Adema Announce U.S. Tour With Flaw

Adema have announced a U.S. tour with Flaw. That trek will take place in September.

Tour Dates:

09/01 Colorado Springs, CO – Black Sheep
09/03 Clarksville, TN – The Warehouse
09/04 Huntsville, AL – Shagnastys
09/05 Bristol, TN – 423 Social
09/06 Virginia Beach, VA – Scandles
09/08 Pittsburgh, PA – Crafthouse
09/09 Clifton, NJ – Dingbatz
09/10 Winchester, VA – Blue Fox
09/11 Providence, RI – Fete Music Hall
09/12 Laconia, NH – Granite State Music Hall
09/15 Westland, MI – Token Lounge
09/16 Lombard. IL – Afterlife Music Hall
09/17 Fort Wayne, IN – Rockstar Lounge
09/18 Bradley, IL – Looney Bin
09/19 Pekin, IL – Twisted Spoke Saloon
09/20 Quincy, IL – On The Rail
09/22 Oklahoma City, OK – Whiskey Nights
09/23 Belton, TX – Pit Stop
09/24 San Antonio, TX – Anthem
09/25 Houston, TX – Rooftop Lounge
09/26 Ft. Worth, TX – Rail Club Live
09/28 Parker, CO – Wild Goose Event Center
09/29 Salt Lake City, UT – Liquid Joe’s
09/30 Reno, NV – The Alpine

Noble Steed Music Cut Ties With Flaw Frontman Chris Volz Following Usage Of Racial Slur Onstage

Noble Steed Music have announced that they will be halting distribution on Christopher Volz‘s solo album “Redemption” and two Five.Bolt.Main albums. This news comes after the Flaw frontman recently issued an apology after using the n-word onstage. Noble Steed Music’s Jason Spiewak commented:

“We will be ceasing distribution of these titles effective ASAP, as we do not support racism of any kind. We fully denounce racist speech and are taking action. Further, we will be donating our portion of Volz’s recent label proceeds to the NAACP.”

[via The PRP]

Flaw’s Christopher Volz Issues Apology After Using The N-Word Onstage

As previously reported, Flaw’s Christopher Volz recently made headlines after dropping the n-word onstage during the band’s March 12 show at the WC Social Club in Chicago, IL. Now, the frontman has taken to social media to issue an apology for using the slur.

Volz said the following:

“Hey Flaw Family, I need to address the recent video and backlash that surfaced this weekend. I made a huge mistake and in the heat of my anger I used an unacceptable group of words towards another white person. I in no way meant it to be a racial thing and it is being construed on social media as if I made a statement about my beliefs and that is simply not true.

Anyone who knows me knows that I have always been an advocate for equality and even wrote a song called ‘Bleed Red‘ 5 years ago that was all about ending racism (link below). Flaw has always had all genders and races on our team, from managers to agents to labels to road crew and we always will.

I have worked so hard for the past 25 years to build my career and I don’t want something like this to ruin it for anyone. I take responsibility for my actions, apologize for my melt down and hope that you can all forgive me.”

Flaw’s Christopher Volz Uses Racial Slur Onstage, Rants About Cancel Culture On Social Media

During Flaw’s March 12 show at the WC Social Club in Chicago, IL, Christopher Volz dropped the n-word onstage. The frontman used the racial slur after taking issue with the stage monitor mix. MetalSucks shared footage of that:

Volz said the following in the clip:

“There’s three of you N****s sitting right there [pointing]. I’d like one of you to come up here. You’re all white, so that’s not racist.

One of you guys need to come up here. I want one of you to come up here and hear these center wedges before we finish, just so you know what I actually went through tonight and how badass it is that I actually had no wedges.

Hey! I’m not fuckin’ around! One of you motherfuckers comes up on stage and listens to these wedges before we finish, otherwise you’re all getting rolled.”

Volz has since taken to social media to rant about cancel culture as well:

“Always remember… We are not descendants of fearful people. We are a nation of immigrants who have been given the gift of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This does not mean you don’t have to work for it, or can mooch off of someone else’s hard work and decades of blood, sweat, and tears just to suit your greed and cater to your feelings.

