Extinction A.D. Release New Covers EP “It’s About Time That We Had A Change”

Extinction A.D. have released a new covers EP titled “It’s About Time That We Had A Change” via Bandcamp. That effort features the band’s takes on Dead Kennedys’ “When Ya Get Drafted,” TSOL’s “Superficial Love,” D.R.I.’s “Reaganomics,” Adolescents’ “Who Is Who,” and Youth Brigade’s “It’s About Time That We Had A Change.” Rick Jimenez commented:

“Early 80’s American hardcore is one of, if not my favorite era of music. I’ve always wanted to pay homage to it. Doing it through the lens of Extinction A.D. was not just a lot of fun, but put focus on how much things haven’t changed since the Reagan era of the united states.”

Watch Extinction A.D. Perform Becky Lynch’s WWE Entrance Theme

Extinction A.D. have shared footage of themselves performing Becky Lynch’s WWE entrance theme “Celtic Invasion.“ You can check that out below:

Extinction A.D. Premiere “In The Wake Of Uprising” Music Video

Extinction A.D. have premiered a new video for their song “In The Wake Of Uprising,” via Kerrang!. This track is from the band’s latest album “Decimation Treaty.“

Rick Jimenez commented:

“I think we’re on a very slippery slope with limiting human rights. It’s getting to the point where that balance of freedom and security is getting really crazy, making sure people live in fear.

As humans, we have to be vigilant. We need to have inherent rights. Then, we dispute what counts as such, but we’re heading towards a 1984 lifestyle, and it’s getting scarily close.”

Extinction A.D. To Perform Sepultura Covers As “Chaos A.D.” At Amityville, NY Show

Extinction A.D. will be performing a set of Sepultura covers under the name of Chaos A.D. at Amityville Music Hall in Amityville, NY on October 26. That concert will also feature Nu Kids On The Block, Fakebreed, and The Shape.

In other news, you can also catch Extinction A.D. out on tour with Raven and Mobile Deathcamp:

11/01 Houston, TX – Concert Pub North
11/02 Ft. Worth, TX – The Rail Club
11/03 El Paso, TX – Joey’s Badcompany
11/04 Mesa, AZ – Club Red
11/06 Fullerton, CA – The Slidebar
11/07 W Hollywood, CA – The Whisky
11/08 San Francisco, CA – Thee Parkside
11/09 Portland, OR – Hawthorne Lounge
11/10 Seattle, WA – Tony V’s
11/11 Vancouver, BC – The Wise Hall & Lounge
11/12 Spokane, WA – The Pin
11/14 Salt Lake City, UT – The Urban Lounge
11/15 Denver, CO – Herman’s Hideaway
11/16 Kansas City, MO – The Riot Room
11/26 Brooklyn, NY – The Kingsland

[via The PRP]

Extinction A.D. Premiere “Secret Worlds” Music Video

Extinction A.D. have premiered a new video for their new song “Secret Worlds,” via Metal Injection. This track is from the band’s new album “Decimation Treaty,“ which will be released on February 16.

The band commented:

“We collaborated and filmed this video with Anthony Altamura of Nightmare Film Crew after discussing the gap between factual news exposure and what gets mainstream media coverage. Whether we’re acutely aware of it or not, the free press is under attack. The idea of a guerrilla broadcast and the use of archaic technology as a means of spreading modern information was an interesting concept to mess with, as well as trying to capture our live energy in a non-live environment.”

Extinction A.D. Premiere New Song “Age Of Revenge”

Extinction A.D. have premiered a new song titled “Age Of Revenge,” via Metal Sucks. This track is from the band’s new album “Decimation Treaty,“ which will be released on February 16, via Good Fight Music.

Rick Jimenez commented:

“The most recent presidential election was such a complete scam and a disheartening proceeding. The American public was left with even worse options than ever before and it’s never been more obvious that the system is utterly broken. Two sides of the same evil coin; this one focuses more on the megalomaniac than the egomaniac.”

Extinction A.D. Premiere New Song “In The Wake Of Uprising”

Extinction A.D. have premiered a new song titled “In The Wake Of Uprising,” via puregrainaudio.com. This track is from the band’s new album “Decimation Treaty,“ which will be released on February 16, via Good Fight Music.

The band commented:

“This song has an overwhelming sense of urgency musically, so we matched that feeling lyrically. The music sets the perfect frenetic backdrop for ideas of revolt and resistance. It’s a rallying cry to end the abuse of authoritative power by any means necessary.”

“Decimation Treaty” Track Listing:

01. “Legions of the Grave”
02. “Secret Worlds”
03. “In the Wake of Uprising”
04. “Pray to Die”
05. “Burnt Indifference”
06. “The Onslaught”
07. “Age of Revenge”
08. “De-evolution Theory”
09. “Rats in the Attic”
10. “Decimation Treaty”

Extinction A.D. Announce October 2017 Tour

Extinction A.D. have announced an October headlining tour. Check out the dates below.

Tour Dates:

10/20 North Arlington, NJ – Hartleys
10/21 Richmond, VA – McCormacks
10/22 Chapel Hill, NC – Local 506
10/23 Charlotte, NC – The Milestone Club
10/24 Spartanburg, SC – Ground Zero
10/25 Marietta, GA – Swayzes
10/26 Charleston, SC – Purple Buffalo
10/27 Jacksonville, FL – Rain Dogs
10/28 Gainesville, FL – FEST – Eight Seconds

Extinction A.D. Announce September 2017 Dates With War Curse & Paralysis

Extinction A.D. have announced some September shows with War Curse and Paralysis. Check out the dates:

09/24 Baltimore, MD – The Depot
09/25 Evansville, IN – The Doom Room
09/26 Chicago, IL – The Cobra Lounge
09/27 Omaha, NE – Midtown Art
09/28 Fort Wayne, IN – Skeletunes