Chthonic Premiere “PATTONKAN” Video

Chthonic have premiered a new video for their new song “PATTONKAN.” You can check that out below:

Further information was shared in a press release:

“CHTHONIC‘s lead vocalist and sitting member of Taiwan’s Parliament, Freddy Lim has invested most of his time in parliamentary works, yet inspirations for music still popped up from time to time when he felt depressed. But he didn’t have time to sit down quietly and write them down. “I feel anxious sometimes, there are so many things I want to do, but I feel I don’t have sufficient time in my life to do everything,” he said. “How would those who came before us think of us in Heaven if we don’t move forward?”

With such emotions in mind, Freddy Lim once met Mr. Kao Ying-chieh(高英傑, son of an indigenous victim of Taiwan’s White Terror authoritarian period Kao Yi-sheng(高一生, and his family. Freddy listened to him telling the story of how his father advocated for democracy and was eventually executed, and read the over 60 letters that Kao Yi-sheng sent to his family before he was executed. “The very strong emotional bonds between Kao Yi-sheng and his wife, as well as with his children were an inspiration to me,” Freddy Lim said.

“As long as we don’t give up, defend the people and land we love, and move as hard as we can, we’re on the right track.” Jesse, who co-composed the music, said that they first wrote a lot of complicated stuff, but later simplified it as the emotions flew. “We found that the simplified version actually really hit the spot!”

So the new song was born. The title “Pattonkan” is the indigenous Tsou name for “Yushan(玉山)” or “Jade Mountain”. Jade Mountain is the highest peak in northeast Asia, and considered as a sacred mountain to the Taiwanese. The name “Pattonkan” is meant to be a reminder of the inspiration for the song. The line 風起田地 過溪山野 吾魂四時看顧守護 actually echoes a line in Kao Yi-sheng’s final letter “田地和山野都有我的魂守著”, meaning that his soul will safeguard the fields and mountains of Taiwan.

CHTHONIC again worked with film director Hung Po-te for the music video for “Pattonkan“. The actors in the music video are the same as the ones who acted in Kaoru, Defenders of Bu-Tik Palace, and Millennia’s Faith Undone.

Hung Shih-hsun acted as the male lead Tsing-guan, and Wang Ting-chu acted as his wife Kaoru. The actress who played the daughter in the music video of “Millennia’s Faith Undone (the Aeon’s Wraith Version)” appeared as an adult. Lee Hsueh, who played a role in the movie Untold Herstory also appeared in the video.

The painting that appeared in the “Pattonkan” video is Looking at Jade Mountain from Alishan by Chen Cheng-po(陳澄波). Chen Cheng-po and Kao Yi-sheng were both key players during the

228 Massacre. Chen was executed openly in the street, while Kao was arrested and executed years later. The production team decided to make it more powerful artistically through the connection of the painting and music.

The director, Hung Po-te, pointed out that previous videos in the same series gradually turned from the husband Tsing-guan’s perspective to his wife Kaoru’s. This time, he wishes to show the kid Kiku’s perspective.

The child’s story was inspired by that of Kao Yi-sheng’s daughter Nana. After Kao was executed, his family was still under long-time surveillance and repression by the authoritarian regime.

Nana, who dreamed of becoming a singer, became a controlled “toy” for high-ranking officials. Doris is very supportive of the director’s design of the storyline. “The song is not about praising a hero, but to see a family through a person, and see a generation of people through a family,” Doris said. “this is a song that’s full of brevity, yet also sorrowful.”

Although the song “Pattonkan” is completely in Taiwanese, English subtitles are available on YouTube. “Pattonkan” will be released on all digital platforms starting on March 2.”

In other news, the band will also be performing at the Megaport Music Festival in Kaohsiung, Taiwan on April 1. Notably, the group are planning to livestream the set.

Chthonic Frontman-Turned-Taiwanese-Politician Freddy Lim Facing Possible Recall

According to Focus Taiwan, Chthonic frontman and Taiwanese legislator Freddy Lim is currently facing a recall effort. A petition to move forward with the recall has already gained enough signatures to proceed to the second phase. The CEC now says that the organizers of the petition, Lim’s constituent Cheng Ta-ping, independent Taipei City Councilor Chung Hsiao-ping, and former opposition Kuomintang (KMT) spokesman Eric Huang, will have 60 days to get enough signatures to move on to the next phase. Focus Taiwan reports that the organizers believe that “Lim must be removed because of a dereliction of his duties to his constituents in Wanhua District, which saw an outbreak of domestic COVID-19 cases stemming from cluster infections at hostess teahouses in May.” For his part, Lim says he respects the decision and that he will continue to use his time to fight COVID-19 and assist small business.

Chthonic Announce New Live Release “Chthonic Megaport 2021”

Chthonic will be releasing a new live album/film titled “Chthonic Megaport 2021” on May 19. The effort was recorded at The Pier-2 Art Center in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan on March 27, 2021. A live video for “Set Fire To The Island” can be seen below and an “anti-epidemic” bundle can be pre-ordered HERE.

Trivium’s Matt Heafy Guests On New Version Of Chthonic’s “Supreme Pain For The Tyrant”

Chthonic have shared a new version of “Supreme Pain For The Tyrant” featuring Trvium’s Matt Heafy. You can find a video for that below:

The following was said about the track in a press release:

“Peter Huang is a very important pioneer in Taiwan’s pro-democracy movement. He attempted to assassinate the late dictator Chiang Ching-kuo who visited New York in 1970. After failing the attempt, Peter became wanted, and was forced into exile. After Taiwan was democratized in the 1990s, Peter returned to Taiwan as a human rights advocate, helping many disadvantaged victims of repression. He held important positions in many human rights advocacy groups, including as chairman of Taiwan Association for Human Rights and Amnesty International Taiwan.”

