Rush’s Alex Lifeson And Coney Hatch’s Andy Curran Have “Done An Album’s Worth Of Material” For Their New Project

Rush’s Alex Lifeson and Coney Hatch’s Andy Curran are working on a new project, which they are tentatively calling Envy Of None. Notably, the band have already finished “an album’s worth of material.”

Lifeson told Sweetwater the following about the project:

“Andy approached me about four years ago, shortly after the last Rush tour, about just adding some guitar on some of the things that he was doing. And I did that. A few months later, he sent another one, and did that. And then we started getting more serious.

And then we found a great singer, Maiah Wynne, from Portland, Oregon — just a fabulous, fabulous voice and a really smart songwriter and vocal performer. So we’ve basically done an album’s worth of material that we hope to release sometime soon. I’m really excited about that.”

He also added:

“We’re just working on that part of it. All the music is recorded. We are mixing currently. We’re in a good place, but it’s very challenging. The industry is so, so very different than it was certainly 10 years ago, never mind last year. We’ll see. Hopefully late summer, early fall we might have something. But we are very, very excited about it. It’s pretty cool stuff, I think.”

[via Metal Injection]