Be Well (Darkest Hour, Bane, Etc.) Premiere New Song “Morning Light”

Be Well (Darkest Hour, Bane, etc.) have premiered a new song titled “Morning Light.” This track is from the band’s new album “The Weight And The Cost,” which will be released on August 21.

Brian McTernan told Loudwire the following:

“‘Morning Light‘ is one of the first songs that was written for this record, and I think as you dig into this record you’ll see that as the record progresses, I don’t want to say it took on a more positive tone, but it’s really more of a hopeful tone because of what the record ended up meaning for me in my life.

At the time the original components of this record were written, I had given up recording entirely. I had sold the building and decided it was time to move forward. The lifestyle of producing records and the changes in the industry was taking a toll. I don’t think people realize how much stress producing a record is, especially when you’re like me and you’re all in.

Just the hours and the lifestyle had started to wear me out, and I felt like I couldn’t be the producer that I wanted to be at that time. So I sold the studio and got a regular job that ended up being the worst thing that I ever did.

I had mental illness in my family and I have struggled with that through my entire life. When I had records to pour all that into, it really did help. Plus, the companionship of being around all these incredible people all the time, I think it allowed me to be more functional. So when I didn’t have that in my life anymore, and I had this job that didn’t mean anything to me, and I tried desperately to have it mean something and have it work, but I started to realize pretty early on that I was not OK.

There were things that I had never allowed myself to feel and had buried with my past that were all bubbling up. It also didn’t help that I went from almost never being alone to being alone all day driving from job to job. My life just felt totally fucking empty.

I don’t think I ever felt as hopeless and just guilty and awful. I was doing this job and just trying to block out feelings. I just couldn’t allow myself to process that maybe I made a mistake leaving music. Plus, my whole community of friends are all musicians. Now I don’t have that and don’t have a reason to be in touch with all these people. I don’t have a way to explain to them how much I miss them. I was also guilty of never sharing with those people that this had ever existed in my life.

Most of my friends and clients never knew I had been kicked out of schools or that I had been in a mental hospital for a period of time. There were a whole host of things that I never revealed to people and then all of a sudden all those things are coming back up, and I didn’t feel I could reach out to people and talk to them about it because it would have been so out of left field.

It’s funny to think that the only way I could actually share with the people close to me what was going on with me was by actually writing a record and putting it out into the world.”

Be Well (Darkest Hour, Ex-Bane, Etc.) Premiere “Confessional” Video, Reveal Details For New Album “The Weight And The Cost”

Be Well (Darkest Hour, ex-Bane, etc.) have premiered a new video for their new song “Confessional.” This track is from their new album “The Weight And The Cost,” which will be released on August 21.

“The Weight And The Cost” Track Listing:

01. “Meaningless Measures”
02. “Magic”
03. “Strength For Breath”
04. “Tiny Little Pieces”
05. “Morning Light”
06. “The Weight And The Cost”
07. “Each Passing Day”
08. “Frozen”
09. “Aperture”
10. “Longing”
11. “Confessional”