Watch Make Them Suffer Perform “Contraband” Live With Spiritbox’s Courtney LaPlante

During their March 21 set at The Forum in Melbourne, Australia, Make Them Suffer were joined onstage by Spiritbox’s Courtney LaPlante for a live performance of “Contraband.” You can see fan-filmed footage of that below:

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Make Them Suffer Announce “Neverbloom” 10th Anniversary Australian Tour

Make Them Suffer will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of “Neverbloom” on a headlining Australian tour. Fit For An Autopsy and Ocean Sleeper will open.

Tour Dates:

05/25 Brisbane, AUS – Princess Theatre
05/26 Newcastle, AUS – Newcastle Hotel
05/28 Sydney, AUS – Metro Theatre
05/31 Canberra, AUS – The Basement
06/01 Melbourne, AUS – 170 Russell
06/03 Adelaide, AUS – Fat Controller
06/04 Perth, AUS – Magnet House
06/10 Darwin, AUS – Terrorloud 2 (Make Them Suffer only)

Vocalist Sean Harmanis commented:

“‘Neverbloom‘ holds a profound significance in our hearts as it embodies the very essence and cornerstone of our musical identity. Despite our departure from its sound over the years, the album remains indispensable in our catalogue, as it continues to this day to inspire our artistic pursuits. We couldn’t be more excited to perform some of these songs for the first and last time live and we can’t wait to see you all there.”

In other news, a newly remastered version of “Neverbloom” is now available in digital outlets. It will also be available on vinyl on September 29.

Make Them Suffer Recruit Alex Reade As New Keyboardist/Vocalist, Premiere “Doomswitch” Music Video

Make Them Suffer have welcomed Alex Reade (ex-Drown This City) to the band as their new keyboardist/vocalist. With this news, the group have also released a new song titled “Doomswitch.” You can find an official video for that track below. The band commented:

“‘Doomswitch‘ is a term coined by online poker players used to describe a hypothesized mechanism by which an online poker site will continually infer bad luck onto a player. Sean related to this term and, at the time, it felt as if a ‘Doomswitch’ had flicked on his life, so we used the concept as the main inspiration for the song. We’ve adopted a new element into our sound along with the inclusion of a new member: Alex. This song marks a new chapter and the next step forward for the band and the sonic shift in ‘Doomswitch‘ really drives that home.”

Booka Nile (Ex-Make Them Suffer) Issues New Statement Regarding Recent Sexual Assault Accusation: “I Categorically Deny The Allegations Made Against Me”

As previously reported, Make Them Suffer keyboardist and vocalist Booka Nile was recently fired from the band after being accused of forcing a man to have sex with her without consent. Now, the musician has issued a new statement denying the allegations.

Nile said the following on her private Instagram account:

“I categorically deny the allegations made against me. I understand that without a statement from the alleged victim this whole incident is hearsay, which is exactly what it is. He does not want any part in this mess due to being vilified publicly by the same person I am now being vilified by too.

I have permission to post a screenshot below from their best friend who was the only person they trusted to share the secret of our affair during the time that we were seeing each other. Whilst it is not proof of my innocence, it does provide necessary context to other carefully selected screenshots that have been used to falsely accuse me.

I completely own that bragging about intercourse in the way that I did using the language I did is not inline with the person I hold myself up to be. I am deeply ashamed of myself for talking like this in an attempt to come across powerful or cool. I have attached the other screenshots from that conversation as some context too. Against, whilst not proof of my innocence, it does provide more context.

The reason that he was checking with me and said ‘should we be doing this’ is because we were doing it behind his best friend’s back, who was an ex-lover of mine and who I was feeling angry and hurt by. He was doing the right thing by me by checking that we were both okay with moving forward.

He and I had a sexual relationship over several months and every time, it was consensual. He has no desire to get caught up in this sordid mess at this stage and wishes to remain out of it and anonymous so therefore he cannot corroborate my story. This is, however, the truth. Right now I am moving forward with my life.

I’ve always worked in the mental health and disability space and I will not let false accusations stop me from continuing to help people. I’ve moved home with my parents and am spending the time improving myself so that I can be a better friend, artist, and carer.

This matter is now in the hands of the authorities and I won’t be making any further comments on the matter.”

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Make Them Suffer Part Ways With Booka Nile Following Sexual Assault Allegation

Make Them Suffer have parted ways with Booka Nile. The vocalist/keyboardist was fired from the band after being accused of sexual assault.

The group commented:

“Booka Nile‘s time as a member of Make Them Suffer has come to an end. Unfortunately we are unable to comment any further on the matter. – Sean, Nick, Jordan & Jaya.”

Nile added:

“It’s been real y’all. I’m excited for the next chapter and to see what adventures come next. Thanks for the memories, Make Them Suffer.”

Nile is accused of forcing a man to have sex with her without consent. Some screenshots from an alleged text conversation were shared in the below tweet:

For her part, Nile said the sex was consensual and that at “no point did he say no”:

“The problem was that the rest of the messages weren’t shared. Omission can change everything. But at no point did he say no. He said should we be doing this because I used to see his best friend but by this stage we were already naked and he was putting on a condom so that point of turning back and doing the right thing by his friend was well and truly past.”

