Cage Fight (TesseracT, Ex-Eths, Etc.) Premiere New Song “Hope Castrated”

Cage Fight, the band featuring James Monteith (TesseracT), Rachel Aspe (ex-Eths), Jon Reid (Broken Chakra), and Nick Plews (Corpsing), have premiered a new song titled “Hope Castrated.” You can check that out below:

Monteith commented:

“I’m really excited to announce Cage Fight and release our first track- ‘Hope Castrated’. We’re making raw heavy music with no frills or pretensions; just pure aggression and energy. It’s also a cathartic release for all the frustration and anger we have about the ills of the world today.”

Aspe added:

“This project is musically packed full of visceral rage, but there’s also an underlying message of positivity and unity. I can’t wait to take these songs to the stage later in 2021, be ready!”