Shining (NOR) Announce Livestreamed “Blackjazz” 10th Anniversary Show

Shining (NOR) will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of “Blackjazz” by performing it in full during a virtual show on June 6. The event will be streamed live from the Machine Hall at Vemork at 2pm PDT / 5pm EDT and tickets can be found HERE. Jørgen Munkeby commented:

“I’m so excited to play this Blackjazz show at the Heavy Water Plant! Not only is it the first time since 2013 that we’re playing this very special album from start to finish, but the insane story about what happened at this factory during the last world is like a proper Star Wars legend! It’s the freedom rebels against the big evil empire, and puts a perfect backdrop to our industrial music. We’ll get to be Blackjazz Rebels for a night!”

Shining (NOR) Release 10th Anniversary Vinyl Edition Of “Blackjazz”, Stream Bonus Track Featuring Ihsahn

Shining (Norway) are celebrating the 10th anniversary of “Blackjazz“ with a new vinyl pressing. This version of the effort comes with a previously unreleased version of “The Madness And The Damage Done” featuring Emperor’s Ihsahn. The band said the following about that track:

“Check out our new single featuring Ihsahn! It’s awesome! The vocals were recorded back in 2010, just after the release of Blackjazz, but Jørgen Munkeby never got his jazzy ass around to finalizing this special version of the song. Until this year, 10 freakin’ years later!”

Shining Premiere “Fight Song” Music Video

Shining have premiered a new video for their track “Fight Song.” This song is from the band’s latest album “Animal.”

Jørgen Munkeby said the following about the track:

“[This is] a special song on our new album ‘Animal‘. It is more synth-driven than any other songs we’ve ever made, and it manages to both be vulnerable, beautiful, desperate and full-on rock at the same time! I also love the fact that it’s a very different song than our previous single ‘Animal.’”

He also added the following about the video:

“It was an amazing week in Iceland shooting on all of these out-of-this-world locations! Also, no CGI has been used whatsoever. So if you’re wondering if the perfectly-placed rainbow is real, yes, it’s real AF. The weather gods were unusually helpful that week!”

Shining (NOR) To Release New Album “Animal” In October, Stream Title Track

Shining (NOR) have announced that their new album “Animal” will be released on October 19. With this news, the band have also released the title track, which you can stream below:

Jørgen Munkeby said this album marks a departure from the group’s ‘blackjazz’ phase:

“I was tired of doing the same thing. I was done with ‘blackjazz’ and wanted to create something new and exciting. I needed a change. I’m finally at the point where I have nothing to lose and everything to win. We had 360 degrees to play with so we could’ve gone in any direction. This new record is more Muse than Meshuggah, more Ghost than Gojira, and more Biffy Clyro than Burzum!”

He also added the following about the title track:

“When we wrote ‘Animal,’ we knew that we would want to announce the album with that song! It’s just such a fun and rocking number, and I also can’t wait to open our live shows with it! Wolf howl, and GO!”. The previously released track “Everything Dies” will also appear on “Animal“.

If you missed it, the band previously released “Everything Dies” from the effort awhile back.

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Shining (SWE) Stream New Song “Gyllene Portarnas Bro”

Shining have premiered a new song titled “Gyllene Portarnas Bro.” This song is from their new album “X – Varg Utan Flock,” which will be released on January 5.

Niklas Kvarforth commented:

“‘Gyllene Portarnas Bro‘ has been in the works since 1999 and is one of the calmer songs on the album. Built around three different parts, it was originally intended for the ‘Livets Ändhållplats‘ album. It was later reworked for ‘Redefining Darkness‘, but it isnt until now that the song finally started to make sense.

Lyrically it speaks of the suduction of the human mind and spirit, the ultimate destruction of the life cycle of the one being seduced. Indeed this track sets the mood for the violent darkness that follows.”

Shining (SWE) Stream New Song “Jag Är Din Fiende”

Shining have premiered a new song titled “Jag Är Din Fiende.”This song is from their new album “X – Varg Utan Flock,” which will be released on January 5.

Niklas Kvarforth commented:

“The track, Jag Är Din Fiende, from our upcoming 10th album,” says Niklas himself, “embodies everything that Shiningrepresents on a musical level. An uncompromising mix of high and low tainted with a sinister atmosphere of horrible unease. Lyrically, this track speaks of the need and means for retribution, making not only this, but the album overall, infused with a nightmarish maliciousness and a pitch-black hatred that hasn’t been as prominent on our earlier albums. There is a war coming and this is our statement on what we have in store for you!”

In other news, the band also plan to release a new 10″ EP called “Fiende” on November 24.

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Shining Finish Recording New Album, Part Ways With Euge Valovirta

Shining have have announced that they have officially completed work on their new album “X – Varg Utan Flock“ (Swedish for “wolf without a pack”). The effort is expected to be released later this year via Season Of Mist.

Frontman Niklas Kvarforth said the following:

“It has been an ordeal of gigantic proportions, but I am pleased to announce that the recording of our tenth album have now come to an end, and I am currently working on the final visual details before this aural nightmare can be sent off to our label and fuck up your lives.

‘X – Varg Utan Flock‘ is the direct follow up to our fifth album, but, as usual it does contain a few unexpected twists and turns that will send cold shivers down your spines. It was an honour to serve for two decades as the grand puppet-master and bringer of chaos.

Let there be Blood!”

In other news. the band have also announced the departure of guitarist Euge Valovirta. Valovirta commented:

“Dear all,

After six years with Shining I have decided to leave the band. I’m really proud of what we accomplished together but now it’s time for me to move on towards new adventures. I want to thank Niklas & the past and present members of the band for everything. I love you bros. Also thanks to all the fans for your support. Without you we would be nothing. Hope to meet you all again on the road soon. I have some new things coming so stay tuned!

All the best,