We are blessed with freedom of speech and expression, but this does not mean you can use that same freedom of speech and expression to try to oppress someone else’s or something you do not agree with. That in itself is in direct violation of the God given rights that have been sacrificed for and gifted to us. It’s also a direct double negative.

Cancel culture can not, and will not, abuse the very fundamental rights they are trying to extinguish by using the exact same rights they are objecting to while trying to cancel them. You just canceled yourself, by-proxy. That is simply wrong and won’t be tolerated. There is no color, there is no race, we are all human beings trying to survive on a rock spinning around a huge ball of fire.

We are all citizens of an amazing country. WE ALL BLEED RED. Grow some skin, if something offends you move the fuck on, stop expecting things you don’t work for, earn your keep, contribute to public service in some way, and stop trying to destroy the most amazing nation that has ever existed.

Facts may cause feelings…but feelings aren’t facts, they are your own interpretation of reality and it’s not your place to force your reality on anyone else. We have a list of personal rights that were established centuries ago.

Some may not know this but, America, our Constitutional Republic with a democratic voting system, and Capitalism as a whole… is an experiment. It is written in the oldest manuscripts we have and it was the only answer to truly separate from a ruling Monarchy…

We can and will lose it if we do not protect, fight, and stand up for it. None of us are more important than that. God bless you all!”

Dates Revealed For Saliva, Powerman 5000, Adema, Etc. Tour

The dates have officially been revealed for the “Nu-Metal Revival” tour. That run will feature: Saliva, Powerman 5000, Adema, Flaw, and Andrew W Boss.

Tour Dates:

06/25 Indianapolis, IN – The Vogue
06/26 Detroit, MI – Harpos
06/27 Heath, OH – Muddy Creek Saloon
06/28 West Chicago, IL – WC Social
07/02 Lincoln, NE – The Royal Grove
07/03 Sioux City, IA – Hard Rock Casino
07/08 San Antonio, TX – Rock Box
07/09 Dallas, TX – Trees
07/10 Houston, TX – Scout Bar
07/11 Tulsa, OK – IDL Ballroom
07/14 Reading, PA – Reverb
07/16 New Bedford, MA – The Vault
07/17 Sayreville, NJ – Starland Ballroom
07/18 Poland, NY – Maximum Power Park
07/19 Worcester, MA – The Palladium
07/21 Buffalo, NY – The Showplace Theater
07/22 Warrendale, PA – Jergels
07/23 Charleston, WV – Rock City
07/24 Big Flats, NY – Tags Summer Stage
07/25 Lenox, MA – Berkshirestock Fest
07/26 Laconia, NH – Granite State Music Hall

Flaw & Gabriel And The Apocalypse Announce Early 2020 Tour

Flaw and Gabriel And The Apocalypse have announced an early 2020 tour. Jump The Fall and 14 North will open on select dates.

Tour Dates:

02/12 Rockford, IL – The District (with Jump The Fall)
02/13 Bradley, IL – Looney Bin (with Jump The Fall)
02/14 Janesville, WI – The Backbar (with Jump The Fall)
02/15 Akron, OH – Empire Concert Club (with Jump The Fall)
02/16 Toledo, OH – Civic Music Hall (with Jump The Fall)
02/18 Harrisburg, PA – HMAC (with Jump The Fall)
02/19 Syracuse, NY – Westcott Theater (with Jump The Fall)
02/20 Scranton, PA – Stage West (with Jump The Fall)
02/21 Providence, RI – Fete Music Hall (with Jump The Fall)
02/22 Hartford, CT – Webster Underground (with Jump The Fall)
02/23 Clitfon, NJ – Dingbatz (with Jump The Fall)
02/25 Amityville, NY – Revolution Music Hall (with 14 North)
02/26 Philadelphia, PA – Milkboy (with 14 North)
02/27 Chesapeake, VA – Riffhouse Pub (with 14 North)
02/28 Baltimore, MD – Angel’s Rock Bar (with 14 North)
02/29 Pipestem, WV – Pipestem Event Center (with 14 North)
03/01 Charlotte, NC – Amos Southen (with 14 North)
03/03 Knoxville, TN – The Concourse (with 14 North)
03/05 Tallahassee, FL – The Warrior (with 14 North)
03/06 Tampa, FL – Brass Mug (with 14 North)
03/07 Sanford, FL – West End Trading Center (with 14 North)
03/08 Jacksonville, FL – Nighthawks (with 14 North)
03/10 New Orleans, LA – Southport Hall
03/12 Burlington, IA – The Washington
03/13 Minneapolis, MN – Skyway Theater
03/14 Des Moines, IA – Lefty’s Live Music

