Robin McAuley (Michael Schenker Fest) Comments On Being Diagnosed With Sepsis

As previously reported, Robin McAuley was unable to perform with Michael Schenker Fest on the 70000 Tons Of Metal cruise after being diagnosed with sepsis. Now, the singer has commented on the illness, saying he is “alive and getting stronger by the day.”

McAuley said the following:

“Happy Monday everyone

It’s me, I’m alive and getting stronger by the day! It’s been a Hellish week for me and my Wife Gina and the Boys, that took me completely by surprise.

Some sneaky bastard calling himself Ecoli Sepsis, snook up behind me and sucker punched me. Almost took me out but not quite.

Thanks to my Amazing Wife Gina and her 24/7 hands on love and care for me and the support of my Sons Jamie and Casey. The incredible quick work of our ER and Hospital staff, I’m forever grateful of how you carried me through one of the worst and scariest experiences I have ever known.

A very Special Thank You to all who reached out inquiring about my well being. I apologize to my family and friends that they found out about this through social media firstly. Gina did her best to handle all the calls she could, including my own phone blowing up needing answers?

I’m moved and in awe of the “Love and Concern” I have been shown from so many of you this past week.
Thank You forever!!!

My Apologies to Michael Schenker for not showing up for work aboard 70,000 Tons of Metal Cruise. I was packed and ready to sail until the “Big Disaster” struck!!

To my fellow band mates … I’m so sorry!!!!

Looking forward to Japan in March, followed by UK shows in April, plus more shows in the rest of Europe.

Go to Michael Schenker’s website for full details on tour schedule.

Saturday January 11th saw the official opening night of Raiding the Rock Vault @ Rio/172. It was my plan to be there on opening night and I apologize once again for not showing up for work.

Sir Harry Cowell is now 6 years, going into #7 with this spectacular Classic Rock show. Almost 1,500 shows and off to a great start on opening night. The power and caliber of the Rock Vault cast is 2nd to none and is an absolute must see.

Saturday through Wednesday @ Rio/172.

Finally on this BLACK SWAN Monday, another (the 2nd) new Single from the upcoming “ SHAKE THE WORLD” Album!

Download BIG DISASTER!! Like it! Play it LOUD!! and remember no disaster is ever big enough for any of us to overcome!!

Never was a song title more apt and timely than “Big Disaster”!!!

It’s been quite the big disaster week for me, but Im still here for the clean up!

It’s a new day, I’m Blessed and I’ll be back real soon.

“SHAKE THE WORLD” full Album release scheduled for February 14th.

Have a great and healthy “BLACK SWAN” Monday!


Robin McAuley (Michael Schenker Fest) Diagnosed With Sepsis

Robin McAuley (Michael Schenker Fest) had been diagnosed with sepsis. As a result, he was unable to make the 70000 Tons Of Metal cruise.

70000 Tons Of Metal organizers commented:

“Sailors, may we have your attention please.

Due to unfortunate circumstances we regretfully have to tell you that Michael Schenker FEST’s singer Robin McAuley will not be performing on board #RoundX of 70000tons OF METAL due to a medical emergency. We sincerely apologize that we must communicate this to you Sailors now while we are sailing in the beautiful Caribbean on our way to Cozumel.

Robin was on the way to the airport ready to join us when he fell ill. He was rushed to the hospital and was diagnosed with sepsis. We were hoping to have him join us on board while we docked in Cozumel and we made great efforts to try to bring this to reality.

The Medical Professionals who diagnosed him with this ordered that he must remain in the hospital so that he can recover to full health.

Robin was very excited to perform on board Round X and expresses his utmost disappointment that he is not able to partake in the festival to perform two hard-hitting concerts for you, but wishes all of us on board a happy and safe sailing.

MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST will still be performing twice on board with Gary Barden and Doogie White on vocals as well as a World Class compliment of supporting musicians.

Get well soon, Robin, from everybody on the cruise!


Day 2 (Wednesday Jan 8th) @ the Royal Theatre stage; 23:15-00:30

Day 3 (Thursday Jan 9th) Pool Deck 22:15-23:30”

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Michael Schenker Fest Premiere “Behind The Smile” Lyric Video

Michael Schenker’s Michael Schenker Fest have premiered a lyric video for their song “Behind The Smile.” This track is from their new album “Revelation,” which was released today (September 20).

Michael Schenker Fest Premiere “Sleeping With The Light On” Music Video

Michael Schenker’s Michael Schenker Fest have premiered a new video for their new song “Sleeping With The Light On.” This track is from their new album “Revelation,” which will be released on September 20. Schenker commented:

“Many people in my interviews expressed how much they like this song and I tell them: wait till you see the video. It brings it to a whole other level. By the way, the making of the video was a lot of fun and sometimes even spooky. I hope you enjoy it.”

Michael Schenker Fest Premiere “Rock Steady” Music Video

Michael Schenker’s Michael Schenker Fest have premiered a new video for their new song “Rock Steady.” This track is from the band’s new album “Revelation,” which will be released on September 20.

Schenker commented:

“This song almost did not make it on the album. It developed from a ‘maybe’ into a definite, after we swapped things around like an added solo, psychedelic pieces, the lyrics, the slide plus all the other goodies and sprinkles. It turned out to be a party song telling my story, capturing many aspects of music. It was originally a song for guest musicians to be featured on the album, the ones I had in mind were Ronnie Wood and Mick Jagger; it had that kind of feel. Ronnie actually introduced his family to me in my dressing room in Hammersmith back in the ’80s and I’ve heard he’s a fan! So, I had asked my son Taro to knock on Ronnie’s door, since they both live in Barcelona, and tell Ronnie to bring Mick with him. The Beatles and The Stones were two of the first bands I got into. I had the pleasure to jam with Paul McCartney on an MSG album. Ronnie and Mick would have closed the cycle, but when Ted [McKenna, drums] passed away we had to focus on other things instead. We ended up scrapping the whole guest idea!”

