Genghis Tron Premiere “Pyrocene” Video

Genghis Tron have premiered a new video for their new song “Pyrocene.” This track is from the band’s new album “Dream Weapon,” which will be released on March 26. Guitarist Hamilton Jordan commented:

“‘Pyrocene‘ was the first song we finished for ‘Dream Weapon‘. It all started with a single drumbeat that I wrote during an extended stay in the Arizona desert. I gave that beat to Michael, and within a few weeks he built an entire sinister, pulsating world around it. We knew, well before finishing the album, that this had to be the opening song on the record.”

Genghis Tron Premiere New Song “Ritual Circle”

Genghis Tron have premiered a new song titled “Ritual Circle.” This track is from the band’s new album “Dream Weapon,” which will be released on March 26. Guitarist Hamilton Jordan commented:

“When writing and recording this album, one of our aims was to create a deep sonic world the listener can really get lost in. ‘Ritual Circle‘ embodies that for me—it still takes me to another place whenever I listen. Find some headphones, turn it up, and zone out!”

Genghis Tron Premiere “Dream Weapon” Video

Genghis Tron have premiered a new video for their new single “Dream Weapon.” This song is the title track of the band’s new album, which will be released on March 26. As previously reported, the group’s current lineup features guitarist Hamilton Jordan, keyboardist/programmer Michael Sochynsky, vocalist Tony Wolski, and drummer Nick Yacyshyn.

“Dream Weapon” Track Listing:

01. “Exit Perfect Mind”
02. “Pyrocene”
03. “Dream Weapon”
04. “Desert Stairs”
05. “Alone In The Heart Of The Light”
06. “Ritual Circle”
07. “Single Black Point”
08. “Great Mother”

Jordan said the following about the new record:

“That album’s closing track, ‘Relief,’ was about how humans have become a burden to the planet, and how Earth will endure long after we’re gone. There is sadness at the end, but some relief—and beauty—too. ‘Dream Weapon‘ is, loosely, an album-length meditation on that theme.”

“Though it sounds a bit different than our previous albums, I don’t think we approached ‘Dream Weapon‘ any differently than the others. Michael and I take years to write and trade demos, with about 80% of our ideas landing on the cutting-room floor. Once we have a rough song idea we both like, we write dozens of drafts of a song over months before we end up with a final demo.”

Sochynsky added:

“I think one difference in our approach for this album was that we had a strong sense from the outset of what kind of vibe we wanted to create. Something more cohesive, meditative and hypnotic.”

Genghis Tron Tease New Music

Genghis Tron have shared some snippets of the new material that they have been working on for their new album. You can check those out below. The record will be the group’s first with vocalist Tony Wolski and drummer Nick Yacyshyn (SUMAC).

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Genghis Tron Return With New Lineup, Working On New Album

Genghis Tron have officially returned and are currently working on a new album at GodCity Studio in Salem, MA with Converge‘s Kurt Ballou. With this news, the band have also confirmed that they have parted ways with vocalist Mookie Singerman. He has since been replaced by Tony Wolski (The Armed). Furthermore, Nick Yacyshyn (SUMAC, Baptists) has now joined the group as their new drummer. Keyboardist/programmer Michael Sochynsky commented:

“We said it was just a hiatus and we meant it! It’s been incredible writing music again and hearing everything come together in the studio. This is the album we’ve always wanted to write. We can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on.”

Genghis Tron To Reissue “Dead Mountain Mouth” & “Board Up The House” On Vinyl

Genghis Tron’s “Dead Mountain Mouth” and “Board Up The House” will be receiving new vinyl pressings on July 31. Pre-orders are available HERE. On another note, the band also mentioned that they will be making another announcement this summer. This news comes after the group seemingly teased that new music was in the works.

Genghis Tron Appear To Be Teasing A Reunion

It looks like Genghis Tron are teasing a reunion. The band, who have been inactive since 2010, shared the below photo, which seems to suggest that they may be working on new music: