September Mourning’s Emily Lazar To Launch Music And Animation NFTs

Emily Lazar will be launching new music and animation NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) on March 5 to further expand the September Mourning universe. Two limited edition NFTs will be available via OpenSea and they will combine extreme animation with music from the band’s song “Wake the Dead.” One version will also have a slight nod to Bitcoin and Ethereum meme culture. Lazar has a limited number of art pieces available for this launch, which you can buy HERE.

September Mourning Premiere New Song “Kill This Love”

September Mourning have premiered a new song titled “Kill This Love.” You can find a visualizer for that below:

Vocalist Emily Lazar commented:

“’Kill this Love’ is the musical adaptation of a specific feeling…. the heaviness one feels in their heart when it becomes the obvious prey of someone or something they cannot escape from.

The music alternates back and forth from heavy to sparse in an almost agitated way as to depict the emotional rollercoaster of the lyric.

As pertaining to the comic, ‘Kill this Love’ depicts the inner struggle of the protagonist September as she looks back on her battle with Fate and the strange pull he seems to have over her. She struggles internally with her desire to fight for what she loves and the pain it brings her.”

[via Metal Injection]

September Mourning Premiere New Song “Wake The Dead”

September Mourning have premiered a new song titled “Wake The Dead.” The band commented:

“‘Wake The Dead’ is an anthemic track that dispels the nature of the herd mentality in our society today. The song is written from the point of view of our main character in the graphic novel, September, as she observes the world of the living in which she consistently takes souls from. The track urges the listener to take control of their own thoughts about the world around them and make their own decisions instead of relying on choices skewed heavily by the propaganda that one is constantly bombarded with. ‘Wake the Dead’ encourages the listener to wake from their slumber and make their mark on the world today by raising their conscious thought as well as their voice.”

Limp Bizkit, Five Finger Death Punch, Rise Against, Etc. Set For 2021 Rebel Rock Fest

The initial lineup has been revealed for the 2021 Rebel Rock Fest. The event will take place at the Central Florida Fairgrounds in Orlando, FL on September 24-26 and the daily lineups can be found below:

September 24: Limp Bizkit, Parkway Drive, Skillet, Motionless In White, Pop Evil, Hatebreed, Finger Eleven, Knocked Loose, Fit For A King, DED, Light The Torch, Saul, September Mourning, Dirty Machine, and Fighting Giants.

September 25: Five Finger Death Punch, Legends Of Wu-Tang, I Prevail, Killswitch Engage, Body Count, DevilDriver, Attila, Escape The Fate, Nonpoint, Cold, Fame On Fire, Falling Through April, and Farewell To Fear.

September 26: Rise Against, The Used, Sevendust, Anti-Flag, All That Remains, Suicide Silence, Brett Scallions (Fuel), Carnifex, Spite, Stitched Up Heart, Islander, Dropout Kings, Rising Up Angry, and Below 7.

Limp Bizkit, Five Finger Death Punch, I Prevail, Etc. Set For 2021 Rebel Rock Festival

The Rebel Rock festival has been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The event will now be held at the Orlando Amphitheater at Central Florida Fairgrounds in Orlando, FL on September 24-26, 2021. There will also be a pre-party on September 23. Here’s the initial lineup: Limp Bizkit, Five Finger Death Punch, I Prevail, Skillet, Body Count, Sevendust, Motionless In White, Anti-Flag, DevilDriver, Cold, All That Remains, Escape The Fate, Suicide Silence, Brett Scallions (Fuel), Nonpoint, Attila, Finger Eleven, Miss May I, Carnifex, Stitched Up Heart, Light The Torch, Saul, Spite, Islander, Another Day Dawns, September Mourning, and Fame On Fire.

Slipknot, Limp Bizkit, Rob Zombie, Etc. Set For 2020 Rock USA Festival

The lineup has been revealed for the 2020 Rock USA festival. The event will take place at Ford Festival Park in Oshkosh, WI on July 16-18 and it will feature the following:

July 16: Limp Bizkit, Halestorm, Chevelle, Avatar, Fever 333, Wage War, We Came As Romans, Stick To Your Guns, I See Stars, Bones UK, Saul, Smile Empty Soul, Bad Omens, Stitched Up Heart, Joyous Wolf, and September Mourning.

July 17: Rob Zombie, Ice Cube, The Pretty Reckless, HELLYEAH, Hollywood Undead, The Glorious Sons, Knocked Loose, Attila, Escape The Fate, Otherwise, Carnifex, Through Fire, BRKN LOVE, Royal Bliss, and The Cold Stares.

July 18: Slipknot, Papa Roach, Anthrax, Steel Panther, Of Mice & Men, Bad Wolves, All That Remains, Memphis May Fire, Emmure, Insane Clown Posse, Crobot, Cherry Bombs, He Is Legend, Islander, and Tense Machine.

