Architects Premiere Video For Orchestral Version Of “Animals”

Architects have released an orchestral version of “Animals” via Amazon Music. The track was recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London, England and a video for it can be found below. The original version of “Animals” appears on the band’s latest album “For Those That Wish To Exist.“ The group commented:

“This was an amazing opportunity to reimagine Animals entirely. We took away the jagged synths, replaced them with an orchestra and recorded it in the world-famous Studio 2 at Abbey Road Studios. The result is unlike anything we’ve ever done before. We hope you enjoy it.”

Architects Top U.K. Albums Chart For First Time With “For Those That Wish To Exist”

Architects have topped the U.K. albums chart with their new record “For Those That Wish To Exist.” This was the first time that the band claimed the No. 1 spot.

Sam Carter told the following:

“I cannot begin to tell you how much this means to us. Thank you to every single person who bought this record. We love you so much and we could not have done this without you. To have an album that connects this much, with what we’re talking about — trying and pushing for a better world — it’s unbelievable. As ever, everything we do is for Tom Searle, our brother.”

The band also added the following on social media:

“We are blown away. Never in our wildest dreams did we aspire to this. Even 1 week ago, when we released this record, there was no discussion between us of having a number 1 record.

We’ve been around for 16 years and this is our 9th (ninth) record – bands just don’t hit new peaks on their ninth record, but here we are. Four years ago we lost Tom and our worlds were turned upside down. The fact that we can stand here today with a No. 1 record in the UK, having lost our songwriter, having created a record that took so many risks, should be impossible, but here we are.

We owe a debt of gratitude to our fans. You rallied together and made this possible – we only just got over the line and every single one of you played your part – thank you for making this a reality, we are endlessly grateful.

Thank you to everyone involved with this record, there are too many to name but you know who you are. We love you all ❤️”

Listen To Architects’ New Album “For Those That Wish To Exist”

Architects have officially released their new album “For Those That Wish To Exist“ and it can be streamed below. Notably, the effort features several special guests including: Parkway Drive’s Winston McCall, who can be heard on “Impermanence,” Royal Blood’s Mike Kerr, who can be heard on “Little Wonder,” and Biffy Clyro’s Simon Neil, who can be heard on “Goliath.”

Architects To Release New Album “For Those That Wish To Exist” In February

Architects will be releasing their new album “For Those That Wish To Exist“ on February 26. If you missed it, the effort’s first single, “Animals,” can be found HERE.

“For Those That Wish To Exist” Track Listing:

01. “Do You Dream Of Armageddon?”
02. “Black Lungs”
03. “Giving Blood”
04. “Discourse Is Dead”
05. “Dead Butterflies”
06. “An Ordinary Extinction”
07. “Impermanence” (feat. Winston McCall of Parkway Drive)
08. “Flight Without Feathers”
09. “Little Wonder” (feat. Mike Kerr of Royal Blood)
10. “Animals”
11. “Libertine”
12. “Goliath” (feat. Simon Neil of Biffy Clyro)
13. “Demi God”
14. “Meteor”
15. “Dying Is Absolutely Safe”

Drummer Dan Searle commented:

“This album was me looking at our inability to change to a way of life that would sustain the human race and save the planet. I wanted to look in the mirror and ask ourselves the question of what are going to do, as opposed to trying to point the finger at politicians. Change has to start on a personal level. The world has developed a culture of wanting someone else to deal with it, when we need to take our own responsibility. It has to start there.”