Crown The Empire Release New Version Of “Johnny’s Revenge” Featuring Members Of Ice Nine Kills, We Came As Romans, & D.R.U.G.S.

Crown The Empire have joined forces with Spencer Charnas (Ice Nine Kills), Dave Stephens (We Came As Romans), and Craig Owens (D.R.U.G.S.) for a new version of their song “Johnny’s Revenge.” You can check that out below:

Crown The Empire commented:

“We are excited to announce that we’ve recreated our song ‘Johnny’s Revenge‘ with guest features from 3 different bands: Spencer Charnas from Ice Nine Kills, Dave Stephens from We Came As Romans and Craig Owens from D.R.U.G.S.. All of these singers are a part of the era we grew up in and have played a huge role in helping our scene become what it is today.

To celebrate 10 years of our album ‘The Fallout’, we wanted to do something special for the people who’ve stuck with us over the past decade. One of the songs our fans always gravitated towards was ‘Johnny’s Revenge‘, a theatrical piece that’s part of a trilogy we created over the span of 3 albums. We can’t wait for everyone to hear this new version!”

Ice Nine Kills, We Came As Romans, & D.R.U.G.S. Members To Guest On New Version Of Crown The Empire’s “Johnny’s Revenge”

Crown The Empire have recruited Spencer Charnas (Ice Nine Kills), Dave Stephens (We Came As Romans), and Craig Owens (D.R.U.G.S.) for a new version of their song “Johnny’s Revenge.” The updated take on the track will be released on June 23. This news comes as the band are continuing to celebrate the 10th anniversary of “The Fallout.”

badXchannels (Chiodos) Share Live In The Studio Video For “Blue Abyss” Feat. Fifty Grand

Craig Owens (Chiodos) has shared a live in the studio video for “Blue Abyss” featuring Fifty Grand. You can see that below:

Owens said the following:

“‘Blue Abyss’ was written with my friend Elliott (Fifty Grand). It’s an ethereal string / synth-driven track that moves at its own pace, coming and going when it pleases… a self-introspection of sorts centered around an inner battle of ultimate truth.”

He also added the following about recording on Wonderland Avenue in Laurel Canyon in Los Angeles:

“There were a few reasons Elliott and I decided to record write and record the track on Wonderland Avenue. Anywhere you choose to create, the things around you crawl into what you’re making and eventually show influence. The neighborhood’s famous for its hauntingly eclectic and darker leanings. From Zappa and the Houdini House to Joni Mitchell and Lookout Mountain, to the Four On The Floor murders. This was a common shared interest between Elliott and me that we discovered very quickly and decided to commit ourselves to seeing what so many brilliant trailblazers before us had seen.”

Craig Owens (Chiodos) Releases New badXchannels Song “Don’t Come And See Me”

Craig Owens (Chiodos) has released a new track from his badXchannels project, titled “Don’t Come And See Me.” You can get the song in digital outlets now, and listen to it below:

Craig Owens Says Chiodos Have Called It Quits

It looks like Chiodos is no more. Craig Owens said the band the band decided to call it quits after it “stopped becoming a passion.”


Owens told Billboard the following:

“It’s done. It just couldn’t stay afloat. There were just kind of, not necessarily bad vibes, but we came to the realization that we can’t do it full-time. I think it just stopped becoming a passion for all of us, so we said, ‘Alright, let’s stop.’”

Owens will continue to make music in his new project BXC (a.k.a. badXchannels). Check out his first track titled “One Car Funeral” below. BXC’s first EP “WHYDFML” will be available on November 18.