Killswitch Engage Sign With Metal Blade Records

Killswitch Engage have signed a new deal with Metal Blade Records. The label will handle releases in North America, while Columbia/Sony Music will handle other territories. The band’s new album will be released in 2019. It probably would have surfaced this year, but the group were delayed by Jesse Leach’s vocal surgery.

Metal Blade‘s CEO/founder Brian Slagel said the following:

“I have been a huge fan and friend of Killswitch for a long time, so it is truly an honor to be able to work with them. So happy to welcome them to the Metal Blade family.”

Leach added:

“I’m beyond stoked to sign with the legendary Metal Blade Records and Columbia/Sony Music. It’s clear they truly understand and believe in what we do as a band, and we’re psyched to have them on our side. It’s an exciting new chapter for KsE and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

Adam Dutkiewicz continued:

“I’m very excited to say that Killswitch Engage will be joining forces with Metal Blade Records and Columbia/Sony Music! Super stoked to join the ranks with a long list of many epic metal acts, as well as a team of excellent human beings who truly have a genuine love for metal music. Here’s to an awesome future with awesome labels!”


Killswitch Engage Signing New Record Deal

It looks like Killswitch Engage are in the process of signing a new record deal for their upcoming album. Bassist Mike D’Antonio confirmed the news to Kaaos, and also had the following to say about their current progress:

“Unfortunately, Jesse‘s throat surgery put a little cramp in the production of the record. As of now, we have 22 songs, so we’re gonna pick the best ones. But it’s good to have more than less and then have to play make-up later. But drums are done, bass is done, most of the guitars are done, vocals not so much. So as soon as we get those done, this record will be out.”

He also added the following when asked about release plans:

“We were really hoping to get something out by this tour [their European run with Iron Maiden] or at least have this tour be the build-up to the record — maybe release it afterwards — but it just didn’t work out that way. We are in the middle of a new record deal. I can’t announce yet, but that is happening at the moment. And I hope it’ll be out before next year, but I can’t really promise. We’re just gonna take it slow and make sure Jesse‘s happy and records appropriately.”

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Parkway Drive, Killswitch Engage, & Thy Art Is Murder Announce Australian Tour

Parkway Drive, Killswitch Engage, and Thy Art Is Murder have announced an Australian tour. Here’s the dates:

10/25 Canberra, AUS – UC Refectory
10/26 Sydney, AUS – Hordern Pavilion
10/27 Newcastle, AUS – Nex
10/28 Brisbane, AUS – Riverstage
11/02 Melbourne, AUS – Margaret Court Arena
11/03 Adelaide, AUS – Entertainment Centre
11/06 Perth, AUS – HBF Stadium

Killswitch Engage’s Jesse Leach Says His Vocal Cord Surgery Went Well

As previously reported, Killswitch Engage’s Jesse Leach was set to undergo vocal surgery to remove a polyp today (April 30), and now he has offered an update on the procedure. According to him, it all “went well.”

Killswitch Engage Cancel Upcoming Shows So Jesse Leach Can Undergo Vocal Cord Surgery

Killswitch Engage have cancelled their immediate live dates. This news comes as frontman Jesse Leach is set to undergo vocal surgery on April 30 to remove a polyp.

Leach commented:

“Monday afternoon my vocal surgery will take place. It’s been a rough couple of weeks for me mentally. After being completely silent for over a week, having massive amounts of prednisone and spending time in doctors offices … it’s official I have to go under the knife. I’ve over used my voice to the point where I’ve developed a polyp that will not just go away, it needs to be removed.

I’m very grateful to Dr. Scott Kessler and Dr. Woo Peak for all of their wisdom and care. I’m also grateful to my Managers for being incredible support when I was loosing my damn mind over this. Thankful for my brothers in Killswitch for understanding and having my back. I’m looking forward to spending time with Melissa Cross after my recovery and learning to rebuild my technique and ensure this doesn’t happen ever again.

I’m so grateful to everyone who’s sent me love and support. I’ve been assured this type of surgery happens quite a lot in the world of entertainment and the recovery time is much quicker than it was years ago. Lastly my apologies to all the fans who bought tickets, we will make it up to you! Thank you for understanding and all the love and support you’ve given me and the music I’m blessed to be able to make.

