Evile Premiere “The Unknown” Music Video

Evile have premiered a new video for the title track of their new album “The Unknown.” That effort will be released on July 14.

Ol Drake commented:

“We’re really excited to start revealing the next page in the Evile chapter. We’ve taken a completely different approach on this album and I looked inward for inspiration; I’ve opened myself up like I never thought I would. We’ve always been at 500mph, like on the previous album (Hell Unleashed) and this time around we felt we wanted to try the polar opposite – some slower-than-we’ve-ever-done tempos with more melodic vocal hooks, and give Adam some freedom on the leads/writing.

I’ve been working on my vocals since diving in the deep end in 2021, and we’ve worked hard for 2 years on this, so I’m excited for everyone to hear the fruits of our labour. We’re really proud of what we’ve all accomplished with this album. This is the one I hope can catapult us to more ears and places we haven’t been before to play for people who are constantly asking us to play in their area.

First up is the title track, ‘The Unknown‘. I wrote the basic lyrical content and concept back in 2017 when I was out of the band. The song deals with my fears and anxieties of becoming a father for the first time and all the doubts and worries that come with the responsibilities it brings.”

“The Unknown” Track Listing:

01. “The Unknown”
02. “The Mask We Wear”
03. “Monolith”
04. “When Mortal Coils Shed”
05. “Sleepless Eyes”
06. “Out Of Sight”
07. “At Mirror’s Speech”
08. “Reap What You Sow”
09. “Beginning Of The End”
10. “Balance Of Time”

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