Tommy Gibbons (Ex-Flaw): “I’ve Decided To Completely Step Away From Music”

As previously reported, Flaw recently parted ways with guitarist/bassist Tommy Gibbons after he took the blame for the plagiarism allegations against the band. Now, Gibbons has issued a new statement saying he has “decided to completely step away from music.”

Gibbons said the following:

“Hey guys it’s been awhile and I’m just gonna get right to the point. I’ve decided to completely step away from music. I have no regrets and I’ve had an amazing and I mean amazing time!

Now it’s time for the next chapter of my life. Gonna focus on my son, enjoy the Holidays with my family and maybe even try to dabble in the family business. Who knows?

That’s the best part of life. Sometimes you just need to press restart. To all those who truly supported me I say thank you and I love you all.”

In related news, Flaw have since cancelled their remaining 2019 dates. The band are currently working on new music and are trying to rebuild their lineup. Chris Volz said the following about that:

“Hey Flaw Family, just wanted to give everyone a heads up about our recent progress and plans for the future. We had 5 concerts left to perform this year that we are postponing and re-scheduling for next year-2020 (all pre-sale tix will be honored)….

We are taking the rest of the year off to get the crew back to where it should be and finish a new album. We feel that focusing on finding a solid bass player and re-adding a 2nd guitarist is at the top of our priority list right now. We have received dozens of video auditions for the open bass position but are still accepting submissions for both bass and 2nd guitar (email videos to:

We have also been working on some amazing brand new material and hope to have another album ready to go in the 1st quarter of next year! Sending much love and respect to you all and hope you have an amazing Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas with your families! You better believe we’re coming back stronger than ever! See you all early next year!
OTSS!!! 🤘😎🤘”

[via The PRP]

Flaw Part Ways With Tommy Gibbons

Flaw have officially parted ways with guitarist/bassist Tommy Gibbons. This news comes after he recently took the blame for the plagiarism allegations against the band.

Chris Volz commented:

“Flaw Family:

-It is with a heavy heart I have to announce that we have parted ways with guitarist/bassist Tommy Gibbons. I know most of you have seen the bad press over the past few weeks and know the situation I have been put in, I really had no choice but to let him go. I can not and will not tolerate unauthorized use of any artists material whatsoever, no matter the excuse.

The integrity of Flaw and every project I have ever worked on is extremely important, and I can not accept any form of plagiarism or misuse of other people’s material. I have worked too hard and sacrificed too much for the past 20 years to let anyone ruin that. Flaw will persevere through this and we will come out stronger in the end.

We wish Tommy the best in his future endeavors and hope he has learned a valuable lesson from all of this. He’s not a bad guy and is an amazing string player so I hope he can realize the severity of his actions, correct this behavior, make it right with all parties involved, and move on. I can not in good conscience continue to work with him or have him as a representative of the Flaw crew.

That being said, we are currently accepting video auditions for a new bassist, please send video of live performance play-a-long to our songs ‘Payback‘ and ‘Whole‘ to: (my name without the ‘i’) and we will get back to you for a full physical audition. Thank you all for your understanding during this difficult time and we can’t wait to see you all soon on the next tour!”

Flaw’s Tommy Gibbons On Plagiarism Allegations: “I Take Full And All Responsibility For The Accusations And Bad Press”

As previously reported, Flaw have been facing multiple allegations of plagiarism due to a number of songs from their latest album, “Vol. IV Because Of The Brave,” containing music taken from various YouTubers. Tommy Gibbons has since issued a statement taking blame for the situation and claiming that he basically forgot which tracks were his and which ones he took inspiration from.