I’m making the most of my last few days of talking by spending time with people I love. It’s going to be a quiet and contemplative few weeks for sure but it’s all part of my journey. I will keep you all posted come surgery day and my rehabilitation process. Hell maybe I can even get footage of the surgery itself to post up?!

We’ll see…so yeah now you know. Here’s to a successful procedure and a quick recovery. ❤🤘🏼 #JesseLeach #Polyp #Voice #killswitchengage #Surgery #OverUse #Vocalist #StayPositive #Metal #Hardcore #Punk #PunkRockMetalHead”

The band also commented:

“We unfortunately have some unpleasant news to share. Killswitch Engage have to cancel their upcoming tour from April-26 thru May-05. Earlier today we found out Jesse needs to have surgery to repair an issue with his vocal chords. He is expected to make a full recovery and be fine for any future touring, but to avoid any future risk we unfortunately have to pull off these dates now.

Our intention is to postpone the headline shows in Sayreville, Louisville, Cleveland & Poughkeepsie and get back to our fans as soon as possible. New dates for those cities will be announced soon, so please hold onto your tickets.

In the meantime our friends in Hatebreed, Candiria and The Word Alive still plan on continuing forward with these shows. Show them your support.

Below are all the shows impacted by this. Tickets will be available for refund at your original price of purchase for the headline shows as noted below***

Cancelled Dates
4/26 Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom***
4/28 Jacksonville, FL @ Welcome To Rockville Fest
4/29 Ft. Lauderdale, FL @ Fort Rock Fest
5/01 Louisville, KY @ Mercury Ballroom***
5/02 Cleveland, OH @ Agora Theatre***
5/03 Poughkeepsie, NY @ The Chance***
5/05 Mexico City, MEX @ Hell and Heaven Fest

Thanks for your endless support and understanding. We’ll be doing all we can to get back to these places to see you all again soon.


Killswitch Engage Joined In The Studio By Ex-Vocalist Howard Jones

Killswitch Engage’s Jesse Leach and Adam Dutkiewicz have been in the studio recording vocals for the band’s new album, and during today’s (April 12) sessions, they were joined by the group’s former vocalist Howard Jones (Light The Torch). The following posts were shared, confirming that Leach and Jones recorded a new duet together:

Because yah all loosin yah damn minds over my last post (we are stoked too the song is bad ass)! So here’s me lip syncing to Howard as he sings live (happening in the room behind me with the door open) at the studio today. Can you say uh HUGE voice! Straight up “black molasses” ha ha… it was such a great day talking mental Health with Hojo. A ton of laughs, stories and comradery! The song is about keeping hope in dark times and helping out those in need. The lyrics were written shortly after Howard’s band @lightthetorchband had announced the new direction and new name. The song was written even before we all hung out a few months back. This song was in fact written with Howard in mind and our connection through our similar mental illnesses. I mean now that I’ve hung with this guy a few times, it’s “crazy” (pun intended) how similar we are. We are brothers in Metal, anxiety, Hardcore music, love of medicinal marijuana and fighting depression. I had such a fun time listening to Adam bust Howard’s balls like he does mine. We both have that “Hardcore kid” push when it comes to vocals and the sharp pitch is our excited “go to” when singing (although his big vibrato truly makes it sound all good tho! We may be very different sounding voices but in truth we are similar in many ways in our minds. Today was epic, it was HUGE for the legacy of Killswitch, it was fun and it felt like what we were doing was important. I plan on using this song to help continue to raise awareness for mental health and suicide prevention. Both Howard and I have a very strong outspoken stance on the subject and I will use this to help with the cause! @hopefortheday I’m looking at you, we will talk soon! Strength in Unity! Nothing but support and love for “Light The Torch!” Today was a good day! OH and if you haven’t BUY the new “Light The Torch” already! @killswitchengage @lightthetorchband #Duet #killswitchengage #kserecordingsessions #LightTheTorch #JesseLeach #HowardJones #Anxiety #Depression #MentalHealth #HonorTheLegacy #mentalhealthawareness #ItsOkNotToBeOk #SignalFire #Hope #SuicidePrevention #MedicalMarijuana #MarijuanaIsAMedicine #LegalizeIt #Metal #Hardcore

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