Drag Me Out Premiere “Crystal Arms” Music Video

Drag Me Out, the band featuring Denis Stoff (ex-Make Me Famous, ex-Asking Alexandria), have premiered a new video for their new song “Crystal Arms.” This track is from the group’s new album “Demons Away,” which will now be released on August 26. Stoff commented:

“‘Crystal Arms‘ is about fighting your biggest enemy and this time it was something that resided inside of me for years. It wouldn’t let me breathe, sleep, feel, live, love. This song was an ultimate cure for the itch that swallowed me. Sometimes all sorts of shit like depression and anxiety just finds you and start haunting you, and you just need to find your way out. I found mine through this song. I hope it will help more people who are currently suffocation under their own skin.”

Denis Stoff (Drag Me Out, Ex-Asking Alexandria) Shoots Down Rumor He Was Killed In Russia’s Invasion Of Ukraine

Ukrainian singer Denis Stoff (Drag Me Out, ex-Asking Alexandria) has confirmed that he is still alive following rumors that suggested he was killed during the Russian invasion of his homeland. He issued the following statement on his Instagram story:

“I’m still in a safe place and I’m fine today. Whoever faked my Wikipedia deserve what they deserve… Let’s pray together that this war ends soon. Love ya guys. ❤️”

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Drag Me Out Premiere “Bullets In My Teeth” Music Video

Drag Me Out, the band featuring Denis Stoff (ex-Make Me Famous, ex-Asking Alexandria), have premiered a new video for their new song “Bullets In My Teeth.” This track is from the group’s new album “Demons Away,” which will be released on May 6.

Stoff said the following about the new song:

“’B.I.M.T.’ not only marks our return to the heavy metal fray after splitting with our long time label Sumerian Records, but it is also a very personal song for me… Relationships of any kind, whether they be with your partner, band mates or with your fans- it is no easy task. It can make you or break you… when I wrote this song I was definitely breaking down. I hope it will help someone get back up like it did for me.”

He also added the following about the album:

“It is soaked in the paranormal vibes. Your spiritual journey begins here and now. Our main purpose is to shed the light on the things that really make you feel bad, anxious, weak or wrong. It is our call for you to face the pain and explore it at its energetic core as the truth lies deeper than it might seem. My demons truly showed me that they are in fact always standing somewhere in between my perception of life and the ultimate truth about our world.”

“Demons Away” Track Listing:

01. “Crystal Arms”
02. “With A Thunder We Rise”
03. “Blind & Blurred”
04. “Bullets In My Teeth”
05. “Cuz It‘s Meant To Be”
06. “I Swear I‘m Not OK”
07. “Hymn For The Wicked”
08. “Let Me In”
09. “My Mistakes”
10. “No Feelings”
11. “The Watch Of The Buried”
12. “Save My Life”

Drag Me Out (Ex-Asking Alexandria) Accused Of Stealing Cover Art For Their Latest Single

Drag Me Out, the band featuring former Asking Alexandria frontman Denis Stoff, have been accused of stealing the artwork that they used for their latest single “The Watch Of The Buried.“ The allegations were made after artist Maxime Taccardi noticed that the cover art for the single is nearly identical to a 2014 piece he created called “Ebola.”

Taccardi said the following:

“Total rip off of my art, not only they didn’t ask my permission to copy my painting, they did not even mention me as the source of inspiration. Scroll to see my painting… People are disrespectful @dragmeoutband singer is @denisstoff That shit pisses me off”

Drummer Chris Nokia later responded to Taccardi‘s wife with the following:

“Our singer [Stoff] presented it to us as it was something he created. And we believed him. I’m glad you messaged me about this, it’s really bad. To be 100% honest, me, the bassist and guitarist had no idea about it, we are mostly just going with the flow of what our singer is saying, so I’m not arguing with you at all. I’m totally your friend and support you since this is a copyright infringement.”

Stoff also offered his own explanation:

“I need to clear this up for those who’ve been commenting about our single artwork – we bought it from the freelance artist and we had no idea about the similarities with a different artist. I reached out to the guy directly and I promise, we will figure it out. That’s what he should’ve been doing in the first place instead of sending all of you to spam my comment section. That’s called maturity.”

The band added:

“We reached out to the original artist to figure this all out but he’s not responding. We will keep you updated.”

However, Taccardi took issue with those comments:

“So now, this band @dragmeoutband is trying to make up with their bulshit telling that I started the drama. But look right now they say it was a freelance artist who did the art but earlier they told my wife it was their singer who told them he did it. Just liés, I did not send anyone riot on their page, people just backed me up and now they’re trying to blame me and telling me I lack maturity. What the fuck? Also second Pic they say they sent me a message, they didn’t. Fuck that”

The group also claimed to have offered Taccardi money:

“Update: we spoke to the artist, apologized for this situation and offered him $$$. Just want to clarify this one more time – we @dragmeoutband had no idea this art was inspired by his work since we picked up this artwork from an outsource graphic designer.

Taccardi shared that message and added:

“After trying to say I’m immature, how about you don’t insult my wife. You guys lie, I got screenshots of your drummer saying your singer did the art, now it is a mysterious freelance artist with no name of course. They said they bought it from that freelance guy but to me they say now it was gifted to them.. They can’t even come up with their lies straight. Oh and yes, the singer after telling me that I should not have sent people (which I didn’t) to their page offered me 250bucks, fucking charity. How disrespectful can they be? Right? and now their stupid fans going off on me, fuck this”

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Drag Me Out (Ex-Asking Alexandria) Premiere New Song “The Watch Of The Buried”

Drag Me Out, the band featuring Denis Stoff (ex-Asking Alexandria), have premiered a new song titled “The Watch Of The Buried.” You can find a lyric video for that below:

Drag Me Out (Ex-Asking Alexandria) Surprise Release Debut Album “Pressure”

Drag Me Out, the new band featuring Denis Stoff (ex-Asking Alexandria, etc.), have surprise released their debut album “Pressure.” You can find that in various digital outlets and stream every song on Sumerian Records’ YouTube channel. Physical copies will be released at a later date.

Drag Me Out (Ex-Asking Alexandria) Premiere “I’m Sorry“ Music Video

Drag Me Out, the new band featuring Denis Stoff (ex-Asking Alexandria), have premiered a new video for their new song “I’m Sorry.“ Stoff said the following:

“I just want to say thank you so much to my fans for staying with me through some of the toughest times of my life. Wherever I go they would follow me til the end and that’s what I cherish the most. They understand me and where I’m coming from when the change is coming which lets me stay comfortable with myself and my music. With that being said I would love to present the new chapter of my life and my career – Drag Me Out.

Please, enjoy the new sound. It’s made for you.”