Korpiklaani Premiere New Song “Krystallomantia”

Korpiklaani have premiered a new song titled “Krystallomantia.” Jonne Järvelä commented:

“I had been working on this song for a while, but when Russia invaded Ukraine, it came natural to write these lyrics and finish the song. We were planning to release it later this year, however when Faine Misto asked us to perform at their festival in Poland as a charity event, it seemed perfect time to release it. The cover artwork, again done by Jan Yrlund, shows the impact and deep sadness we all feel. Peace & Love”

Korpiklaani Premiere “Tuuleton” Video

Korpiklaani have premiered a new video for their new song “Tuuleton.” This track is from the band’s new album “Jylhä,” which was released today (February 5).

The following was said about the song:

“A bird-themed story where Windless is an almost flightless bird. He groans when he flies, but it’s not good to be on the ground either. He mourns his inability to fly like the others and is bitter because he is not accepted by the others just because he’s different. Winter is coming and when the nightly frosts arrive it becomes increasingly difficult to survive in the cold ground.”

Director Markku Kirves also added the following about the video:

“All of the music videos from the album “Jylhä” are made during the Covid-19 pandemic, and I wanted that to show somehow in this last story. Years have passed and the old man now lives in his hut with his grown-up daughter. Age starts to weigh, he feels feeble and dejected. On top of this he has caught some disease from one of his trips, and his time seems to be running out. The disease makes his mind wander, leading him to his deceased wife and her marshy grave, to landscapes already familiar from the “Leväluhta” video. But will it be his time to go …? “

Korpiklaani Premiere “Niemi” Video

Korpiklaani have premiered a new video for their new song “Niemi.” This track is from the band’s new album “Jylhä,” which will be released on February 5.

Frontman Jonne Järvelä commented:

“Niemi was one of the first songs for this album. I had a feeling after ‘Kulkija ‘, that a next album could be the fastest and hardest ever in Korpiklaani’s history. I looked at my Flying V, picked it up and here we are!”

Director Markku Kirves added:

“In this video I just wanted to capture the band’s insane energy on stage. So here’s Korpiklaani with cold & fire, smoke & leather!”

The following was also added about the song:

“Lake Bodom 1960,“ Bloody Pentecost ”. Four youngsters, Irmeli Björklund, Anja Mäki, Seppo Boisman, and Nils Gustafsson were the target of a murderer on their camping trip. The sole survivor was Nils Gustafsson, who was badly injured. The summery triple murder on the lake side shocked the whole of Finland. In the story, the narrator is on a meadow near the lake spending a summer morning, when the surroundings come alive and the narrator hears the call “Come to the end of the cape, terrible things have happened “. Everyone who heard the call quickly heads towards the murder cape. The story is carried by stagnant time and the momentary nature portraits. The murders of Lake Bodom remain unsolved.”

Korpiklaani Premiere “Sanaton Maa” Video

Korpiklaani have premiered a new video for their new song “Sanaton Maa.” This track is from the band’s new album “Jylhä,” which will be released on February 5.

The following was said about the song:

“Folklore tells a story of a young man named Matti plowing a field along a river. When finished, he took the horse to the pen walking past the bathing spot on the river. The men on the other side of the river were making hay and at the same time heard a voice from the water saying “Time has passed but no man has come”. Matti, having not heard the voice, decided to go swimming. Men on the other side told him he shouldn’t because they had heard such a voice. They said a man from the village had drowned in that place a long time ago. Matti replied that he was not going to swim after all, but was at least going to wash his hands and face. He leaned towards the water, had a heart attack and sank into the water. The legend is known at least in Kaukola and Valkeala.”

Accordion player Sami Perttula also commented:

“‘Sanaton Maa’ is meant to be a throwback to the 80’s with a folky twist: I wanted to write a classic sounding mid-tempo hair metal song with a killer chorus that includes all the elements I like to hear in a good song. While listening to this I can travel back in time on the back seat of an old Honda Accord that was cosmetically fixed with way too much putty and barely worked….on the other hand that didn’t matter because it was also tuned with woofers more expensive than the car. Happy ending!”

Singer Jonne Järvelä continued:

“All I needed to do after that was add fuzzy dice to it!”

Video director Markku Kirves added:

“‘Sanaton Maa’ is the third Korpiklaani video with the same main character and this time I wanted to tell something about his profession. In this video we see a blacksmith with his young apprentice, to whom he is now passing his knowledge. On the way to the smith, the boy sees something stunning under the water. As a warning, man decides to tell him an old legend about what happened at the same spot a long time ago. But does our apprentice really listen…?”