This whole mess started after YouTuber Douglas Patrick accused the group of using his “music melody and structure” from “KoЯn style_Nu Metal/Rap Metal/Beat Instrumental 14” on their song “Wake Up.“ Chris Volz then responded to the situation saying that he was unaware about the plagiarized riffs and that he “made an offer to compensate [Patrick] for his work.” However, another report ended up surfacing saying that the band allegedly plagiarized another track by Patrick, “KoЯn style_Nu Metal/Rap Metal/Beat Instrumental 22“, on their song “Persistence.“

After that, the group got accused of copying Sound For Production’s “Electro Metal Trailer” and “Intensity Metal Signal“ on their songs “On Your Feet” and “Sign Of The Times.” Although, those tracks were available for future licensing, so it’s possible that the band could have purchased them like they did with Riff Master T’s “Nu Metal Instrumental 2,” which was used on “Conquer This Climb.“

Eventually, an old post in which Gibbons claimed to have written one of the allegedly plagiarized riffs ended up emerging. That brings us up to the present, when he decided to officially take responsibility for the allegations:

“As many of you know, I am the current bass/guitar player for FLAW. I was tasked with writing the music for our most recent album, ‘VOL IV: Because Of The Brave‘. To clarify, this is the only record I’ve recorded with FLAW and I had no hand in previous recordings. I have been writing and recording music for over 15 years.

I, like many other musicians, look to YouTube for inspiration and creative ways to challenge myself and learn more. Over the years I have listened to and re recorded hundreds and hundreds of songs online. I also have hundreds and hundreds of songs recorded on my studio computer which have been compiled over the last 10 or so years, some of them mine and some of them taken from other inspiration.

I regretfully did not label and differentiate the music I wrote and recorded from a blank slate versus the inspiration I found and re-recorded as I was trying to further myself. As I was going through hours and hours of previously recorded material to present to Chris for the new album, clearly a specific style in my catalog stuck out to me.

These are things I re-recorded years ago and did not label where they actually came from. This is where I went terribly wrong. I took the tracks I re-recorded not knowing their true original source and presented them to Chris which in turn he worked tirelessly to write and record original lyrics and vocals to. He entrusted me with something that I thought I was going to truly impress him with and I let him down.

I take full and all responsibility for the accusations and bad press that has been flooding social media recently. None of the other band members had any knowledge or reason to believe these songs were written by anyone else, they are free and clear of any responsibility or wrongdoing. To all my friends and fans, I want you to know that this was a royal mistake on my part, and by no means did I intentionally try to steal or plagiarize any other musicians music.

I will do what I can to rectify this situation including any compensation for the original writers. We have made contact with him and are working on an agreement. Again, I am sorry to those I have let down including my bandmates who had no participation in writing the music for these recordings. I understand and respect whatever decision has to be made by the band because of this and I hope I will continue to see all of you along the way. I’m sorry and thank you.”

Volz commented as well:

“Thank you for owning up to your mistakes Tommy, hopefully the BS gossip queens can take a nap now……”

[via The PRP]

Flaw Allegedly Copied More Songs From YouTube

As previously reported, YouTuber Douglas Patrick recently accused Flaw of plagiarism, saying that the band allegedly used his “music melody and structure” from “KoЯn style_Nu Metal/Rap Metal/Beat Instrumental 14” on their song “Wake Up.“ Frontman Chris Volz then responded to the situation saying that he was unaware about the plagiarized riffs and that he “made an offer to compensate [Patrick] for his work.” After that, a report surfaced saying that the band allegedly plagiarized another track by Patrick, “KoЯn style_Nu Metal/Rap Metal/Beat Instrumental 22“, on their song “Persistence.“ Now, The PRP have posted a new story that says the group also allegedly copied Sound For Production’s “Electro Metal Trailer” and “Intensity Metal Signal“ on their songs “On Your Feet” and “Sign Of The Times.” You can listen to those four songs below. It’s worth noting that the Sound For Production tracks were available for future licensing, so it’s possible that the band could have purchased them like they did with Riff Master T’s “Nu Metal Instrumental 2,” which was used on “Conquer This Climb.“ That being said, The PRP have also found a post from guitarist/bassist Tommy Gibbons in which he claimed to have written one of the allegedly plagiarized riffs. You can find a screenshot of that below as well.