Vented (Dååth, Ex-Chimaira, Etc.) Premiere New Song “Vitriolic”

Vented (Dååth, ex-Chimaira, etc.) have premiered a new song titled “Vitriolic.” This track is from the band’s new album “Cruelty And Corruption,” which will be released on December 16.

Sean Zatorsky commented:

“This is by far one of my favorite songs from the record. It’s about a hatred for someone, or something, that lives within the depths of your soul. Nothing says hate like spewing, seething, vitriol!”

Gergo Hajer added:

“Basically, the songwriting for the whole record was quite instinctive, but the this song came together super quickly. When we finished the pre-production for this song, we asked each other: ‘Dude, isn’t this like a hidden Slipknot track from their first two records?’. Then Joey Jordison joined Vented… The rest is history.”

Vented (Dååth, Ex-Chimaira, Etc.) To Release New Album “Cruelty And Corruption” In December

Vented (Dååth, ex-Chimaira, etc.) have revealed the details for their new album “Cruelty And Corruption.” The effort will be released on December 16 and the cover art and track listing for it can be found below:

“Cruelty And Corruption” Track Listing:

01. “I Am Death”
02. “Flawless”
03. “The End Game”
04. “My Desire”
05. “Vitriolic”
06. “Requiem For Myself”
07. “Withered”
08. “A New Trend”
09. “The Darkness”
10. “Vigil”
11. “In Question”
12. “Self Destruct”
13. “Zero”
14. “Final Hour” (digipak bonus track)

The group commented:

“Stoked to announce our collaboration with! We negotiated with a lot of labels: majors, mid levels and smaller ones too through 2022, but when we met Tamas we felt immediately he knows what we want without any pressure. We’re looking forward to a successful future together. ‘Cruelty And Corruption‘ is coming… Get ready!”

Vented (Dååth, DevilDriver, Etc.) Premiere New Song “My Desire”

Vented (Dååth, DevilDriver, etc.) have shared a playthrough video for their new song “The End Game.” That track will appear on their upcoming album “Cruelty And Corruption.”

Sean Zatorsky commented:

“‘My Desire‘ is one of the first songs we wrote, it always felt like it should have been the first single. The song has so much groove, and so much vibe, it appealed to my friends more than any other track. ‘My Desire‘ is about to be myself and push the boundaries of anything I had ever attempted before.

Almost an ego death of sorts, push until you can’t push any further, until you achieve the impossible, hold nothing back. Essentially switching up my vocal style to finally be able to showcase something other than just screaming. This song was the beginning of the rest of the album, it set the tone and pace, for my vocals.”

Vented (Dååth, DevilDriver, Etc.) Premiere “The End Game” Music Video

Vented (Dååth, DevilDriver, etc.) have premiered a new video for their new song “The End Game.” This track will appear on the band’s upcoming album “Cruelty And Corruption.”