Limp Bizkit, Weezer, Blink-182, Papa Roach, Etc. Set For 2020 Inkcarceration Festival

The lineup has been revealed for the 2020 Inkcarceration Music And Tattoo Festival. The event will take place at the Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield, OH on July 10-12 and it will feature the following: Limp Bizkit, Weezer, Blink-182, Papa Roach, Halestorm, Mastodon, Underoath, Hollywood Undead, Steel Panther, Falling In Reverse, Candlebox, Badflower, Atreyu, Static-X, Puddle Of Mudd, New Politics, All That Remains, We Came As Romans, The Devil Wears Prada, Emmure, Attila, Stick To Your Guns, New Years Day, Escape The Fate, Cold, Carnifex, The Aquadolls, Band-Maid, Stitched Up Heart, September Mourning, Damn Nation, Paralandra, Along Came A Spider, A Killer’s Confession, Missyou, Sink The Ship, Dread Engine, Mollo Rilla, and Saving Escape.

September Mourning Premiere Animated Video For “Overdose”

September Mourning have premiered an animated video for their new song “Overdose” via Alternative Press. This track is from the band’s new EP “Vol. III,” which will be released on December 13.

Emily Lazar said the following:

“‘Overdose’ is a song about falling in love with someone or something so hard that it consumes you and that the process of being consumed is actually a beautiful thing. In reference to another person, it mentions a certain uncertainty in the second verse of that other person’s view on life, love and having the courage to be deep in it. The song reminds us that our views of life and love are our own and may not necessarily be shared by everyone, and that’s OK. If you stay true to your heart and beliefs, those with similar views find each other.

The video is an extension of the same animated universe we created with ‘Hiding From Heaven’ based on the September Mourning graphic novel. It takes place after Claire has finished playing the video game in the arcade. As Claire accepts September’s defeat in the ‘Hiding From Heaven’ video game, a mystical flash of light appears and transports her to a world within the game. The world is Mortem, the land of the dead. Upon her arrival, she meets a shadowy figure that sets her on a quest into the Hotel Sanctuary to find four travelers and three artifacts.”

September Mourning Premiere Animated Video For “Hiding From Heaven”

September Mourning have premiered an animated video for their new song “Hiding From Heaven” via Loudwire. This track is from the band’s new EP “Vol. III,” which will be released on December 13.

Emily Lazar said the following about the song:

“‘Hiding From Heaven’ speaks about our inner insecurities… how we all yearn for greatness – but sometimes the person that stands in the way of our success the most is ourselves. I believe we all have self-doubt to a certain degree. ‘Hiding From Heaven’ is about overcoming that doubt – it’s the greatest skill we can learn. The song is about having belief in yourself and practicing self-love so we can become our own hero.”

She also added the following about the video:

“When we set out to make a video for ‘Hiding From Heaven,’ we strived for a visual presentation that would represent the project in a creative manner. September Mourning is a trans-media project, meaning its concept is forged by a storyline that permeates throughout different mediums of art. One of those is the comic book aspect, whose storyline is a combative tale of life versus death. We took that idea and expanded the universe through animation.”

“Both Rich (Riven) and I are avid fans of not only current but vintage gaming. We took the idea of having one of our main characters, Claire, who is blind to the world of the living but can see reapers and the dead, playing a video game with reaper characters. It’s a fun nod to the characters in the story. We modeled the game after vintage combat games like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. Our very talented animator Brad Uyeda is a fan of the September Mourning universe we created and wanted to help us expand. Frame by frame we brought the ideas to life.”

Flaw To Release New Album “Vol IV: Because Of The Brave” This Month, Announce Tour With Sons Of Texas & September Mourning

Flaw have announced that their new album “Vol IV: Because Of The Brave“ will be released on July 19. With this news, the band have also announced a headlining tour with Sons Of Texas and September Mourning.

Tour Dates:

07/13 Battle Creek, MI – The Music Factory (no Sons Of Texas)
07/14 West Dundee, IL – Rochaus
07/16 Oklahoma City, OK – 89th Street Collective
07/17 Lubbock, TX – Jake’s
07/18 Amarillo, TX – Hoots Pub
07/19 San Antonio, TX – The Rock Box
07/20 Dallas, TX – Trees
07/21 Houston, TX – Scout Bar
07/24 Jackson, MS – Cowboys
07/26 Jacksonville, FL – Surfer Bar (no Sons Of Texas)
07/27 Sanford, FL – West End Trading Company (no Sons Of Texas)
07/28 Tampa, FL – Brass Mug (no Sons Of Texas)
07/30 Greenville, SC – Radio Room (no Sons Of Texas)
07/31 Asheville, NC – The Grey Eagle (no Sons Of Texas)
08/01 Winchester, VA – Blue Fox Billiards (Flaw only)
08/03 Louisville, KY – Trixie’s (Flaw only)