Thotcrime Premiere New Song “This Is My Breakdown, I Get To Pick The Music” Featuring The Callous Daoboys’ Carson Pace

Thotcrime have teamed up with Carson Pace (The Callous Daoboys) for a new song titled “This Is My Breakdown, I Get To Pick The Music.” That track is from the band’s new album “D1G1T4L_DR1FT,” which will be released on October 28.

Guitarist Malady Jane commented:

“The origin of this track was a voice memo Hayley [Sparxx – vocals] sent me where she sang the guitar riff into her phone mic – I copied down what I heard to guitar and slowly but surely the song evolved into this wild mix of chaotic mathgrind and manic, sugary happy hardcore.”

“The Callous Daoboys were one of the first bands that started getting me into heavier music, so being able to work with Carson was truly an honor. The interplay between them and Hayley lends a frantic energy to the track that makes it one of my favorites on the record.”

[via Metal Injection]

Thotcrime Premiere New Song “Critical Codependence” Featuring Diana Starshine

Thotcrime have premiered a new song titled “Critical Codependence.” This track features Diana Starshine and it will appear on the band’s new album “D1G1T4L_DR1FT,“ which is set to be released on October 28.

Guitarist Malady Jane commented:

“Outside of heavy music and harder genres of electronic music, we all share a love of various styles of pop music. Last year we experimented with writing a PC Music-style pop song, ‘High On Data‘, and the positive reception to that made us eager to try that approach again and see if we could integrate it with our usual “cybergrind” sound. The frenetic energy and shifts in pacing help to convey the wide range of emotions that one experiences after a difficult breakup.”

“Collaborations have been an important part of this project since our very first record, and we had been eager to feature someone from the wider pop/electronica sphere for some time. Working with diana starshine seemed like an obvious choice – she’s an admirer of the more pop-leaning production we’ve done and Hayley and I are big fans of her work. Projects like Digifae and solo tracks like “cantbreathe” have the same exciting, genre-pushing feel that early PC Music did, and I feel this track is a worthy addition to that canon.”

[via Brooklyn Vegan]