Grave Digger Premiere “King Of The Kings” Music Video

Grave Digger have premiered a new video for their new song “King Of The Kings.” This track is from the band’s new album “Symbol Of Eternity,” which will be released on August 26. The group commented:

“A true heavy metal maelstrom! ‘King of The Kings’ is a fast, yet melodic anthem that stands out with powerful and melodic chorus, pounding drums and sharp riffs from start to finish! The King is dead, long live the King!”

Grave Digger To Release New Album “Symbol Of Eternity” In August

Grave Digger will be releasing a new album, titled “Symbol Of Eternity,” on August 26. Pre-orders can be found HERE.

The effort will be available in the following formats:

· Digipack CD
· Limited 2CD Mediabook (CD 2: Live at Metal Hammer Paradise)
· Red transparent / Gold Splatter Vinyl (LTD. 300)
· Purple / Golden / White Splatter Vinyl (LTD. 300)
· Sun Yellow / Golden / White / Red Splatter Vinyl (LTD. 300)
· Picture Disc (LTD. 300)
· Gold Vinyl (LTD. 300)
· Black Vinyl (LTD. 300)
· Super limited to 500 copies collector’s hardcover boxset that includes: the limited 2CD mediabook, Flag 115 x 75 cm, armband with metallic 3D emblem, A3 poster, signed autograph card and certificate of authenticity!

Several exclusive vinyl pressings will also be available:

· Ocean Blue Vinyl (LTD. 100) – exclusive
· Orange Vinyl (LTD. 300) – EMP exclusive
· Violet Vinyl (LTD. 100) – Napalm Records exclusive

CD 1 – Digipack Version:

01. “The Siege Of Akkon”
02. “Battle Cry”
03. “Hell Is My Purgatory”
04. “King Of The Kings”
05. “Symbol Of Eternity”
06. “Saladin”
07. “Nights Of Jerusalem”
08. “Heart Of A Warrior”
09. “Grace Of God”
10. “Sky Of Swords”
11. “Holy Warfare”
12. “The Last Crusade”
13. “Hellas Hellas”

CD 2 – “Live at Metal Hammer Paradise” / Mediabook Version:

01. “The Clansman`s Journey”
02. “Healed By Metal”
03. “The Clans Will Rise Again”
04. “Lawbreaker”
05. “The Roundtable”
06. “The Curse Of Jacques”
07. “Season Of The Witch”
08. “Excalibur”
09. “Rebellion”
10. “Witch Hunter”
11. “Heavy Metal Breakdown”

Grave Digger Premiere “Barbarian” Lyric Video

Grave Digger have premiered a lyric video for their song “Barbarian.” This track is from the band’s latest album “Fields Of Blood.” The group commented:

“BARBARIAN … the new Grave Digger single ‘Barbarian’ from the album Fields Of Blood is Teutonic steel in its purest form. No prisoners are taken here… you can feel how Cumberland pushes the “Highland Cleanings” and how whole villages are getting destroyed. He violates the Highlander women and kills everything in his way. His indescribable Cruelty is unparalleled in the history of Scotland. ‘Barbarian’ will become another band classic. Chorus will be hammered in your head… ‘Cold blooded murderer, Killer of the Jacobites, Butcher of Culloden, Cumberland the BARBARIAN’.”

Grave Digger Premiere Video For New Song “Thousand Tears” Feat. Battle Beast’s Noora Louhimo

Grave Digger have premiered a new video for their new song “Thousand Tears.” This track features Battle Beast’s Noora Louhimo and it will appear on the band’s new album “Fields Of Blood” (out May 29).

Chris Boltendahl commented:

“With ‘Thousand Tears’, we pay homage to the unforgettable Queen of Scotland, Mary Stuart… Noora from Battle Beast gives Queen Mary an incredible, warm and fragile atmosphere through her voice which at the end of the song turns into pure anger and despair. We couldn’t have found a better voice for this song. We are proud to present ‘Thousand Tears’ featuring Noora Louhimo. One of the best ballads Grave Digger has ever written, maybe the best of our entire career.”

