Macabre Premiere “The Wheels On The Bug” Video

Macabre have premiered a new video for their song “The Wheels On The Bug.” This track is inspired by Ted Bundy and it appears on the band’s latest album “Carnival Of Killers.” Corporate Death commented:

“In our music, we tell true stories about different killers and you will gather information from our songs. It is like reading a newspaper article about these people but we tell stories via our music. I like to call it creative story telling about very bad people. My mother used to buy me children’s records, from an early age, she saw that I liked to sing along. ‘The Wheels On The Bug’ is based on a song from a record my mother bought for me when I was young. I used to sing that song on the school bus. It must have stuck with me, as all these years later I’m still singing it, only we changed it up and made it more Macabre.”

Macabre Premiere “Your Window Is Open” Video

Macabre have premiered a new video for their new song “Your Window Is Open.” This track is from the band’s new album “Carnival Of Killers,” which will be released on November 13. Corporate Death commented:

“I haven’t done a song about Richard Ramirez for more than twenty-five years, so I thought I would write a new one. He was evil enough to warrant a full concept record as we did with Dahmer, but Carnival Of Killers is all about variety.”

Macabre Premiere New Song “The Lake Of Fire”, Reveal Details For New Album “Carnival Of Killers”

Macabre have premiered a new song titled “The Lake Of Fire.” This track is from the band’s new album “Carnival Of Killers,” which will be released on November 13. Corporate Death commented:

“‘The Lake Of Fire’ is about the hidden bunker that Leonard Lake and Charles Ng had where they tortured and killed young women with tools and filmed it all. Those were two very evil men so I thought the title was fitting!!! I started writing the chorus back in our ‘Grim Scary Tales’ era and finally finished the song all these years later for the new album ‘Carnival Of Killers.’ I hope you like it, I wanted a lot of variety on the new album, this is just a taste.”

“Carnival Of Killers” Track Listing:

01. “Intro”
02. “Your Window Is Open”
03. “Joe Ball Was His Name ”
04. “Stinky”
05. “Abduction”
06. “Tea Cakes”
07. “Them Dry Bones”
08. “Richard Speck Grew Big Breasts”
09. “Slaughter House”
10. “Breaking Point”
11. “The Lake Of Fire”
12. “Warte, Warte”
13. “Now It’s Time To Pay”
14. “The Wheels On The Bug”
15. “Corpse Violator”
16. “The Murder Mack”

Cattle Decapitation’s Travis Ryan Plays Ted Bundy In Macabre’s “The Ted Bundy Song” Video

Macabre have premiered a new video for “The Ted Bundy Song.” That track is from the band’s 1993 album “Sinister Slaughter,” which was recently reissued digitally along with the rest of their catalog. The clip stars Cattle Decapitation frontman Travis Ryan as Ted Bundy and Macabre’s Corporate Death had the following to say about it:

“We are a band that has been around a very long time. Making the entire Macabre catalog available digitally is something new school for us, so to help promote that we decided to do something old school embracing new and make a music video from something deep in our catalog. Going back to 1993, here is ‘The Ted Bundy Song‘ from our Sinister Slaughter album.”

Macabre Sign With Nuclear Blast

Macabre have returned to Nuclear Blast for the first time in two decades. The group’s entire discography is available now and a new album will be released later this year. The band commented:

“It’s been a long time and now it’s time for a blast from the past, we’re back on Nuclear Blast and it’s time to kick some ass.”