Ulcerate Premiere New Song “Stare Into Death And Be Still”

Ulcerate will be releasing their new album “Stare Into Death And Be Still“ on April 24. According to a press release, the effort “explores the concept of ‘death reverence’ – drawing on recent personal experience to confront the truism that death and tragedy aren’t always sudden or violent, that people are often passive observers trapped ‘in the silent horror of observing death calmly and cleanly’.” You can check out the title track below:

“Stare Into Death And Be Still” Track Listing:

01. “The Lifeless Advance”
02. “Exhale The Ash”
03. “Stare Into Death And Be Still”
04. “There Is No Horizon”
05. “Inversion”
06. “Visceral Ends”
07. “Drawn Into The Next Void”
08. “Dissolved Orders”