Louhimo added:

“It’s an honor to do a collaboration with the legendary Grave Digger and I’m very intrigued by the Scottish-themed songs they’ve done. Now I will also be part of their historical song ‘Thousand Tears’ as the voice of Queen Mary. I hope all listeners can hear the big emotions and get a little glimpse of her story as one of most powerful women that lived in her time.”

Grave Digger To Celebrate 40th Anniversary With New Album “Fields Of Blood”

Grave Digger will be celebrating their 40th Anniversary with a new album titled “Fields Of Blood.” The effort will be released on May 29 and a lyric video for the first single “All For The Kingdom” can be found below. Chris Boltendahl commented:

“We did it again and put on the kilts… as we always got fascinated by Scotland and its history. For a long time we considered when the right time would be to return to the Highlands, delve into their legends and myths. Our 40th band anniversary seems to be the right occasion for this and so we take you on a trip for the third time… put on the kilts and pull out your swords and axes, follows us to Stirling and Culloden and experience up close Scottish history, up close, authentic and emotional. As William Wallace / Braveheart said: Yes, they may take our lives. But they never take away our freedom!”

“Fields Of Blood” Track Listing:

01. “The Clansman’s Journey”
02. “All For The Kingdom”
03. “Lions Of The Sea”
04. “Freedom”
05. “The Heart Of Scotland”
06. “Thousand Tears”
07. “Union Of The Crown”
08. “My Final Fight”
09. “Gathering Of The Clans”
10. “Barbarian”
11. “Fields Of Blood”
12. “Requiem For The Fallen”

Grave Digger Premiere “The Power Of Metal” Lyric Video

Grave Digger have premiered a lyric video for their new song “The Power Of Metal.” This track is from the band’s new album “The Living Dead,” which was released today (September 14). Vocalist Chris Boltendahl commented:

“It’s a song about metal, about a life in the underground, about a life which is different. To be a metalhead is the greatest gift on earth — from the day you heard the first notes of a Judas Priest or Iron Maiden song, you’re addicted to this kind of music. The love and passion for metal makes you a special person and the power of metal can heal. It makes you stronger and gives you a better life.”

Grave Digger Premiere New Video For “Zombie Dance” Feat. Russkaja

Grave Digger have premiered a new video for “Zombie Dance” featuring Russkaja. This track is from the band’s new album “The Living Dead,” which will be released on September 14 via Napalm Records. Vocalist Chris Boltendahl commented:

“”Polka and metal — is that fitting? With ‘Zombie Dance’, we are opening the gate to hell for every incarnate, true metalhead and GRAVE DIGGER fan. But, to be honest… the symbiosis between metal and polka turns out to be perfect and calls on everyone to dance and headbang. You wanted PARTY — you’ve got it!! With ‘Zombie Dance’ and its video, we give you a late summer hit in 2018. Whoever stands still or remains seated while this song is played is already dead or not born yet!”

Grave Digger Premiere “Fear Of The Living Dead” Lyric Video

Grave Digger have premiered a lyric video for their new song “Fear Of The Living Dead.” This track is from the band’s new album “The Living Dead,” which will be released on September 14 via Napalm Records. Vocalist Chris Boltendahl commented:

“Here it is: the new Grave Digger lyric video. Normally, we don’t like lyric videos so much, but this one reproduces the atmosphere of the song very well and it’s scary, weird and tough. The song is the first track we have written for the new album and this song contains all trademarks of Grave Digger — and much more: it’s fast, epic and sounds fresh as well. Enjoy people and watch out for the living dead!”

Grave Digger Reveal Cover Art & Track Listing For New Album “The Living Dead”

Grave Digger have revealed the cover art and track listing for their new album “The Living Dead.” That effort will be released on September 14 via Napalm Records.

“The Living Dead” Track Listing:

01. “Fear Of The Living Dead”
02. “Blade Of The Immortal”
03. “When Death Passes By”
04. “Shadow Of The Warrior”
05. “The Power Of Metal”
06. “Hymn Of The Damned”
07. “What War Left Behind”
08. “Fist In Your Face”
09. “Insane Pain”
10. “Zombie Dance”
11. “Glory Or Grave” (bonus track)