Berried Alive To Release New Album “Our Own Light” In September, Share Video For The Title Track

Berried Alive will be releasing a new album, titled “Our Own Light,” on September 9. You can find an official video for the effort’s title track below:

“Our Own Light” Track Listing:

01. “Our Own Light”
02. “Pearanoid”
03. “Barberryan”
04. “Hawaiian Punch”
05. “Go Pluck Yourself”
06. “Sippin On Mercury”
07. “Poisonberry”
08. “Juicifer”
09. “Silence Of The Yams”
10. “Sit There Like A Lemon”
11. “Limelight”
12. “Hugo”
13. “Melon-Choly”
14. “Icy Hot”
15. “I H8 GTR”

The band commented:

“We have been looking forward to releasing this album since 2017. Its 15 tracks long, and is one of the most thoughtfully crafted, and genuine pieces of music we’ve ever released. ‘Our Own Light‘ explores a lot of different angles of the personal journey we’ve been on over the last several years, and pushes through the feelings on the surface, to a much more vulnerable yet healing place.

‘Our Own Light‘ is a study in opposing emotions, but the summary of all these emotions is that Berried Alive really is our own light. We’ve faced a lot of struggles to get to where we are now, and they’ve definitely left scars on our emotions, but nothing else could ever bring us so much freedom or happiness and we do recognize that and appreciate it.”