Korpiklaani Premiere “Mylly” Video

Korpiklaani have premiered a new video for their new song “Mylly.” This track is from the band’s new album “Jylhä,” which will be released on February 5.

The group said the following about the song:

“‘Mylly’ (engl. ‘Mill’) was influenced by the story of a working man’s journey to a mill, causing him to cross paths with what seems to be the devil: Finnish folklore tells the story of a man’s journey to the mill. Along the way, he sees a figure sitting on a fence, a ‘devil’ with a hoof as one foot. The man is frightened at what he sees and freezes in place. The character disappears and the man remembers hearing the story of the devil living in the mill. Eventually, the man continues his journey and overcomes his fears. At the mill, he feels he is finally equal to the past and the present. Fences rot, fall, but the spirit and stories remain, over generations and over ages. The video tells us about our character’s journey to the mill with the last of his grains. ‘Devil’ is the deceiver, who is tempting the man to give up his grains by appealing to his weaknesses.”

Jonne Järvelä added:

“‘Mylly’ started taking shape when our ex-accordion player Juho Kauppinen told me he had some song ideas that might fit Korpiklaani. The main riff caught my ear immediately, so I was happy to start working on the track. After just a couple of days the song was ready, and Tuomas Keskimäki wrote the lyrics right away as well.

The video saga that started with ‘Leväluhta’ will continue, with actor Yrjänä Ermala returning to the main role. Ermala’s looks (and name!) might give you the impression that he’s a mean version of Mörkö Perkele, but the man’s heart is pure gold. Yrjänä is not only an actor, but also a luthier of traditional instruments, a blacksmith etc… is there anything he can’t do?!

Also acting in the video are my 10-year-old daughter Tinja Järvelä (who was featured in our ‘Henkselipoika’ video a couple of years ago) and actor/musician Toni Koskipuro, who nailed the role of the cunning devil!”

Korpiklaani Premiere “Leväluhta” Music Video, Reveal Details For New Album “Jylhä”

Korpiklaani have premiered a new video for their new song “Leväluhta.” This track is from the band’s new album “Jylhä,” which will be released on February 5.

“Jylhä” Track Listing:

01. “Verikoira”
02. “Niemi”
03. “Leväluhta”
04. “Mylly”
05. “Tuuleton”
06. “Sanaton Maa”
07. “Kiuru”
08. “Miero”
09. “Pohja”
10. “Huolettomat”
11. “Anolan Aukeat”
12. “Pidot”
13. “Juuret”

Korpiklaani Premiere “Sudenmorsian” Lyric Video

Korpiklaani have released a cover of Powerwolf’s “Where The Wild Wolves Have Gone.” Korpiklaani’s version of the track is titled “Sudenmorsian” and a lyric video for it can be found below.

Korpiklaani commented:

“Sudenmorsian (The Wolf’s Bride) tells the story of loneliness and lycanthropy. At the beginning, a man walks with his bride, they are inseparable, but when the summer’s nightless night steps aside and darkness comes, man runs as a wolf for the first time. He knows if he gives all of himself to nature and lives as a wolf, he has to live alone.

When we were asked by Powerwolf to do a cover of one of their songs, we immediately agreed and wanted to do something a little different and special. Once again Tuomas Keskimäki did his magic and adapted the lyrics into Finnish and made a fitting powerful tale. Of all the covers we have done over the years, this is the one we are really proud of and we hope everyone enjoys this as much as we do.”

Korpiklaani Share Lyric Video For “Beer Kill Kill” Feat. Steve “Zetro” Souza (Exodus)

Korpiklaani have shared a new version of “Beer Beer” called “Beer Kill Kill.” This track features Exodus vocalist Steve “Zetro” Souza and a lyric video for it can be found below. Souza commented:

“I was very excited, thrilled and honored to be asked and cannot wait to play this live with them! Trash ‘Beer Beer,’ time for ‘Kill Kill,’ Exodus style.”

Korpiklaani Premiere “Jägermeister” Music Video

Korpiklaani have premiered a new video for their new song “Jägermeister.” You can check that out below:

Frontman Jonne Järvelä commented:

“As our recent North American tour began, we were discussing making a new video and Jyrki (The 69 Eyes) recommended Vicente, and he was a perfect fit. At the time we did not even know what song to use and then we remembered we never released ‘Jägermeister’, as this was recorded during the Manala sessions. We contacted Vicente and found out that he had free time the day we had our last show in New York. He flew out to NY, met us at the PlayStation Theater and then filmed around Times Square, backstage and during the show. Now it is time for your favourite medicine, perfect to warm up the cold winter days and get you in that party mood! Come and drink with us!”

