Greg Puciato (Ex-The Dillinger Escape Plan) Shares New Live Video For “Lowered” Featuring Code Orange’s Reba Meyers

Greg Puciato (ex-The Dillinger Escape Plan) and Reba Meyers (Code Orange) have premiered a new live video for their song “Lowered.” The clip was recorded during Puciato’s November 11 show at Don Quixote in Los Angeles, CA. A live album featuring that set was released today (December 20) via Bandcamp. The effort will also be available on vinyl and further digital outlets at a later date.

Greg Puciato Announces New Live Album “11/11/22 Los Angeles”

Greg Puciato (The Black Queen, ex-The Dillinger Escape Plan, etc.) will be releasing a new live album, titled “11/11/22 Los Angeles,” on December 20 via Bandcamp. The effort, which features the frontman’s November 11 show at Don Quixote in Los Angeles, CA, will also be available on vinyl and further digital outlets at a later date.

“11/11/22 Los Angeles” Track Listing:

01. “No More Lives To Go”
02. “Deep Set”
03. “Lowered” (feat. Reba Myers of Code Orange)
04. “Do You Need Me To Remind You?”
05. “Absence As A Presence”
06. “Never Wanted That”
07. “Down When I’m Not”
08. “All Waves To Nothing”
09. “A Pair Of Questions”
10. “Evacuation”
11. “September City”

Puciato commented:

“You don’t get many first shows. Having the ability to properly document one and get high quality audio and video…I didn’t wanna regret not doing that. It’s gonna be killer to look back at this 100 or even five shows from now and see how much further along the live versions of these songs are.

When I hear these recordings, I instantly feel transported to that room, that night, with my bandmates onstage and friends and everyone there in attendance. A lot of love and support and passion and hard work and talent in the room. I hope it does the same for you if you were there, and resonates as strongly for people who weren’t able to attend. I can’t wait to do more of this and see everyone again and more of you in other places down the line.”

A live video for “Deep Set” from the concert can be found below. Puciato added the following about that:

“‘Deep Set‘ feels good to lead with. One of my favorite memories of the tracking of Child Soldier: Creator of God were the vocals to this song…incidentally recorded at the same time of year as this show. The song was always meant to feel loose and live; the recorded vocal was a front-to-back one-take that we did in a shed in Nick Rowe’s (producer and live guitarist) backyard…so bringing it to life onstage with him, and Chris [Hornbrook, drummer] for the first time felt like a nice, symbolic full circle.”

Greg Puciato (The Dillinger Escape Plan) & Reba Meyers (Code Orange) Release “Lowered” EP

Greg Puciato (The Dillinger Escape Plan) and Reba Meyers (Code Orange) have released a new EP featuring five versions of their collaborative track “Lowered.” This includes the original version, two remixes, an instrumental version, and an acapella version. You can check those out below:

Greg Puciato (The Dillinger Escape Plan) Digitally Releases New Album “Mirrorcell”, Announces Los Angeles, CA Show

Greg Puciato (The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Black Queen, etc.) has released his new album, “Mirrorcell,“ via Bandcamp. You can check that out HERE. The effort will be available physically and on other digital services on July 1. In other news, Puciato will also be performing at Don Quixote in Los Angeles, CA on November 11.

Puciato said the following about releasing the album early:

“I got word yesterday that the record leaked, so at that point I just wanted people to be able to have it in a legit way; especially people who paid or are paying for it. Plus I’m happy to get it out there anyway, it’s sorta been burning a hole in my pocket anyway. The leak doesn’t bum me. Shit happens.”

He also added the following about the upcoming concert:

“This has been a long time coming. I wasn’t able to play any of my own stuff live around the release of the first album, because of covid, and the only shows I’ve played since then have been with Cantrell (I’m in Germany with that tour as we speak ). But ya know what? The timing feels right. So this is gonna be a special moment for me…first solo show ever. It’ll be one to remember.”

