Sixx:A.M. To Release New Greatest Hits Compilation “Hits” In October

Sixx:A.M. will be releasing a new greatest hits compilation titled “Hits” on October 22. A “rock mix” of “Skin” from the effort can be found below:

“Hits” Track Listing:

01. “Life Is Beautiful”
02. “This Is Gonna Hurt”
03. “Lies Of The Beautiful People”
04. “Pray For Me”
05. “Rise”
06. “Stars”
07. “Maybe It’s Time”
08. “Skin”
09. “Belly Of The Beast”
10. “Are You With Me Now”
11. “Girl With Golden Eyes”
12. “Accidents Can Happen”
13. “Gotta Get It Right”
14. “We Will Not Go Quietly”

Bonus Tracks:

15. “The First 21”
16. “Talk To Me” (Radio Mix)
17. “Penetrate”
18. “Waiting All My Life”
19. “Skin” (Rock Mix)
20. “Life Is Beautiful” (Piano Vocal)

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