Jesse Leach (Killswitch Engage) Teams Up With Matt Stocks For New Podcast “Stoke The Fire”

Jesse Leach (Killswitch Engage) has teamed up with DJ/presenter Matt Stocks (“Life In The Stocks”) for a new podcast called “Stoke The Fire.” Starting March 2, the show will air every Tuesday at 4 p.m. ET / 1 p.m. PT via It will also be released on further podcast platforms every Sunday starting March 6.

Here’s a description of the podcast [via Blabbermouth]:

“The new show features self-reflective, in-depth discussions and interviews with a wide-range of positive and creative forces in the fields of art, music, photography, hospitality, food, sports, mental health and well-being. Their goal is lofty but simple: to recreate the atmosphere of Joe Strummer’s world-famous campfire sessions at Glastonbury festival — in virtual form.”

“Throughout the show, [Stocks and Leach] share deeply personal stories, interview an assorted array of extraordinary people, and host round-the-campfire discussions with their listeners. Hopefully, they’ll also inspire and unite a few people in the process. Eventually, they aim to turn “Stoke The Fire” into a TV travel show — in addition to the podcast — where they can have ever-expanding conversations with artists and creatives all over the world, in real life, around a real campfire. Until that time, they’re here to keep the fires stoked in the world of podcasting.”

Stocks also commented:

“Someone once described Jesse to me as the Bob Marley of heavy metal, and they couldn’t have been more on the money. Metal isn’t necessarily a genre known for having a lot of soul, but Jesse is ALL heart and soul. He’s obviously celebrated for his work as vocalist in KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, but Jesse is so much more than just a great frontman: he’s one of the most deep, philosophical people that I know. I really can’t wait to see where this podcast takes us, and I’m sure the topics of conversation will be both enlightening and inspiring.”

Leach added:

“Launching this podcast with Matt is really exciting for me. It opens up so many possibilities to interact with people! It has also given me a sense of purpose during these strange times. I look forward to making it much bigger than just a simple podcast… I can see some important discussions and potentially some life altering moments while we develop this idea. Matt and I have chemistry and we are in sync with how we want to move forward. I feel like this is a really nice natural progression for me not just as an artist but as a human — I have an undying desire to continue to affect positive change in the world. Let the conversations begin…”

Spiritbox’s Courtney LaPlante To Launch “Good For A Girl” Podcast

Spiritbox’s Courtney LaPlante has announced a new podcast called “Good For A Girl.” The show will focus on “female and non-binary guests from all factions of the music industry as they discuss their personal experiences of gender inequality.” Season 1 will launch on February 10 with special guest Caity Babs (SiriusXM). Further episodes will air every Wednesday at 9am PST. LaPlante commented:

“This is a place for us to let our guard down and relate to one another. There are just as many fascinating people behind the scenes as there are fascinating people under the spotlight, and learning from their experience and expertise can help the rest of us get closer to our own goals within this industry.”

Motörhead To Celebrate 40th Anniversary Of “Ace Of Spades” With New Podcast Series

Motörhead will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of “Ace Of Spades” with a new podcast series titled “The Motörcast: Ace Of Spades.” The first episode will be released next week with further episodes set to be released every two weeks. The following was said about the series:

“The Motörcast is the official podcast series celebrating the 40th anniversary of Motörhead’s seminal, Ace Of Spades album. Marvel at the warts and all stories of life on the road, behind the scenes, in the studio and more importantly, down the pub. Subscribe now to hear all these tales of rock n’roll excess from the people who were in the midst of the Motör-machine at the time.”

Twisted Sister’s Jay Jay French Discusses New Book “Twisted Business”

During a recent interview with Joe Rock of 102.3 WBAB, Twisted Sister’s Jay Jay French offered more information on his new book “Twisted Business.” That effort will be released in 2021 and the guitarist says it will serve as “a business book and a memoir.”

French said the following:

“The book is gonna be fun. It’s a business book, because I ran the business of the band, and the band was a business-oriented band, which kind of runs counter to most rockers.

It’s called the music business, and people forget there’s a second word: business. People say, ‘sex, drugs, rock and roll.’ I say there’s a word missing in that description: money. So, they figure if you’re still around after sex, drugs and rock and roll, maybe there’s some money left over.”