In other news, Korpiklaani also have the following dates booked:

12/13 – St. Petersburg, Russia – Aurora Concert Hall (with Trollfest)
12/14 – Moscow, Russia – Red (with Trollfest)
02/29 – Osaka, Japan – Umeda amHALL (with Skyclad and Skiltron)
03/01 – Tokyo, Japan – Shibuya Stream Hall (with Skyclad and Skiltron)
03/06 – Lahti, Finland – Möysän Musaklubi
03/07 – Lievestuore, Finland – Laukaanhovi
03/13 – Manchester, UK – Rebellion (with Burning Witches)
03/14 – Liverpool, UK – O2 Academy 2 (with Burning Witches)
03/15 – Sheffield, UK – Corporation (with Burning Witches)
03/17 – Bristol, UK – Thekla (with Burning Witches)
03/18 – Southampton, UK – The 1865 (with Burning Witches)
03/19 – Birmingham, UK – Asylum (with Burning Witches)
03/20 – Glasgow, UK – The Classic Grand (with Burning Witches)
03/21 – Pwllheli, UK – Hammerfest
03/26 – Bratislava, Slovakia – Ateliér Babylon (with Arzén)
03/27 – Trenčín, Slovakia – Piano club (with Arzén)
03/28 – Ružomberok, Slovakia – Kultúrny dom Andreja Hlinku (with Arzén)
03/29 – Košice, Slovakia – Colloseum Club (with Arzén)
04/03 – Inari, Finland – Papana
04/04 – Kempele, Finland – ZRock
06/12 – Zamora, Spain – Z! Live Rock Fest
06/18 – Nummijärvi, Finland – Nummirock
08/28 – Crispendorf, Germany – Wolfszeit Festival
09/06 – Selb, Germany – Festival Mediaval

Eluveitie & Korpiklaani Announce Co-Headlining North American Tour

Eluveitie and Korpiklaani have announced a co-headlining North American tour. Gone In April will serve as support.

Eluveitie’s Chrigel Glanzmann commented:

“Hard to find words here and to express our excitement. First of all it’s been incredibly long this tour is overdue! We cannot wait to finally come back to North America! Secondly, we have our brand new album Ategnatos under our belts, plus we’ve finally released the much-anticipated second part of our purely acoustic Evocation cycle since we’ve been to North America the last time. And so we cannot wait to share all the new songs with you! And last but not least it feels simply great to once again tour with our very dear friends and fellow road warriors of Korpiklaani! Long story short: We’re super excited and very much looking forward to soon tour in the USA and Canada again! See you all soon!”

Korpiklaani’s Jonne Järvelä added:

“We are very much looking forward to the second North American leg of our Kulkija world tour. This time it will be a co-headlining tour with the Switzerland’s own Eluveitie. First half of the North American tour at the end of the last year was a great success, so it is only natural that we will return there this soon. This will be our seventh North American tour, and we’ve played over 1,000 shows around the world since 2003. Yet this still feels like we’ve only begun and have just now got the wheels properly rolling. However, before North America we still have a tour in Australia and New Zealand in May and of course a busy summer raising our pints around the various festivals in Europe.”

Tour Dates:

09/19 Tampa, FL – The Orpheum
09/20 Atlanta, GA – The Masquerade
09/21 New Orleans, LA – House of Blues
09/22 Houston, TX – White Oak Music Hall
09/23 Austin, TX – Come And Take It Live!
09/24 Dallas, TX – Gas Monkey Bar & Grill
09/26 Mesa, TX – Club Red
09/27 Los Angeles, CA – The Regent
09/28 Oakland, CA – Metro
09/29 Portland, OR – Bossanova Ballroom
09/30 Vancouver, BC – Rickshaw Theater
10/01 Seattle, WA – El Corazon
10/03 Denver, CO – Summit Music Hall
10/04 Lincoln, NE – Royal Grove
10/05 Minneapolis, MN – Cabooze
10/06 Chicago, IL – Concord Music Hall
10/07 Toronto, ON – The Opera House
10/08 Ottawa, ON – Brass Monkey
10/09 Montreal, QC – Corona Theatre
10/10 Quebec City, QC – Imperial Bell
10/11 Worcester, MA – The Palladium
10/12 Reading, PA – Reverb
10/13 Baltimore, MD – Baltimore Soundstage
10/14 New York, NY – PlayStation Theatre