Freddy Lim also commented:

“While being brave in resisting the authoritarian regime, Peter has a soft heart for the people and the land, and is an important source of inspiration for Chthonic. ‘Bú-tik‘ is one of the works inspired by Huang, and we wanted to continue honoring him which is where the idea for the remix originated. It was just the perfect project to work with Matt Heafy on.”

Heafy added:

“It is an absolute honor to be asked by one of my favorite bands on earth to be a part of their re-release of one of their greatest songs of all time. I can’t wait for people to hear this updated version and see the incredible music video.”

In other news, Chthonic are also planning to release a new album later this year and a new live album titled “Taiwan Victory” in May. The live effort was recorded during a December 2019 set in front of Taiwan’s Presidential Palace.

Chthonic And Trivium’s Matt Heafy To Release Collaborative Track

It looks like Chthonic and Trivium’s Matt Heafy are planning to release their new collaborative track in the near future. Chthonic tweeted the following:

Chthonic Go Behind The Scenes Of Their “Millennia’s Faith Undone” Video

Chthonic have shared a behind the scenes look at their “Millennia’s Faith Undone“ video. That track appears on the band’s latest album “Battlefields Of Asura.“

Chthonic Premiere “Flames Upon The Weeping Winds” Video

Chthonic have premiered a new video for their song “Flames Upon The Weeping Winds.“ This track is from the band’s latest album “Battlefields Of Asura.“ The group said the following:

“What is hell? Someone said the room in classic movie ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ is. Tsing-Guan is stuck in front of the Mirror of Retribution, facing the end of time. Giving away the divine powers, ultimate darkness swallows the hell, swallows Chen Cheng-po and Huang Tu-Shui’s last work accompanying him till the end, swallows everything. Or, this is reborn? After all, someone says ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ is about REBORN.”

Chthonic Premiere “A Crimson Sky’s Command” Video

Chthonic have premiered a new video for their new song “A Crimson Sky’s Command.“ This track is related to the Taiwanese god of war, “Te-ia-kong”, or “Xuantian Shangdi” in Mandarin, and it will appear on the band’s new album “Battlefields Of Asura“ (out October 12).

Chthonic Premiere New Video For Acoustic Version Of “Millennia’s Faith Undone”

Chthonic have premiered a new video for an acoustic version of their song “Millennia’s Faith Undone.“ You can check that out below. The original version of the track is from the band’s new album “Battlefields Of Asura,“ which will be released on October 12.

The following was said about the video [via Blabbermouth]:

After the release of the music video of their new track “Millennia’s Faith Undone” at the beginning of the month, CHTHONIC has now dropped the official music video of the “Aeon’s Wraith” version (acoustic version), featuring Denise Ho, on the evening of Mid-Autumn Festival. The original crew, including director Birdy, lead actor and actress Finn and Chia-Yu Chang, created the finale of the series of stories. Being executed during the White Terror, the protagonist dies without a place to rest in peace, either is his last will sent to his wife and children. Starting its first page from “Kaoru” (acoustic version), the story finally comes to a sorrowful end which is also a traumatic moment in Taiwanese history.

To faithfully present the period setting in the new album, Birdy had the production of the music video take place at the historical architecture Yilan Literature Museum. Set in the antique traditional Japanese style house, the music video gives CHTHONIC a delicate vibe different from their onstage look; Denise Ho, who gladly agreed to be featured in CHTHONIC’s latest album, first time setting foot in Yilan Literature Museum, also didn’t hesitate to show her fondness of the location.

Usually, in the acoustic version of CHTHONIC music videos, the costume designing tend to be more “low key.” However, bassist Doris’s glacial style added a crucial touch that left all the crew impressed. Doris noted that she’s thankful for the hard work by the hair and makeup artists. Besides, compared to the past metal version music videos which require more dramatic expression and gesture than live performance, she prefers the shoot for the acoustic version as it allows more natural body movement of everyday life. Moreover, frontman Freddy stated that to prepare for the music video, he had to refresh his slightly rusty erhu playing. After a busy day in parliament, he still had to practice late at night. He also joked: “Luckily I’m not in the shot too much as I didn’t play it right in a couple spots!”

Chthonic Premiere “Millennia’s Faith Undone” Music Video

Chthonic have premiered a new video for their new song “Millennia’s Faith Undone.“ This track is from the band’s new album “Battlefields Of Asura,“ which will be released on October 10.

Bassist/vocalist Doris Yeh commented:

“‘Millennia’s Faith Undone‘ was inspired by the era of radical change in the history of Taiwan between the 30s and the 50s, also as the prequel to their albums of story series. Birdy, the director of the music video, set the narrative after the stores in their previous music videos of ‘Defenders of Bú-Tik Palace‘ (acoustic version) and ‘Kaoru‘ (acoustic version).

With an out of body experience, the main character sees the White Terror victims’ lives taken away by the dictators, and eventually himself being executed by shooting; all was left is his last will and testament overwhelmed in the mass of historical documents. Birdy recruited the crew and the lead actor and actress, Finn and Chia-Yu Chang, from the shoot for ‘Defenders of Bú-Tik Palace‘ (acoustic ver.) and ‘Kaoru‘ (acoustic ver.) four years ago.

Additionally, The Aeon’s version of “Millennia’s Faith Undone” will receive a music video treatment and will be premiered at the end of this month. In the upcoming video, the story will be told from the perspective of the lead female character. Stay tuned!”