YOB, Oathbreaker, Etc. Members Join Forces In Living Gate

Aaron Rieseberg (YOB), Lennart Bossu (Oathbreaker, etc.), Wim Sreppoc (Oathbreaker, etc.), and Levy Seynaeve (Wiegedood, etc.) have launched a new project called Living Gate. The group’s debut EP “Deathlust” will be released in May and a video for the first single “Living Gate” can be found below:

The band commented:

“While touring together, various members of Yob, Wiegedood, Oathbreaker and Amenra found themselves bonding over a common love of death metal bands both classic (morbid angel, suffocation, Death) and contemporary (Tomb Mold, Blood Incantation).

It is in recognition of these shared admirations as well as a mutual respect of each other’s musical chops that LIVING GATE has been founded. Purposefully devoid of over-polished, meticulously edited sounds, Living Gate puts its emphasis upon unrelenting, raw drums which are continuously blanketed by a vomit of menacing riffs and heaving guttural orations.

Make ready your earholes for the debut EP, ‘DeathLust’ out May 2020.”