bruce Lamont (Yakuza, etc.) and it can be seen below:

Guitarist Chris Kang issued the following statement yesterday (March 21):

“Dear friends,

On Friday, we learned that Gov. Pritzker issued a shelter-at-home order, effective today (Saturday), in an effort to contain the spread of COVID-19, which was the right thing to do. What this means for Huntsmen is that our live stream make-up set for the OM/Wovenhand show that we planned for tonight has once again been canceled.

But lo! We scrambled, called people, pulled levers, and moved things around, and managed to pre-record our entire live set last night, while we still had mobility to do so. Unfortunately we weren’t able to make it a live stream, but we will be releasing the recorded set tonight at 8pm CT/9pm ET, and hanging out to chat and shoot the shit with y’all while it runs.

You might notice we are smiling a lot when we’re playing (Bruce remarked inscrutably that we’re the happiest metal band he’s known). It’s because once we had set up, in the room where we recorded American Scrap, among just our friends with the world seeming to darken and hold its breath outside, it became clear how much hard earned love and patience we have for each other, how many roads we’ve traveled together, how many connections we’ve made with our listeners, how many strange beasts we have left to track through the unknown together.

And it became clear that this is how we light the path through the black wood. So we let rip and were silly at times and sang a bunch of shit out of tune, but that is what Huntsmen is about, and that’s what we invite you to share with us- this gathering of rebel souls.

When the world is darkening, the temptation to assimilate with the darkness emerges- the survival instinct to close yourself up, hoard resources, look at every stranger as a menace.

Don’t be like everyone else. Be defiant hope. Lend your strength as if it is a fathomless well within you- once you start, you’ll find out that it is. Reach out to your neighbor and care for them, they are just you from another angle.

Special thanks to Barrett Guzaldo for once again recording us (“Sure, I don’t have anything else going on”), Bruce Lamont for pouring sex/sax on our shit, and Shan Khan for the masterful videography.

We love you all.

Huntsmen To Livestream In-Studio Performance

With their upcoming shows having been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, Huntsmen have decided to livestream an in-studio performance via YouTube. The set will take place at Treehouse Records Studio in Chicago, IL at 9pm EST/6pm PST on March 21. The band will also be joined by special guest Bruce Lamont (Yakuza, etc.). Huntsmen commented:

“We want to make it a special evening and a special event, so on Friday I reached out to Treehouse Studios to see if they’d work with us on this – it’s where we practice and recorded our first record, American Scrap. With the technology available to us, there are now ways to reach our fanbase without doing it face to face; it’s just a matter of getting crafty. To everybody who we won’t see on the road, and those who are new to Huntsmen, we hope you’ll join us on Saturday for this special show.”

Huntsmen Premiere “God Will Stop Trying” Video

Huntsmen have premiered a new video for their new song “God Will Stop Trying.” You can check that out below:

Vocalist Aimee Bueno commented:

“As someone who was raised religious, but now considers themself to be an atheist/humanist, “God Will Stop Trying” is particularly meaningful to me. This track represents a part of our heroine’s plight to which I can personally, and deeply, identify.

We had a long day, but filming with Anna and Ryan was a joy, and we are privileged to have worked with them! We hope everyone enjoys this video as much as we did filming it!”

The track will appear on the band’s new concept album, “Mandala Of Fear,” which will be released on March 13. The following was said about that effort:

“‘Mandala of Fear’ tells the tale of a soldier on her first combat mission gone wrong, as she encounters wartime horrors and traverses obstacles – both physical and emotional – dredging depths of internal resilience as she redefines the meaning of personal strength. Her saga can be consumed as a standalone epic, or approached as a metaphor for those same themes as experienced by the story’s authors.”

It’s worth noting that the band will also be releasing a 32-page graphic novel based on the album’s concept.

[via Revolver]