Listen To Abysmal Dawn’s New EP “Nightmare Frontier”

Abysmal Dawn are streaming their new EP, “Nightmare Frontier,” in its entirety. That effort will officially be released on February 4. The band commented:

“Our new EP is a available to check out now! It includes a ‘Bloodborne‘ inspired track, a re-recorded song from our first album, an In Flames cover and a Candlemass cover with some unexpected clean vocals. It was fun to explore and pay tribute to some of our more melodic influences on this one. Enjoy!”

Abysmal Dawn Drop Off North American Tour With Obscura, Vale Of Pnath, & Interloper

Abysmal Dawn will no longer be joining Obscura on their North American tour with Vale Of Pnath and Interloper. The band dropped off the trek “due to private reasons.”

Charles Elliott issued the following statement:

“We regret to announce that we will not be able to join our brothers in Obscura, Vale of Pnath and Interloper across North America this February/March. In all my years of touring since 2006, I’ve never canceled a tour and I have always found a way to make it work against sometimes seemingly impossible odds. Please believe us when we say it wasn’t an easy decision, and it’s for reasons we’d like to keep private at the moment. Our sincerest apologies to the fans that were hoping to see us on this one, but it was not meant to be. We wish the other bands a successful tour, and we hope to see you and all your beautiful-smiling-healthy faces again in the near future. – Charles and the members of Abysmal Dawn”

Obscura also commented:

“Abysmal Dawn are forced to pull out of our tour due to private reasons we honor and respect. We will travel with a three band package instead and cannot wait to hit the road next month to see all of our fans in the Unites States and Canada! The world looks bright again and there is nothing better than celebrating our brand new album ‘A Valediction‘ and a selected best-of set with all of you. Pick up your tickets and see you in a bit!”

Obscura, Vale Of Pnath, and Interloper have the following dates booked,:

02/03 San Diego, CA – Brick By Brick
02/04 Mesa, AZ – Nile Theater
02/05 Los Angeles, CA – 1720
02/06 Las Vegas, NV – Backstage Bar
02/07 Salt Lake City, UT – Urban Lounge
02/08 Denver, CO – The Oriental Theater
02/10 Oklahoma City, OK – Whisky Nights
02/11 Austin, TX – Come And Take It Live
02/12 Dallas, TX – Amplified Live
02/13 Houston, TX – Warehouse Live
02/14 New Orleans, LA – Santos
02/16 Orlando, FL – The Haven
02/17 West Palm Beach, FL – Respectable
02/18 Tampa, FL – The Orpheum
02/19 Atlanta, GA – Masquerade
02/20 Nashville, TN – The Basement East
02/21 Knoxville, TN – Batley’s Knoxville
02/22 Virginia Beach, VA – Elevation 27
02/23 Baltimore, MD – Soundstage
02/24 Harrisburg, PA – HMAC
02/25 Brooklyn, NY – Knitting Factory
02/26 Boston, MA – Sonia
02/27 Hartford, CT – Webster Underground
02/28 Quebec City, QC – Imperial Bell
03/01 Montreal, QC – Foufounes
03/02 Ottawa, ON – Maverick’s
03/03 Toronto, ON – Lee’s Palace
03/04 Rochester, NY – Montage Music Hall
03/05 Pittsburgh, PA – Preserving Underground
03/06 Indianapolis, IN – Emerson Theatre
03/07 Louisville, KY – Diamond Concert Hall
03/08 Detroit, MI – The Sanctuary
03/09 Chicago, IL – Reggie’s
03/10 Milwaukee, WI – X-Ray
03/11 St. Paul, MN – Turf Club
03/12 Winnipeg, MB – Good will Social Club
03/14 Calgary, AB – Dickens
03/15 Edmonton, AB – Starlite Room
03/17 Vancouver, BC – Rickshaw Theater
03/18 Seattle, WA – El Corazon
03/19 Portland, OR – Dante’s
03/21 Santa Cruz, CA – The Catalyst
03/22 Petaluma, CA – Phoenix Theater
03/23 Fresno, CA – Full Circle

