Core 10 Recruit Guitarist Mark Richey

Core 10 have officially recruited guitarist/backing vocalist Mark Richey (Red Line Tragedy). The band commented:

“Hey all, We are proud to announce. Mark Richey from Red line tragedy. Is now the newest member/working with C10. On guitars/ and backing vocals. His experience as a singer/songwriter/guitar player. Stand alone. Check out his music, beyond us.

Thanks to all parties involved. Rock on, and stay alive!!!”

Core 10 Announce New Drummer

Core 10 have officially welcomed Francis Cassol (Rage In My Eyes) to the band as their new drummer. The group said the following about that:

“All of us in Core10 are very proud to Introduce Francis Cassol (Rage in our eyes) as our new drummer. Although all of us have other projects. We are very much looking forward to bringing some of the heaviest stuff we’ve ever written. His versatility is gonna be amazing. Having the ability to transition from metal, to rock ,to punk. Also being able to keep up with the electronic layering, and arpeggios. We are very excited for the future. With that, we wish everybody health, and Wellness. During this time,as we are looking forward to getting back on stage. ROCK ON!!!”

Core 10 Tease New Song “Act Of Valor”

Core 10 have posted a teaser for a new song titled “Act Of Valor.” The full track will be released later this year.

The band commented:

“All of us in Core10 know how hard 2020 has been for everyone.

We wanted to take a little bit of time.

Just to give our thanks to all of you for the support, and wishing everyone, health and happiness.

Here’s a little sample of one of the new singles coming out this year the real “Act of Valor.”

Recorded at Screaming leopard studios (Pennywise‘s place) with the original members.

Tracking was also done at Chateau relaxo,and the wilderness.

Thanks to Darian Rundall / Ulrich Wild / and Ronnie King.

Be well everyone…

FVR Management NYC

#Actofvalor #CORE10 #C10 #Morethanalive”

Core 10 Share Another Teaser For New Song “Your Own Demise”

Core 10 have posted another teaser for their new song “Your Own Demise.” The band previously said the following about the track:

“Here you go!!! We have been hiding it for a while. With all the world has been going through. This pandemic has led to a massive increase in domestic abuse, and violence worldwide. Remember who you were before, that person is not out of reach.”

Core 10 Tease New Song “Your Own Demise”

Core 10 have posted a teaser for their new song “Your Own Demise.” The band said the following:

“Here you go!!! We have been hiding it for a while. With all the world has been going through. This pandemic has led to a massive increase in domestic abuse, and violence worldwide. Remember who you were before, that person is not out of reach.”

Core 10 Return, Sign With Independent Ear Records

After originally planning to call it quits, Core 10 have announced that they have signed with Independent Ear Records and that they will be releasing a new single titled “Cross The Mosh” this summer. The group’s current lineup features Duncan Nisbet (vocals, guitar), Sean Michael Lenhoff (vocals), Brian Milam (bass), and Ronnie King (keyboard). As previously reported, former members David Silveria (ex-Korn) (drums), Chris Dorame (bass), Joe Taback (guitar), and Bobby Thomas (guitar) are working on a new project as well.

[via The PRP]

Core 10 Implode, Former Members Plan To Launch New Project

Core 10 have decided to call it quits. Despite this, drummer David Silveria (ex-Korn), bassist Chris Dorame and guitarists Joe Taback and Bobby Thomas are currently looking for a singer for their new project.

The following was posted on the band’s Facebook:

“For those of you who havent heard yet…Core 10 has decided to disband pending further notice. It was a fun year and we all have parted ways as freinds. Thank you again for your support during our run!! Please continue to follow all the members in their new endeavors!!”

Silveria, Dorame, Taback, and Thomas also issued their own statement:

“David Silveria and company move forward New Orange County, California based band featuring David Silveria, alongside bassist Chris Dorame, guitarists Joe Taback, and Bobby Thomas begin singer search.

We’re officially announcing that we are seeking a new vocalist to front this new outfit and have already heard from some very talented people. We want this opportunity to hear from more of you out there so we are setting up a way to do just that.

If you think you have what it takes to front this band, record, and tour we would love to hear from you. Vocal tracks must be submitted along with a bio, photos, and videos available showcasing you and your talent for consideration. This new band and singer search stems from the implosion in our previous band we all were in together.

We are moving on for numerous reasons that are both business and personal. With that being said, we all are looking forward to creating, writing, and playing shows together with new songs, and a great front man.

The band is currently in the early pre-production stages of writing their debut album with three songs ready to go. The current songs are crushing, heavy, and also, melodic with David’s signature groove, but keep in mind there are no musical boundaries for us. We write what we feel, what we enjoy playing, and are rising above in 2018.

Interested parties please submit your information to”

Core 10 Premiere New Song “Introspection”

Core 10, the band featuring ex-Korn drummer David Silveria, have premiered a new song titled “Introspection.“ The group had the following to say about the track:

“The song speaks to the need to step outside yourself and take a minute for some self-reflection. Have you been able to achieve your goals, and if so, at what cost?”