Core 10 Premiere “Act Of Valor” Lyric Video

Core 10 have premiered a lyric video for their song “Act Of Valor.” You can check that out below:

The band shared more information on the track:

“During the time CORE 10 has spent away from the music scene, the mainstay members have sifted through an uncountable number of players. Looking for the ultimate combination of people that could deliver the original true CORE 10 sound to their audience.

After both old and new members re-recorded the song ‘Act Of Valor,’ the song failed to attain the sought after sound using members that had nothing to do with the creative process. Sean Michael Lenhoff and co-vocalist Duncan Nisbet both felt it better to shelve the track than release it without the sound the bands original members had envisioned.

Now that the band had again found that magic combination of talents, almost mirroring the original members the track was recorded once again. The end result being reviewed by Producer Ulrich Wild, Ronnie King (The Offspring, Snoop Dog, Keyboards CORE 10), and the CORE 10 original longstanding vocal duo of Sean Michael Lenhoff and Duncan Nisbet, to all of their amazement the song completely captured all aspects of the original true CORE 10 sound. Now that the four individuals felt the track honored the original CORE 10 members and the true intended sound for this special song the date was set for its worldwide release July 1, 2022.

CORE 10 fans we are back and to anyone who is not familiar with our band, listen and join our family. The song ‘Act Of Valor’ is a tribute to the brave men and women serving in the five branches of the United States Military Forces and to any and all of their selfless Acts Of Valor.”

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