Abysmal Dawn Release Re-Recorded Version Of “Blacken The Sky”

Abysmal Dawn have shared a re-recorded version of their song “Blacken The Sky.“ The updated take on the track is from the band’s new EP “Nightmare Frontier,“ which will be released on February 4. Charles Elliot commented:

“When it came time to record this EP we started discussing re-recording an older track. After a bit of back and forth, we all ended up voting for ‘Blacken The Sky.’ That was actually the first song I ever wrote for Abysmal Dawn, and it seemed sort of fitting to update it a little for a new era. Enjoy!”

Abysmal Dawn To Release New EP “Nightmare Frontier” In February, Premiere New Song “A Nightmare Slain”

Abysmal Dawn will be releasing a new EP, titled “Nightmare Frontier,” on February 4. You can find the cover art and track listing for that effort below:

“Nightmare Frontier” Track Listing:

01. “A Nightmare Slain”
02. “Blacken The Sky”
03. “Behind Space”
04. “Bewitched”

A lyric video for the first single, “A Nightmare Slain,” can be found below. Frontman Charles Elliot commented:

“The music for this track was recorded for ‘Phylogenesis,’ but we left it off the record. We thought it was a great song but we felt it didn’t quite fit into the flow of that album. The music shows a bit more of a slightly progressive and melodic side of the band, which we may explore more in the future. The lyrics were written during the pandemic and are inspired by the lore of the video game ‘Bloodborne.’

Now, we have a lot of songs filled with social commentary and introspective lyrics. When it came time to write the words for this one, I don’t think I could bring myself to focus any more on the misery or subjugation that we live in our day to day lives. Who needs another song of ‘COVID’ drivel or divisive politics at this point?

Hopefully we can all agree on what I discovered while I was trapped at home for over a year; ‘Bloodborne‘ is one of the greatest video games ever made. ‘Animal Crossing‘ and ‘Mario Party‘ fans should definitely check it out, along with the rest of the ‘soulsborne’ genre for a stress free good time… We hope you enjoy our song inspired by one of the most metal games ever made. Enjoy and see you on tour!”

Abysmal Dawn Share Cover Of Candlemass’ “Bewitched”

Abysmal Dawn have released a cover of Candlemass‘ “Bewitched.” The track is available as a flexi-disc in the new issue of New Noise Magazine and it can be streamed below. Charlies Elliot commented:

“We had some extra time in the studio, and we wanted to do something people weren’t expecting at all. No one expects me to do a lot of clean vocals or expects us to be influenced by a doom metal band with operatic vocals, but we definitely are. I think people were surprised, but we played it for a couple of people and they liked it, so we decided to go for it.”

Abysmal Dawn Announce Virtual Listening Party For New Album “Phylogenesis”

Abysmal Dawn will be releasing their new album “Phylogenesis” on April 17, but before that the band will be hosting a virtual listening party. The event will take place on YouTube tomorrow (April 14) and it will include a full stream of the record as well as a Q&A with the group. Abysmal Dawn commented:

“Unfortunately, our listening parties in NYC and Los Angeles had to be cancelled for obvious and understandable reasons. To try and make up for it, we’ll be hosting a live stream of our new album and virtual Q&A with the band on Tuesday. So if you’re going a little stir crazy, let’s listen to some metal and have a bit of fun.”

Abysmal Dawn Premiere New Song “Soul-Sick Nation”

Abysmal Dawn have premiered a new song titled “Soul-Sick Nation.” This track is from the band’s new album “Phylogenesis,” which will be released on April 17.

Charles Elliot commented:

“This is a super heavy and groovy one. It’s the first time we’ve used 7 string guitars and the first time we’ve tuned to A standard. Lyrically the song deals with inner demons and the mental health epidemic. Something that has touched so many people in my life, including myself.

On a more uplifting note, the song features three ripping solos. One from our very own Vito Petroni (solo #2), and two from Fredrik Folkare (solos #1 and #2) of Unleashed and Firespawn!

