The Hellfreaks To Release New Album “Pitch Black Sunset” In April, Premiere “Hit Me Where It Hurts” Video

The Hellfreaks have revealed the details for their new album “Pitch Black Sunset.” The effort will be released on April 14 and it can be pre-ordered HERE.

“Pitch Black Sunset” Track Listing:

01. “Sunrise”
02. “Old Tomorrows”
03. “Hit Me Where It Hurts”
04. “Chaos”
05. “Weeping Willow”
06. “Body Bag”
07. “Rootless Soul Riot”
08. “PBSS”
09. “Sunset”

The band said the following about the record:

“Since our last album, our world around us has turned much darker than what we ever expected. Covid, war, inflation. Enough reasons for introspection to find out if there is any light left in us. An excursion between the best and worst parts in us. ‘Pitch Black Sunset’ is about how these contraries interfere with each other: the past and the future, peace and chaos, eastern and western, life and death. This album invites you to a car ride straight into the canyon between these opposites. Does it end in a car crash? Sometimes. But we found beauty in it.”

A music video for the effort’s first single, “Hit Me Where It Hurts,” can be found below. The group added the following about that track:

“’Hit Me Where It Hurts’ is about hope and despair. Hope is able to move mountains. But what if the desired dream stays a dream? Then hope turns to prison. Intoxicated by a desire that never comes true, we reach the dead end, where the brain clearly sees the way out, but our heart won’t let us make the necessary steps. All that’s left is suffering. This song is an invocation for the metaphorical punch to eliminate the last piece of false hope, the real culprit in such a situation.”

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