Greg Puciato’s Trailer Hit By Drunk Driver In Denver, CO

Greg Puciato (Better Lovers, ex-The Dillinger Escape Plan, etc.) has revealed that his trailer recently got hit by a drunk driver. The incident happened while it was parked at the Marquis Theatre in Denver, CO.

Puciato commented:

“Denver. We played our best show of tour by FAR tonight. You were our best crowd by FAR. Everything was perfect. Then we walked outside and our trailer immediately got smacked by a drunk driver at 50mph, who hit it hard enough to flip the fuck over in the middle of the street.

You know what’s crazy? We were three hours late to load-in today. Which at the time seemed like a drag. But….if we would’ve been on time? One, or more, of us, would’ve been out there loading the trailer. And we might’ve been bowling-pinned into outer space or crushed to death by the driver dude, who was, hilariously, at the show. Life is peculiar. And you don’t know why shit happens.

Is it all trial? Who knows. I think so. You know what I DO know though? That we WILL find a way to NOT miss the next show. At least we have a day off to figure it out. But Denver? You fucking rule. Absolutely awesome. Can’t wait to come back. Few cities on earth are as reliably awesome.

We’ll deal with this, and come out the other side stronger. This existence is a test. Checks and balances. Best show of tour? Ready to celebrate? Nah your trailer is about to get blasted by a drunk driver. What the fuck ever. Can’t stop won’t stop. I’m glad the driver and his passenger are both still alive. Call Uber next time, hoss.”

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