It was a great honor to have Fredrik play on our record; he’s an absolute beast of player. We played some shows in South America in late 2018, and asked him to play on our record after a night of drinking probably too much Pisco. So happy it worked out because he laid down something truly special. Enjoy!”

In other news, the band have also revealed that they have recorded a cover of Candlemass‘ “Bewitched” for a flexi disc that will be included with the issue of New Noise magazine. Elliot said the following about that:

“We’re incredibly honored to be on the cover of New Noise Magazine. In all my years doing this, I think this is the first time we’ve been given the prime cover slot of any publication. I’m really happy to see all the excitement around the release of Phylogenesis and all the positive feedback we’ve been getting so far. It makes me proud after all the hard work that was put into this record.

So, as an added bonus, New Noise is putting out our cover version of the doom metal classic, “Bewitched” by Candlemass. We had some free time in the studio while putting together Phylogenesis and decided to do something totally out of the box for us. I don’t think many of our fans would think Candlemass are an influence of ours but they are. It’s nowhere near the realm of tech-death or brutal death metal but Nightfall is one of my favorite albums and it’s an amazing record!

Now the biggest shocker here is that I laid down some melodic vocals for this one. I don’t pretend to be Messiah Marcolin but I gave it my best. I tried to maintain my own voice while paying tribute to the overall vibe of the original.

I wasn’t sure I could do it at first, but after showing the track to some friends and having the rest of the band excited about it, we decided we weren’t making total asses of ourselves. It’s a fun track and I think Vito killed it on the lead as well. Enjoy!”

Abysmal Dawn Premiere New Song “Hedonistic”, Reveal Details For New Album “Phylogenesis”

Abysmal Dawn have premiered a new song titled “Hedonistic.” This track is from the band’s new album “Phylogenesis,” which will be released on April 17.

“Phylogenesis” Track Listing:

01. “Mundane Existence”
02. “The Path Of The Totalitarian”
03. “Hedonistic”
04. “A Speck In The Fabric Of Eternity”
05. “Coerced Evolution”
06. “True To The Blind”
07. “Soul-Sick Nation”
08. “The Lament Configuration”
09. “Flattening Of Emotions” (Death cover)

The group said the following about the new record:

“So here we are, album number five, six years after the release of our last album! It took a long time to get here but I can say without a doubt, this one is worth the wait. We pushed the limits of all the musicians in this band and everyone is extremely proud. We finally get to release the first single today and can’t wait for you all to hear the whole thing.

The album title Phylogenesis (fīlōˈjenəsəs) basically refers to an evolution of a species in biology. It could be applied to how we’ve evolved for the better as a band, but also how humanity has evolved for the worse. Lyrically the album became sort of concept album some what unintentionally.

It deals a lot with things we encounter in our modern society and the maddening effect it has on the individual. ‘Hedonistic,’ in particular, is somewhat inspired by Maslow’s Hierachy of Needs and that true happiness lies in purpose, not material pursuits.

Thank you to all our fans that have supported us in our absence and waited patiently. This album is for you just as much as it is for us. Truly, thank you from the bottom of our black hearts. We’ll see you on the road with Vader, Hideous Divinity and Vitriol soon and expect even more of us in 2020!”

A “Phylogenesis” listening party featuring MMA/wrestler Josh Barnett will be held at the Cha Cha Lounge in Los Angeles, CA on April 16.

Abysmal Dawn Sign With Season Of Mist

Abysmal Dawn have signed a new deal with Season Of Mist. They said the following about that:

“We’re very happy to be signed to such an awesome and respected label like Season Of Mist. The people there are all die-hard metalheads and we’re glad to be a part of such an enthusiastic and strong team. We also have a long-standing friendship with U.S. label manager Gordon Conrad, who originally signed us. Working with Gordon, Michael, and the other amazing people at the label was just a no-brainer. We’re very excited about the future of Abysmal Dawn these days, and judging by the new material that we’ve been working on, great things are to come.”