Sixx:A.M. Record Four New Songs

Nkki Sixx has confirmed that Sixx:A.M. have recorded four new songs and that they are also planning to release a new greatest hits collection. He told BUILD Series the following:

“I’ve just done four new songs with SIXX:A.M. Really magical. I think we’re gonna go in and record another song as well. We have a greatest-hits [collection coming out] that’s gonna tie in to [“The Heroin Diaries”] musical. And if there is time, maybe, for SIXX:A.M., we might go out and do — I don’t know — a couple of weeks’, three weeks’ worth of shows, maybe do festivals next year or something.”

[via Blabbermouth]


Sixx:A.M. Film New Video

Sixx:A.M., who have been on hiatus since 2017, got back together yesterday (December 19) to film a new video. The band posted the following:

Nikki Sixx Says He Is Going To Shoot A New Video With Sixx:A.M. In Two Weeks

In addition to working on new Mötley Crüe songs for the film adaptation of “The Dirt”, Nikki Sixx is also planning to shoot a new video with Sixx:A.M. in two weeks. The bassist tweeted the following:

DJ Ashba (Sixx:A.M., Ex-Guns N’ Roses) Reportedly Arrested For DUI

According to TMZ, DJ Ashba (Sixx:A.M., ex-Guns N’ Roses) was arrested on suspicion for DUI in Fairbury, Illinois. The guitarist was in town to perform the national anthem at the 29th running of the Prairie Dirt Classic, and he was pulled over after failing to stop at a stop sign. Police gave Ashba field sobriety tests and he was arrested after showing signs of impairment. Despite this, he did take to Facebook on July 29 to say the following: “It was so nice to chill back home for a few and reset. Thank you to everyone in my hometown of Fairbury for having me out to perform the National Anthem for ya’ll. It was an honor! Till next time….”

Sixx:A.M. Planning To Release A Greatest Hits Album This Year

It looks like Sixx:A.M. will be releasing a greatest album later this year. Nikki Sixx revealed the news in the below tweet, and also confirmed the effort will have some new music included with it.

Nikki Sixx (Mötley Crüe, Sixx:A.M.) Guests On “The Doctors”

Nikki Sixx (Mötley Crüe, Sixx:A.M.) appeared on today’s (November 14) episode of “The Doctors” to discuss heroin addiction, recovery, and the opioid epidemic. You can see footage from the show below:

Sixx:A.M. Premiere “Accidents Can Happen 2017” Lyric Video

Sixx:A.M. have premiered a lyric video for “Accidents Can Happen 2017.” This reimagined version of the track appears on the 10th anniversary edition of “The Heroin Diaries” soundtrack.