He went on to describe the book as a “bizmoir”:

“What’s a bizmoir? It’s a business book and a memoir. Most books about business guys are bizmoirs. Because Steve Jobs can’t be Steve Jobs unless you know his story. You have to know the reason why people became the people they became.

I had to be honest in the book and explain that I became who I became because of my experiences. And the reason why we ran a business, and the reason why we were so straight, which shocks people to no end, is because I had a drug problem, and I was a drug dealer. And it was all those near-disasters that scared me straight and then turned me into this brutally straight business guy because of these other issues.”

On another note, French also talked about his new podcast “The French Connection”:

“I’m on so many podcasts, it’s insane. And finally, a podcast company said, ‘You should have your own.’ It’s called ‘The French Connection’, I’m excited about it. It’s gonna [cover] a very wide range of [topics]. It’s not music — I mean, it will be, a part of it — it has to be; it’s a big part of my life, bands and music — but it’s gonna be a lot of things. I want it to be about all the things I’m interested in and my hobbies, and health issues, ’cause I’ve certainly had enough health issues, and I certainly know a lot about certain health issues. Unfortunately, having had to experience them, you learn a lot about them. So I think from an educational standpoint, I want to educate people on prostate cancer; I wanna educate people on heart disease — I’ve had two heart procedures; I wanna educate people on uveitis, my daughter’s eye disease. So hopefully I can use it as a platform for a lot of good things.”

[via Blabbermouth]

Twisted Sister’s Jay Jay French Planning To Release New Book And Launch New Podcast In 2021

Twisted Sister’s Jay Jay French has announced that he will be releasing a new book titled “Twisted Business” in 2021. On top of that, the guitarist will also be launching a new podcast called “The French Connection.” French tweeted the following:

The Ghost Inside Launch “1333 Days” Podcast

The Ghost Inside have launched a new podcast titled “1333 days.” The four-part series focuses on the band’s career, their 2015 bus crash, and their eventual return. The first episode, “The Grind,” can be found below:

Todd Jones (Nails) Launches “Unsilent Death Podcast”

Nails frontman Todd Jones has launched a new podcast, which he is calling the “Unsilent Death Podcast.” The first three episodes, which feature Dylan Walker (Full Of Hell), Will Putney (Fit For An Autopsy, END) and Arthur Rizk (Sumerlands), can be found HERE.

Alice Cooper To Launch New Podcast “Vintage Vault”

Alice Cooper will be launching a new podcast called “Alice Cooper’s Vintage Vault” tomorrow (March 24) at 6 p.m. ET. The episodes are culled from various interviews that were recorded during the past 16 years of the “Nights With Alice Cooper” radio show and the United Stations archives. Cooper commented:

“After years of doing my ‘Nights With Alice Cooper’ radio show, I feel a really special connection with those rabid music fans who can’t get enough good audio about the bands they love. My ‘Vintage Vault’ podcast series is platform to do a deeper dive into a select group of top-level musicians and I really value the opportunity.”

Stick To Your Guns Launch “Against Them All” Podcast

Stick To Your Guns have launched a new podcast called “Against Them All – The Stick To Your Guns Podcast.” You can check out the first episode below:

The band commented:

“Stick To Your Guns has been a band for 17 years now. Over the course of those 17 years, we’ve been given the opportunity to see a lot of the world, meet amazing people, and have some pretty incredible experiences. We’ve given a lot of interviews over the years talking about some of these stories and experiences, but we often have a standardized answer that we give without being able to go into depth.

So, we thought it would be fun to sit down and start sharing these memories and stories with everybody, from our perspective, and for better or worse, relatively unfiltered. We want to share stories from fans and friends, reflect on mistakes and failures, give thoughts on politics and current events, talk about tours and recording, have some real and genuine conversations about our experiences.

We’ve had a lot of fun recording these episodes so far and we can’t wait to share more of them with you! Straight from the mouths of the motherfuckers, this is Against Them All – The Stick To Your Guns Podcast. First episode ‘A Dive Into The STYG-a-verse (The Origin Stories)’ available now on all your favorite podcasting apps!”

Machine Head’s Robb Flynn Releases First Five Episodes Of “No Fuckin’ Regrets With Robb Flynn” Podcast

Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn has released the first five episodes of his new podcast “No Fuckin’ Regrets With Robb Flynn.” The episodes feature members of Rancid, Sworn Enemy, etc. and they can be streamed below: