The Hellfreaks Share Video For Cover Of Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage”

The Hellfreaks have released a cover of Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” You can find an official video for that below:

The group commented:

“Everyone who knows our history might not be surprised by the unpredictable steps of The Hellfreaks. We love to challenge ourselves and see this mindset as the oil for our engine, that is why we decided to do something we never did before – to cover a song that represents a legendary piece of rock music history.

The four members of The Hellfreaks are from different musical corners, so it wasn’t an easy task to find the song that feels right to all of us, but when the idea of Beastie Boys “Sabotage” popped up in the air, we were all immediately on board! We admire the band, but at the same, we saw how we could spice the song with some Hellfreaks spirit to turn it somehow to our own.

That being said we decided to record the instrumental part not instrument by instrument, part by part as it’s usual, but recorded it all together, live, to keep the essence of Beastie Boys in our own version too. On the top we wanted to set a sign of our roots visually as well. The New York based Beastie Boys came straight from the undergound and had a massive influence on rock music till these days. To respect that, we recorded the video in the heart of our hometown, Budapest, over the rooftops of our city on the Gellért Hill, which is also the home of Hungary’s Liberty Statue.

We loved working on this very much and hope that you’ll enjoy our version!”

The Hellfreaks Sign With Napalm Records, Premiere “Old Tomorrows” Video

The Hellfreaks have signed a new deal with Napalm Records. With this news, the band have also premiered a new song titled “Old Tomorrows.” You can find a video for that track below:

The group said the following about signing with Napalm Records:

“We’re thrilled and proud that we can reveal one of the biggest news in our history – our signing to Napalm Records! The last decade was a hell of a ride for us and especially the pandemic right after our latest album release hit us pretty hard. Who’d have thought that this could turn into such a happy end? But you can be sure that this is not the end, this is just the START! We can’t imagine a better partner of supporting our vision of music, of mixing metal aggression with the attitude of punk ✊

We always stood for strength and were the voice for those who are done with collecting more scars, but now we’re stoked on a whole new level and are ready to make all our freaks and our new label proud!”

They also added the following about the new single:

“With ‘Old Tomorrows‘ we would like to welcome you in our new era! If ‘Old Tomorrows‘ would get manifested, you would face an ageless architect who is planning an indestructible bridge between generations. Most of us grew up being told to respect our elders in any case. The box was ticked. But it’s just not working like that.

As the world is changing quickly the gap between all generations is constantly growing. While elders are expecting respect for their experiences, youngsters feel unvalued, as their potential seems to be ignored. We’re pointing out each other’s differences, while not seeing that the disrespect comes from the same root – we’re not doing things the same way. It’s time to accept that we’re not better than the other, but that we can get a better version of ourselves if we open our minds. ‘Young mistakers, old days chasers, let’s become generation breakers!’”