Green Jellÿ To Release New Album “Garbage Band Kids” In June, Stream New Song “Punk Rock Pope”

Green Jellÿ will be releasing a new album titled “Garbage Band Kids” on June 11. The effort will feature various guests including “Weird Al” Yankovic and members of Suicidal Tendencies, Kittie, Fishbone, The Dwarves, Piledriver, Hacksaw Jim Duggin, and more. The band also got some help from their fans as well. Notably, the album cover features visual representations of each song that were designed by one of the creators of Garbage Pail Kids trading cards. It will also be able to “come to life” through the augmented reality app Artvive. The effort’s first single, “Punk Rock Pope,” can be found below:

“Garbage Band Kids” Track Listing:

01. “Pukebox”
02. “Silence Of The Squarepants”
03. “Punk Rock Pope”
04. “Fuxk It”
05. “Boy Who Cried Wolf”
06. “Drinking Song”
07. “Back Alley Dentist”
08. “Champion”
09. “333”
10. “Hey Hey Hey”
11. “Beat My Meat”
12. “Weirdo” [CD only]
13. “Freetoe Feet” [CD only]
14. “Ballad Of Green Jellÿ” [CD only]
15. “Three Little Pigs”
16. “Mægnus Ærena”
17. “Holyman Back” [CD only]