Allegaeon, Soilwork, Venom Inc., & Warbringer Members Team Up On New Song “Drag Them To The Guillotine”

Guitarist Taylor Nordberg (Soilwork) and drummer Jeramie Kling (Venom Inc.) have released a new song titled “Drag Them To The Guillotine” as part of their “Smoke & Mirrors” project. This track also features vocalist Riley McShane (Allegaeon) and bassist Chase Bryant (Warbringer).

[via The PRP]

Pathology Welcome Obie Flett To The Band As Their New Vocalist

Pathology have welcomed Obie Flett (Inherit Disease, etc.) to the band as their new vocalist. Flett previously sang for the group back in 2010. This news comes after the band originally recruited Allegaeon‘s Riley McShane earlier this year.

The group commented:

“We would like to welcome Obie Flett (INHERIT DISEASE, INIQUITOUS DEEDS) to PATHOLOGY! Obie sang with us back in 2010. He is a great addition to the band and we are happy to have him on board.

Tour starts this Friday. Get your tickets now!”

Tour Dates (with Aenimus and Parasitic Ejaculation):

08/03 San Diego, CA – Brick By Brick
08/04 Fresno, CA – Full Circle Brewery
08/05 San Jose, CA – X Bar
08/06 Sacramento, CA – Holy Diver
08/07 Portland, OR – Analog Theater
08/08 Vancouver, BC – Astoria
08/09 Seattle, WA – Club Sur Rocks
08/10 Spokane, WA – The Pin
08/11 Pocatello, ID – Elks Lodge
08/12 Denver, CO – The Roxy
08/14 Albuquerque, NM – Launchpad
08/16 Mesa, AZ – Club Red
08/17 Las Vegas, NV – Eagle Aerie Hall
08/18 Los Angeles, CA – 1720

Riley McShane (Allegaeon) & Daniel Richardson (Condemened, Lord Of War) Join Pathology

Pathology have announced the addition of vocalist Riley McShane (Allegaeon) and guitarist Daniel Richardson (Condemened, Lord Of War) to their lineup. Drummer Dave Astor commented:

“Both members bring new energy and excitement to the band. We are currently rehearsing and preparing to bring Pathology back on the road soon!”

Allegaeon’s Riley McShane Comments On Backlash From Patreon Campaign, Band Buries The Hatchet With Mish Barber-Way (White Lung)

Allegaeon recently launched a Patreon campaign to avoid having to break-up, and have had to deal with a lot of backlash, including a letter written by White Lung’s Mish Barber-Way, who condemned the band’s decision. Riley McShane has since discussed all of that on the Heavy Pod Is Heavy Cast. You can read what he said below.


On the backlash:

“We all went into it knowing that there were going to be people… We knew that they were gonna be a lot of people being like ‘fuck these guys, you are total pieces of shit for even asking for your fans to give more than they already give to you, how dare you’ kind of shit. Because the same thing happened to Ne Obliviscaris when they started theirs, so we knew there going to be internet lashback.

What I didn’t expect, which has been interesting to see to say the least, is the amount of just unfounded accusation that has been going around between those two articles. When I was reading the Decibel one I was like ‘man I feel like I should be offended by this’ but this is about a different band.

$150 haircuts and like a ridiculously comic public drug problem? Like who the fuck is he even talking about? There was just so much in it that was not applicable to Allegaeon as a band and it just seemed like he was trying to just get a few extra hits on his article by being over the top.”

On Mish Barber-Way:

“Funny story. At end of that article she was like ‘if this article offends you please feel free to contact me,’ all this kind of stuff, so I did. I actually just got off the phone with her after having an hour and a half long conversation like five minutes before I got on the phone with you guys.

She was awesome, I’m not gonna lie. It was a very good conversation. She gave me the room to clear the air, all while expressing what her points were and at the end of it, she was like ‘you know, I’m really sorry. I should have talked to you guys first about everything, I was just standing in an airport drinking wine and like writing it on some tiny website, I had no anticipation that it was going to blow up to the extent it did.’

And she was like ‘if it doesn’t bother you I’d like to write some dear gentlemen thing to kind clear the air.’ It’s very big of her, she was really cool about it. She was like ‘it was comically over the top, the article that I wrote.’

She was like ‘I was writing it as though I were speaking it to someone I was really irritated with.’ She wasn’t trying to make it a journalism piece… She had apparently worked for Vice for a long time and was like ‘that was not journalism, that was just me ranting on a tiny website and it got blown hugely out of proportion and for that I apologize.”

McShane also added that Mish Barber-Way actually recieved death threats, which led to Greg Burgress posting the following:

“Hey friends!!! Important update thing. I just learned that some people are sending death threats the singer who kinda roasted us yesterday. PLEASE don’t do that! I love the support and everything, but be kind to people!! Riley had a lovely chat with her and everything is gonna be made right. So please don’t be negative. I heart your faces!!”

Allgaeon Part Ways With Ezra Haynes

Allgaeon have parted ways with Ezra Haynes. For now, Riley McShane will fill in on vocals.


The band issued the following statement:

“It is with a heavy heart that we announce that we have parted ways with our vocalist and brother Ezra Haynes. Lineup changes suck for the fans, and even more so for the band. He is still a very dear friend to us and we wish him the best with his future projects. That being said we’re very excited to embark on this tour with Act Of Defiance.

Our good friend Riley McShane (Son of Aurelius/Inanimate Existence/Continuum) will be filling in on tour. As always come rage with us!!! HAIL SCIENCE!”

Haynes also issued his own statement:

“Hi there luvs,
There is no easy way to say this: I am no longer a member of Allegaeon. At the moment there are some things that require my full undivided attention. With that being said, I wish Stancey pants, Greggoroth, B-Park the marksman (You guys better start calling him that) and Coco Malone the best of luck and great success, they deserve it more than anyone I know! The most important thing to me is that the fans understand truly how much I love and adore them. I’ve met literally thousands of amazing human beings over the last 7 years. You guys and gals are incredible and thank you for your ongoing support!
Will I continue music in the future? Most definitely, I am looking for projects, so feel free to contact me.
Please be sure to catch Allegaeon on their upcoming tour with Act of Defiance, I can tell you from 1st hand experience that this will be one of the best live shows of 2015.
On that note:
and most importantly…