Taproot To Perform At 2023 Blue Ridge Rock Festival

Taproot will be making their live return during next year’s Blue Ridge Rock Festival. That event will take place in Alton, VA on September 7-10 and further artists will be announced at a later date. Stephen Richards commented:

“Which day? Not sure.. what time? Not sure lol.. but seems like @phillytr @jarrodmontague & @taylorrobertsguitar are on board @blueridgerockfest ! Ugghh, haven’t played guitar in years since writing #taproot #scissrs & surgery 😂 time to relearn and teach some new #shit 🤘🏻@followtaproot”

Taproot Launch GoFundMe Campaign For New Album

Taproot have launched a GoFundMe campaign for their new album. You can donate to that HERE.

Frontman Stephen Richards commented:

“Hey guys, this isn’t how I wanted to do it but.. With bills/Studio/Mastering/Production/Guest potentials/Promotion/Filing /Registrations and Finalizing approaching blah blah blah, I have to reach out for sum help I guess.

The worst part to keep in mind is that this is NOT for a purchase of the new record, just to help me wrap this project up as soon as possible (which sucks, I hate this). If I don’t meet this goal, I totally understand and will still continue on to try to figure this process out either way, so please just do what you can or want to.

I think you will love the new 11 tunes (or most of them anyways haha). It’s probably gonna sound like garbage lol, but has been a lot of fun doing everything myself so far and having you along with me on the ride. I appreciate all of your guys’ support for so many years, and I love staying in touch with you all on social media and sharing my progress through videos (and random “live” streams) and enjoy the positive emotions and stories you all share with me in return over the years.

There are way more important stories on this platform that need help as well, I’m just looking for some aid if ya can (insert stupid Steve joke here..), especially with Christmas around the corner.. In which I’ll likely be selling the record for more money by then hahaha”

Taproot’s Stephen Richards Working On New Music

It looks like Stephen Richards has been working on new music for Taproot and sciSSRs. The frontman shared some footage from the sessions on Instagram:

[via The PRP]

Taproot Stream Five More Tacks From Their Rarities Collection “Besides”

Taproot are now streaming “Day By Day,” “Smile” (demo version), “Strive,” the full version of “Blue-Sky Research,” and “Wake Up” off their upcoming 8-disc b-sides and rarities collection “Besides.“ You can check those out below and the previously released tracks “Contradiction,“ “Remain,” “Stay Away,” “Kevin Spacey,” and “Except I Love You” HERE.

[via The PRP]

Taproot Stream Three More Tacks From Their Rarities Collection “Besides”

Taproot are now streaming “Contradiction,“ “Remain,” and Stay Away” off their upcoming 8-disc b-sides and rarities collection “Besides.“ You can check those out below, along with the previously released tracks “Kevin Spacey” and “Except I Love You.”

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Taproot Stream B-Side Track “Except I Love You”

Taproot are streaming a b-side track titled “Except I Love You“ via “Jon’s Untitled Podcast.” You can check that out below at the 1:05:44 mark. The song is one of many that will appear on the group’s upcoming 8-disc b-sides and rarities collection “Besides.“

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Taproot Stream B-Side Track “Kevin Spacey”

Taproot are streaming a b-side track titled “Kevin Spacey.“ The song was originally recorded for the band’s 2002 album “Welcome“ and it was supposed to feature the late Layne Staley (Alice In Chains), but he passed away before tracking his parts. The track is one of many that will appear on the group’s upcoming 8-disc b-sides and rarities collection “Besides.“

Taproot Announce 20th Anniversary Show

Taproot have announced that they will be playing a 20th anniversary show at the Token Lounge in Westland, Michigan. on December 23. Tickets can be found HERE. The band commented:

We’re celebrating 20 Years of Music by playing a show on Saturday Dec 23 at the Token Lounge in Westland, Michigan right between Ann Arbor and Detroit where we started playing in 1997! Our very special guest is No Resolve! Our original drummer Jarrod Montague will join us on the older songs and drummer Dave Coughlin will play the newer songs. Stephen Richards, Phil Lipscomb and Dave Lizzio will be jamming on all songs including new Taproot music!

We’ll also have exclusive merch available only at this show and plan to have these show posters available for purchase as well!

Drama Surrounding Taproot’s Performance At Dirt Fest

Taproot are set to return to the stage at this year’s Dirt Fest, but things don’t appear to be going smoothly. Guitarist Mike DeWolf has said that he will not perform, and claims that vocalist Stephen Richards quit the band. Bassist Phil Lipscomb has since issued his own statement, saying that Richards never quit the band, and that DeWolf’s comments are false.


