TEETH (Hundred Suns, Ex-Every Time I Die, Etc.) Premiere “Filth” Video

TEETH, the band featuring Chris LeMasters (Hundred Suns, ex-Dead And Divine), Ryan Leger (Hundred Suns, ex-Every Time I Die), and Blake Prince (Anniversary, Straight Reads The Line), have premiered a new video for their new song “Filth.” This track is expected to appear on the band’s upcoming EP.

LeMasters commented:

“We started this band as an outlet. A place where we could embrace anger and frustration and sometimes dark subject matter, because everyone needs to vent, you know? ‘Filth‘ touches on how truly disgusting and terrible abusive relationships can be.

So many women and men find themselves in these gross, violent, toxic, cyclical relationships that they can’t escape while abusers gaslight or try to chalk their actions up to ‘love.’ The lyric, ‘Love is a lie, filth is eternal’ is almost like someone pushing back and revolting against that narrative.”

[via Alternative Press]