Dark Tranquillity, Ex-Arch Enemy, Etc. Members To Guest On New Nonexist EP

Nonexist have revealed the details for their new EP “In Praise Of Death.” The effort will be released on June 29, and it will feature guest contributions from Dark Tranquillity, ex-Arch Enemy, etc. members. The first single, “A Meditation Upon Death” featuring Mikael Stanne, can be found below. Johan Reinholdz commented:

“In Praise of Death” – in praise of deathmetal that is. This ep is an homage, a tribute to this genre that has meant so much to me, going back my childhood. The 80’s/early 90’s old-school bands and the melodic deathmetal bands of the early/mid 90’s bands in particular has inspired the music on this album. Therefore I want to thank these bands: Morbid Angel, Massacre, Merciless, Nihilst/Entombed, Carnage, Dismember, Death, Malevolent Creation, At the Gates, Carcass, Terrorizer, Dissection, Grave, Dark Tranquillity, Sepultura, Eucharist, Edge of Sanity, Pestilence, Deicide, Bolt Thrower and Vader. Also thanks to these guys for excellent guest-performances: Mikael Stanne, Chris Amott, Markus Johnsson, Kalle Nimhagen and Alexander Wittbom”.

“In Praise Of Death” Track Listing:

01. “Cancerous Disembodiment” (guest vocals: Kalle Nimhagen)
02. “A Meditation Upon Death” (guest vocals: Mikael Stanne, second guitar solo: Chris Amott)
03. “Dead Black Embrace” (guest vocals: Markus Johnsson)
04. “Bloody Carnal Sorcery” (guest vocals: Kalle Nimhagen)
05. “Reduced To Ash” (guest vocals: Alexander Wittbom)

Nonexist Premiere New Song “Throne Of Scars”

Nonexist, the band featuring Johan Liiva (ex-Arch Enemy etc.) and Johan Reinholdz (Skyfire etc.), have premiered a new song titled “Throne Of Scars.” This song is the title track of the band’s new album, which will be released on October 9.


Throne Of Scars Track Listing:

1. “Pyroclastic Cluster Torment”
2. “A Promise Unfullfilled”
3. “The New Flesh”
4. “Throne of Scars”
5. “Before the Storm Takes Me”
6. “Rodents of War”
7. “Cathedrals Beyond”
8. “Enter Eternal Night”
9. “The Anatomy of Insanity”