James Michael On The Possibility Of New Sixx:A.M. Music: “All Three Of Us Would Say The Door Is Not Shut”

During a recent appearance on “In The Trenches With Ryan Roxie,” Sixx:A.M.’s James Michael discussed the possibility of new music from the band. According to him, “all three [members] would say the door is not shut.”

Michael said the following:

“It’s a good question. And yeah, there’s a lot of interest in that…

We kind of went into hiatus, we kind of went away without really letting people know why. And the reality was that we were all really burned out. We were three friends that started this band as just a bunch of guys in a room making up songs together, and it just turned into something so much more significant over the years. And we were so lucky and so blessed to have the more-than-a-decade-long career that we’ve had so far.

The best way that I can answer the questions about what is the future of SIXX:A.M. and what’s going on with them is we have no plans right now to do anything moving forward. But I do talk quite regularly with both Nikki [Sixx] and DJ [Ashba]. And we all love what SIXX:A.M. was and became so much that… Would I love to make another SIXX:A.M. record? Absolutely. There’s nothing I’d love more than getting back in the room with Nikki and DJ and the whole gang and just experiencing that.

I would say all three of us would say the door is not shut [to future SIXX:A.M. activity]. It’s just with SIXX:A.M., we never were supposed to be a band in the first place. When we started, we were just, like I said, three guys getting together and making up songs. And then we recorded those songs. I wasn’t supposed to be the singer; we were just eventually gonna find a singer to actually record — take my voice off and put somebody else’s voice on. But just through circumstances, it just ended up taking off. And I’m just grateful for that experience. It’s just been amazing.”

He also added the following about working with Nikki Sixx and DJ Ashba:

“To answer the question what it’s like to work with Nikki and DJ, it’s that chemistry that you hope you find when you are in this music industry. You hope that you get lucky enough to meet a guy or a couple of guys that you just jell with and that you can work with on every level — professional and personal. And that’s what it’s been like.

I think that there were tough times; there were very, very times being in SIXX:A.M. because we’re three very, very opinionated people. But 99 percent of the time, those strong opinions are also what became the strong support group for one another. When I, as the producer of the albums, would just reach a point where I didn’t know what the next right move was, I always had my two very, very skilled partners to lean on and to just say, ‘Hey, I need your input on this. Where should we go?’ And it was just always that kind of a give-and-take relationship.

SIXX:A.M. was always very much a democracy; we all brought ideas in and we all collaborated. We love that process so much. We laughed our way through a decade of making music. That’s the part I look forward to the most, is just getting the three of us in a room together, because it’s just non-stop laughter. And usually what we come up with ends up being something I’m very, very proud of.”

[via Blabbermouth]


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