She later added the following on her Instagram story:

“My DMs are overflowing right now with people asking me why I’ve left Make Them Suffer. I know you haven’t been given a proper explanation so I just want to say that I will release a proper statement and explanation over the next week or so. I’m super busy and exhausted from my crazy work life but it’s important to me that those who have supported me so much over the years are given a proper and in-depth explanation of why I’ve left the band. So I promise you all I will explain soon. In the mean time, I’d like to just thank you for the love you are all sending me in the wake of this news. It has warmed my heart and I love you right back.”

Make Them Suffer Premiere Music Video For New Song “Contraband” Featuring Spiritbox’s Courtney LaPlante

Make Them Suffer have premiered a new single titled “Contraband.” This track features Spiritbox’s Courtney LaPlante and an official video for it can be found below:

Make Them Suffer’s Sean Harmanis commented:

“‘Contraband‘ came together centered around one of the riffs in the song that we’d aptly named the ‘floppy fingers’ riff. We’d actually had this [riff] in the bank since way back in 2016. As the song came together, we decided that it was a great opportunity to include Make Them Suffer‘s first-ever guest feature, and we couldn’t have picked anyone better than Courtney! She was a joy to work with and showed such a great enthusiasm toward the song and her parts.”

“Lyrically, the song is about everything and nothing at the same time. It’s about relationships with friends and family. But it’s also a low-key political song, as well as an expression of the frustrations surrounding COVID and its impact on our lives, particularly as members of the music community.

‘Contraband‘ is a build up — the result of two years without musical catharsis.”

Make Them Suffer’s Booka Nile Gets Hitched On “Married At First Sight Australia”

Make Them Suffer’s Booka Nile is one of the brides featured on the new season of “Married At First Sight: Australia,” a reality series in which two people are put into non-binding marriages to see if a lasting relationship will develop. Nile married Brett Helling on the show, which you can check out below:

Make Them Suffer Premiere “Bones” Music Video

Make Them Suffer have premiered a new video for their new song “Bones.” This track is from the band’s new album “How To Survive A Funeral,” which was digitally released today (June 19). Physical copies will be released on July 10. Sean Harmanis said the following about “Bones”:

“‘Bones‘ is a song about sacrifice. It’s about the sacrifices I’ve made and the sacrifices we all make to pursue what we love. Writing the lyrics to this song raised the question of how much I’d be willing to give for this band. How much more could this pursuit take from me?”

Make Them Suffer’s New Album “How To Survive A Funeral” Will Now Be Digitally Released On Friday

Make Them Suffer were previously planning to delay the release of their new album “How To Survive A Funeral” until July 24, but now it looks like fans will get a chance to listen to it sooner than expected. The band have announced that the record will receive a digital release on June 19 and a physical release on July 10.

Make Them Suffer commented:

“Hi friends, We’re excited to announce that our new album ‘How To Survive A Funeral‘ will now be released THIS Friday, on June 19th.

This album is set to be our biggest and best yet, and we’re so excited to show you what we’ve worked so hard on. We wanted to give the record the release plan that we felt it deserves however due to a number of circumstances that are ultimately out of our control, we feel it’s best to get you the music as soon as possible.

While we’re happy the release been pushed forward to a sooner date once again, we realise how confusing the reshuffling of dates might be. In light of this we wanted to offer some transparency.

When Covid-19 hit, there were predictions of extensive manufacturing delays, forcing us to push back release to late July. Though as businesses began to reopen and restrictions loosened, product came in much sooner than initially expected. Though with shipping delays and less air travel, it would still take weeks to reach territories across the globe.

Due to a communication error between distributors and online retailers, some fans who pre-ordered the record have now received their physical copy early. We hope those that who have, are quietly enjoying our new record.

After working with retail partners and our distributors, we’ve pushed up the streaming and digital release date to June 19th, with the physical album available on July 10th. Everyone who pre-ordered a physical album through our webstores will receive a digital download on release day to use immediately. If you’d like to support us immediately, you can pre-order the album direct from our webstore, Bandcamp, iTunes or wherever you digitally purchase music.

We appreciate all your support so far on this album, every stream, every view, every purchase means the world to us. It’s been a tough few months for us all, please take care of yourselves and each other. As the world returns to normal, we look forward to seeing you back out on the road.
– Sean, Booka, Nick, Jaya & Jordan

How To Survive a Funeral
June 19th – digital release date
July 10th – physical release date”

Make Them Suffer Premiere New Song “Soul Decay”

Make Them Suffer have premiered a new song titled “Soul Decay” via Revolver. This track is from the band’s new album “How To Survive A Funeral,” which will be released on July 24. Sean Harmanis commented:

“‘Soul Decay‘ is about watching someone you know fall back into the same bad habits over and over, unaware that they themselves are the root of their own problems. I believe this is a message we all need to hear sometimes. Being able to accept responsibility for our own mistakes keeps us humble.”