Here’s what DeWolf said on Twitter:

“I have chosen to not participate in upcoming “taproot” shows because @steelestephenr quit the band 2 years ago. Respectfully so. I have moved on. Responsibly. They have not. 2 years later, and they are desperate and want use/abuse the name of which I came up with and branded. It’s fine. Oh well. It’s much more in depth, but at the core, it’s sad, ungrateful, and depressing. To my family & theirs. But hey, at least @Dirtfest & @FollowTaproot get to advertise it as such. My sincere apologies to our friends & listeners.”

Here’s what Lipscomb posted on the band’s Facebook:

“I’ve been trying to take the high road and not air out our dirty laundry on Social Media, but given recent comments made by Mike DeWolf on Twitter and even a news story by the PRP (http://www.theprp.com/2015/06/17/news/taproot-and-guitarist-mike-dewolf-appear-to-be-feuding/), I feel a statement is necessary from us because there is more to the story than what Mike is presenting. For those of you who this is completely new to, I will attempt to bring you up to date.

Towards the end of 2013, we were talking about doing another album when Stephen told us he couldn’t commit to doing another record and needed a break from playing for a while. He had a lot on his plate in his personal life (health issues, both personally and in regards to his mother) and needed time to figure some things out. He told us he was aware that him needing a break might hurt us financially since being in a band is all Stephen, Mike and I had as income at the time. Stephen gave us his blessing to continue without him if that’s what we felt we needed to do to keep our livelihoods going. Contrary to what Mike is stating, Stephen never said that he quit Taproot. He said he needed a break. The plan always was to be open to doing something else in the future if it made sense.

Over the next year and a half, we all went on with our lives. I can’t speak for what the rest of the guys were up to, but I was giving guitar and bass lessons, had a blast touring with Smile Empty Soul and simply enjoying my time not dealing with all the responsibilities I had being in Taproot. I could focus more on the music side of the industry rather than the business side. Also during this break, I’ve enjoyed enormous developments in my personal life. I am getting married in a few weeks to a wonderful woman and I’m about to become a stepfather to a wonderful four year old son. I have never felt so content and happy in my life, and I’m looking forward to growing our family in the future. As for the band, I always kept my ear open for potential gigs because I knew when the time was right, I’d be playing with Taproot again, something I still have a passion for and enjoy doing, even if it’s not full time.

A little over a month ago, we received an offer to play on Dirtfest. This is a festival that is about 45 minutes away from home, basically in our backyard and essentially a hometown show. In my view, this seemed like a great place to get Taproot back on the scene. I wrote an email to Stephen and Mike to see what everyone’s thoughts were. I won’t go into all of the details on the back and forth, but the short of it was Stephen was down to play it and Mike was not. Mike had settled into his new life at home with a regular job and wasn’t interested in playing with Taproot anymore.

That was disappointing for us, but Stephen and I both were happy for him for having found some stability in his life. To say Mike wasn’t happy with us being willing to continue without him would be an understatement. After the emails and his derogatory comments on Twitter, I tried to have a conversation on the phone with him about the situation to try to proceed without this getting ugly. What I got from him was a lot of egotistical talk, about how this was “his band” and “he created it” because he came up with the name, how he sacrificed so much for it. To hear him talk, Stephen and I were riding his coattails this whole time while he did all of the work, which is absolutely NOT the case.

Stephen and Mike have been in bands since they were kids. They started Taproot together in 1997 and when Jarrod and I joined up, the original line up was complete. The hard work of all four of us got us signed. We all sacrificed and made this band what it is. Each of us put our lives into Taproot. When family life came calling Jarrod, he pulled away gracefully and we’re all still friends. When life got in the way for Stephen and he needed to take a break, he gave us his blessing to continue without him if need be.

If something got in the way for me where I was not able to play with Taproot, I know I’d help the guys as best I could in the transition and wish them the best. Mike gets a real job and doesn’t need Taproot anymore and all of a sudden Stephen and I are supposed to call it quits too. We didn’t put 18 years of our lives into Taproot for Mike to tell us we’re not allowed to play anymore. I’m not asking anyone to take sides in this. Our fans shouldn’t have to.

Mike chose not to continue, Stephen and I are going to proceed without him. It’s as simple as that for me. Nobody was kicked out, there should be no reason for hostility. Perhaps I should have released this statement earlier, but I had honestly hoped that I wouldn’t have to and it wouldn’t come to this. Much love to all of you for sticking with us all of these years. –Phil Lipscomb““