“Revelation” Track Listing:

01. “Rock Steady”
02. “Under A Blood Red Sky”
03. “Silent Again”
04. “Sleeping With The Light On”
05. “The Beast In The Shadows”
06. “Behind The Smile”
07. “Crazy Daze”
08. “Lead You Astray”
09. “We Are The Voice”
10. “Headed For The Sun”
11. “Old Man”
12. “Still In The Fight”
13. “Ascension”

Bonus Tracks:

14. “Armed And Ready” (live)
15. “Bad Boys” (live)
16. “Rock Bottom” (live)

Michael Schenker Fest To Release New Album “Revelation” In August

Michael Schenker’s Michael Schenker Fest project have officially finished the recording process for their new album “Revelation.” The effort will be released on August 23 via Nuclear Blast.

Schenker commented:

“Based on the fun that we had recording ‘Resurrection’, the success of the album and the surrounding tours we undertook that were just fantastic, I was deeply inspired to make a start on writing new songs for a new MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST album. It is even a step up from ‘Resurrection’ with amazing input from all singers and all musicians – I could not ask for a better result. The songs are blazing, snappy, energetic, melodic and with drummers like Simon Philips and Bodo Shopf we got amazing results. This time we even managed to record three great mid-tempo songs with all singers involved, singing their hearts out.

The album title and cover concept expresses things that have happened in my past as well as what is still happening at the present time. It’s about passion and purity versus greed and corruption. There is much to say. It’s about time I let people know about some of this.”

Schenker also added the following about co-producer Michael Voss:

“Michael Voss is a fantastic musician with great input as a co-producer. Our chemistry is something else. We have a way of working together that is extremely creative.“

He went on to reveal that Ronnie Romero contributed guest vocals to one song:

“An incredible thing happened; we had this song that was ready to be worked on and Michael Voss suggested Ronnie Romero from Ritchie Blackmore’s RAINBOW, who Voss had worked with in the past, to sing on this song as a guest. What came out of it was classic. Amazing vocals with blazing music that absolutely rocks! We are ready to present this unique album to the world and I am very much looking forward to getting this album out there. Our label Nuclear Blast is totally happy with this record and I was especially happy getting a message from Markus Staiger, the founder of Nuclear Blast, saying how much he loves this album.”

Michael Schenker Fest Announce New Drummer

Michael Schenker has recruited drummers Bodo Schopf and Simon Phillips for his Michael Schenker Fest project. Schopf will serve as a permanent replacement for the late Ted McKenna, but will only have a limited role on their new album due to him taking extra time to prepare for tour. Phillips will serve as the main studio drummer for the effort.

Schenker commented:

“We are very grateful to Bodo for being a team player and working out with Simon what needs to be done in order for us to continue as smooth as possible and also to Simon for helping us to make it all possible. Bodo is the perfect choice to continue as the permanent drummer for MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST. It is a perfect balance between the musicians from the past. It includes everything as a family to continue MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST.”

Schopf added:

“I am very sorry that Ted had to leave us under these tragic circumstances and I’m proud to rock for him and all the MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST fans. RIP Ted.”

Michael Schenker Fest Planning To Release New Album In August

Michael Schenker has announced that Michael Schenker Fest are currently recording a new album and that it will be released in August. He said the following:

“Thank you to my fans all around the world for all the birthday messages I have received today. I’d like to take this opportunity to repay your kind birthday messages by announcing that I am currently in the studio with Michael Voss recording a second MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST studio album. With great pleasure, we will once again have Gary Barden, Graham Bonnet, Robin McAuley and Doogie White on vocals with Chris Glen (bass) Ted McKenna (drums) and Steve Mann (keys / guitar). It’s great to keep the family together for another studio album and it’s already sounding great.”

Michael Schenker Fest Premiere “Take Me To The Church” Video

Michael Schenker Fest have premiered a new video for “Take Me To The Church.” This track appears on the album “Resurrection.“

Schenker commented:

“Today we are releasing the new video for ‘Take Me To The Church’, released from Michael Schenker Fest’s debut album, ‘Resurrection’. We filmed the video in an old church in St Petersburg, Russia as well as at our live show there that same evening. The process was an interesting experience. The fans in Russia were great for the video, too.”

Doogie White added:

“‘Take Me To The Church’ was the obvious choice, given the terrific response in the live arena and from fans and reviewers alike, so we decided to bite the bullet and shoot a video. This was the first of three songs Michael and I wrote for the ‘Resurrection’ album, continuing the partnership we started with ‘Temple Of Rock’.

“It is always fascinating to see how others interpret lyrics and bring them to life visually. We also knew that fans would want to see live footage of the lineup; we added some of that too. So once you have watched the video and learned your lines, you can sing along when we come to a town or city near you. ALRIGHT…”

Metallica’s Kirk Hammett Guests On New Michael Schenker Fest Track “Heart And Soul”

Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett and Robin McAuley are both featured on a new Michael Schenker Fest track titled “Heart And Soul.“ That song will appear on the new album “Resurrection,“ which will be released on March 2.

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