Ghoul, Child Bite, Ringworm, Etc. Cover Samhain For “We All Want Our Time In Hell” Tribute Album

Corpse Flower Records will be releasing a Samhain tribute album, titled “We All Want Our Time In Hell,” on May 4. The effort, which was curated by Child Bite’s Shawn Knight and mastered by James Plotkin (Old, Scorn, Khanate, Khlyst), will feature Child Bite, Ghoul, Midnight, Acid Witch, Brain Tentacles, Joel Grind, Ringworm, etc. covering Samhain tracks. The vinyl only release will be limited to 300 copies. Pre-orders are up HERE, and a teaser can be found below:

Knight commented:

“I’ve been a huge fan of Glenn Danzig’s music ever since I was a 13-year-old kid, just a couple years after Samhain had dissolved,” relays Knight. “MTV introduced me to Danzig, and a friend’s older brother – along with Metallica’s Garage Days Re-Revisited EP – got me into the Misfits. Discovering Samhain took a bit more digging, and always felt that much more mysterious because of it. All of the classic Danzigian elements are present; murky atmosphere, dark / taboo lyrics, catchy hooks and melodies, gritty DIY art and recordings, and of course that Evil Elvis voice. I’ve always felt that this less celebrated period of Danzig’s output deserved more love, and I hope that our small tribute will introduce a few more kids to the music of Samhain.”

Track Listing:

01. “Night Chill” – Joel Grind
02. “Mother Of Mercy” – Midnight
03. “In My Grip” – Nil Eye
04. “Black Dream” – Ringworm
05. “Macabre” – Ghoul
06. “Halloween II” – Acid Witch
07. “The Howl” – Multicult
08. “The Shift” – Like Rats
09. “Kiss Of Steel” – Shed The Skin
10. “I Am Misery” – Immortal Bird
11. “Unbridled” – Child Bite
12. “Human Pony Girl” – Brain Tentacles
12. “Archangel” – Ritual Howls

Peter Adams To Perform With Samhain At Upcoming Shows

Danzig previously announced that he will be fronting Samhain for a few 30th anniversary dates, and has now revealed that Peter Adams (Baroness/Valkyrie) will be featured as a guest guitarist.

Danzig issued the following statement on Facebook:

“We can confirm that Peter Adams of Baroness & Valkyrie will be stepping in as ‘Special Guest Guitarist’ along with Glenn, Steve & London for the Just Announced SAMHAIN “30 Bloody Years” Shows in Sept.- Oct.”

Adams said the following about performing with the band:

“I’m truly excited, It’s a great honor to share the stage with SAMHAIN on the 30th Anniversary of Initium! Samhain has helped shape how I’ve played music, and the music I’ve listened to, since i was a teenager and will continue to, on into the future.To be a part of this Legacy is Great Beyond Words!”

(Image from 100% Rock)

(Image from 100% Rock)

Danzig Announces More Samhain Dates

Danzig had previously been scheduled to perform with Samhain at RiotFest and has now added more dates. There won’t be a full tour, so the dates announced are exclusive shows.

The following was posted on Danzig’s Facebook:

“Exclusive SAMHAIN Shows have been announced for East Coast Phila.PA.,Wash.DC & NYC.
And West Coast LA & SF, CA. There is ‘No Tour’ as these will be the only Solo SAMHAIN shows apart from the Chicago RIOTFEST Performance.”


Samhain Dates:

09/13 Chicago, IL (Riotfest)
09/19 Los Angeles, CA – Wiltern Theatre (with Goatwhore and Kyng)
09/20 San Francisco, CA – Warfield Theatre (with Goatwhore and Kyng)
10/26 Austin, TX (Housecore Horror Film Festival) (Danzig/Samhain set)
10/29 Philadelphia, PA – Electric Factory
10/31 Washington, DC – Howard Theatre
11/01 New York City, NY – Best Buy Theatre

Danzig To Perform With Samhain At RiotFest

It has been confirmed that Danzig will be performing with Samhain at RiotFest. The band will be playing their album Initium in full, in Chicago, Illinois, as part of RiotFest’s “10 Years, 10 Essential Albums.”

The Danzig Facebook said the following:


We can confirm that DANZIG has accepted an invitation to perform as his classic SAMHAIN at Riotfest in Chicago this September. More as we get it…Stay Tuned!!!”

Other bands playing full albums include Slayer, who will be playing Rein In Blood, NOFX, who will be playing Punk In Drublic, the Offspring, who will be playing Smash, and many more.