Core 10 Tease New Song “Act Of Valor”

Core 10 have posted a teaser for a new song titled “Act Of Valor.” The full track will be released later this year.

The band commented:

“All of us in Core10 know how hard 2020 has been for everyone.

We wanted to take a little bit of time.

Just to give our thanks to all of you for the support, and wishing everyone, health and happiness.

Here’s a little sample of one of the new singles coming out this year the real “Act of Valor.”

Recorded at Screaming leopard studios (Pennywise‘s place) with the original members.

Tracking was also done at Chateau relaxo,and the wilderness.

Thanks to Darian Rundall / Ulrich Wild / and Ronnie King.

Be well everyone…

FVR Management NYC

#Actofvalor #CORE10 #C10 #Morethanalive”

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