Pearl Jam’s Jeff Ament Releases New EP “American Death Squad”

Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament has released a new solo EP titled “American Death Squad.” The effort is available in digital outlets now and it can also be pre-ordered on vinyl. Ament commented:

“In the days following the postponement of our tour, I found it necessary to find an outlet for the energy we had created going into the tour. Pivot was the word of March. So, every morning, I retreated to the studio with the goal of writing a song every day, no matter how shite. Days of isolating and watching the news of the destruction courtesy the virus (and the ineptitude of our leadership or as named here, the American Death Squad) made for vivid dreams and a helplessness. These were some of the first songs out of the gate. Raw and succinct.”

Pearl Jam’s Jeff Ament Premieres “Safe In The Car” Video

Pearl Jam’s Jeff Ament has shared a new video for “Safe In The Car” off his new solo album “Heaven/Hell” (out May 10). This track features Ament’s Pearl Jam bandmates Matt Cameron (drums) and Mike McCready (guitar), as well as Angel Olsen on additional vocals, and Brianna Atwell, Jordan Voelker, April Cameron and Alex Ho on strings. Ament told Rolling Stone the following about the clip:

“I was seeing Cormac McCarthy’s ‘The Road’ — you’re driving to the coast and you’re trying to get away from the nuclear winter and you have your dogs in the car and you’re just trying to escape this horrible apocalypse that just happened. [The directors] asked me what I wanted [the video] to look like and the first thing that came to mind was grindhouse. I always loved the super high-contrast, dark look of that. It’s the world coming to an end and trying to have a sense of humor about it.”

“Heaven/Hell” Track Listing:

01. “The Noise The Noise”
02. “The Door”
03. “Safe In The Car”
04. “Hyperphagia”
05. “Drugs”
06. “Moment Of Impact”
07. “The Voices”
08. “Somewhere”
09. “Are You Truing?”
10. “Choose Your Color”
11. “Only One”