Diamante Premieres “When I’m Not Around” Music Video

Diamante has premiered a new video for her new single “When I’m Not Around.” You can check that out below:

The track was written by Diane Warren and Diamante had the following to say about it:

“‘When I’m Not Around’ is an incredibly special song, and the moment I listened to it, Diane’s lyrics instantly resonated with me. The song perfectly describes my experience with love time and time again: constantly feeling unappreciated by someone who doesn’t know what they have until it’s gone. I knew the song would be vocally challenging to record, and because of that, I feel I was really able to pour my soul into the song through the vocal delivery.”

Warren added:

“Diamante sings this song with so much passion that she will make you believe every word with every note.”


Diamante Premieres “Lo Siento” Music Video

Diamante has premiered a new video for her track “Lo Siento.” She said the following about that:

“Check out my song ‘Lo Siento’, the Spanish version of ‘I’m Sorry’ from my debut album ‘Coming In Hot’. This song is one of the more personal, vulnerable, songs I’ve written…. and I knew singing it in Spanish would make the raw emotion of the song cut through even more. I’m glad I was able to tell this story through such a passionate and powerful language, and one that is so intertwined with my heritage.”

Diamante Premieres New Video For Acoustic Version Of “Black Heart”

Diamante has premiered a new video for her acoustic version of “Black Heart.” The original track appears on her debut album “Coming In Hot.” Diamante commented:

“Hey Guys – I hope you like my new acoustic version of Black Heart. I’ve always felt it needed to be captured in a raw way because it’s one of my most honest songs. It literally describes the motions I always go through after a heartbreak. 🖤💎”

Diamante Premieres “Bulletproof” Music Video

Diamante has premiered a new video for her song “Bulletproof.” This track is from her debut album “Coming In Hot,” which was released in June. Diamante commented:

“Thanks so much to the awesome Fitgurlmel for the inspiring workout! This song is a reminder that when something in life gets you down, you’re strong and can be bulletproof. It came from my experience of being with people who always tried to make me feel like I was less-than and constantly put me down. This song is the empowering moment when I realized my self-worth and everything I am capable of.”