In related news, Puciato has also shared a new lyric video for “No More Lives To Go”:

Greg Puciato (The Dillinger Escape Plan) Premieres “Never Wanted That” Music Video

Greg Puciato (The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Black Queen, etc.) has premiered a new video for his new song “Never Wanted That.” This track is from his new album “Mirrorcell,” which will be released on July 1. Puciato commented:

“This vid was a nice exercise in making do with what you have available to you, or the creative benefits of limitation. We filmed this in Baltimore, which was special to me, at like 3 a.m., while on the Cantrell tour. It was really the only time I had. We did multiple whole takes and this was the one. Jim and Tony, as usual, did an excellent job. At one point you can see me fuck up the words. I had to learn so many Cantrell songs that I forgot my own goddamned lyrics.”

Greg Puciato (The Dillinger Escape Plan) Premieres Music Video For New Song “Lowered” Featuring Reba Meyers (Code Orange)

Greg Puciato (The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Black Queen, etc.) has premiered a new video for his new song “Lowered.” This track features Reba Meyers (Code Orange) and it will appear on Puciato’s new album “Mirrorcell,” which is set to be released on June 17. Puciato commented:

“When [Reba] came to the studio, we had, like, zero vocals for that song. I had been a little unusually stuck with that one lyrically and as far as vocal phrasings and melodies,” Puciato explains. “Reba and I had such an explosion of musical and personal chemistry right away, and we ended up writing and recording all of the vocals in about six hours. It was one of the purest collaborations I’ve ever done, in terms of feeling, just really natural and explosive. She really blew me away overall. The combined energy was instant. That song turned into something really special because of that energy.”

“Mirrorcell” Track Listing:

01. “In This Hell You Find Yourself”
02 “Reality Spiral”
03. “No More Lives To Go”
04. “Never Wanted That”
05. “Lowered”
06. “We”
07. “I, Eclipse”
08. “Rainbows Underground”
09. “All Waves to Nothing”

Greg Puciato (The Dillinger Escape Plan, Etc.) Guests On New Carpenter Brut Song “Imaginary Fire”

Carpenter Brut has premiered a new video for his new song “Imaginary Fire.” This track features Greg Puciato (The Dillinger Escape Plan, etc.) and it will appear on Carpenter Brut’s new album “Leather Terror” (out April 1).

Puciato commented:

“My buddy and bandmate Ben Koller [Converge, Killer Be Killed, Mutoid Man] linked Carpenter Brut and myself. Peak excitement for me about this one. CB and I were already very familiar with, and fans of, each other’s work, so he sent me the instrumental, and I wrote the vocals, and that was that.

Straight to the point, no real crazy process with this one. Here’s the music. Okay cool, here are the vocals to that music. Done. It came out really fast, one of the faster ones ever, for me at least, very lightning in a bottle feeling overall, where the melodies and phrasings and lyrics all sorta come through at once, in a really quick stream of consciousness burst.

That’s a special thing that doesn’t happen too often, and you hope that it somehow now and then keeps happening. One-off collaborations are great because you can really just focus all of your energy on one track; not an album, not a band, not ten songs on your fifth album, just one singular song-length intersection.

I’m really proud of this one, happy to cross these musical paths. I love how the video turned out too. Lyrically the song is pretty to the point. Two people frustratingly trying to get rid of their fears and their made-up bullshit so they can move forward, together or separate, free of outcome.”

Greg Puciato (The Dillinger Escape Plan) Working On New Album “Mirrorcell”, Releases “Fuck Content” Streaming Event On YouTube

Greg Puciato (The Dillinger Escape Plan, etc.) has revealed that he is working on a new album titled “Mirrorcell.” The effort is expected to be released in spring 2022. Furthermore, the frontman has also released his “Fuck Content” streaming event on YouTube. New vinyl pressings of that set and “Child Soldier: Creator Of God” are also available HERE.

Greg Puciato (The Dillinger Escape Plan) Was Recently In The Studio With Members Of Alice In Chains & Poison The Well

It looks like Greg Puciato (The Dillinger Escape Plan, etc.) is working on new music with Jerry Cantrell (Alice In Chains) and Chris Hornbrook (Poison The Well) at Foo Fighters‘ Studio 606. Jesse Draxler and producer Steve Evetts appear to be involved in the sessions as well.

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