Vio-lence To Reissue “Eternal Nightmare” In October

Vio-lence will be reissuing “Eternal Nightmare” on October 28. The effort has been remastered and it will be available on vinyl, CD, cassette, and digitally. The CD and digital copies will also include a live set that was recorded at Slims in Chicago, IL on December 14, 2001. Vinyl copies will come with a download card featuring the bonus material.

“Eternal Nightmare” Track Listing:

Disc 1:

01. “Eternal Nightmare”
02. “Serial Killer”
03. “Phobophobia”
04. “Calling In The Coroner”
05. “T.D.S. (Take It As You Will)”
06. “Bodies On Bodies”
07. “Kill On Command”

Disc 2:

01. “Liquid Courage” (Live at Slims)
02. “Ageless Eyes” (Live at Slims)
03. “Calling In The Coroner” (Live at Slims)
04. “World In A World” (Live at Slims)
05. “Officer Nice” (Live at Slims)
06. “Subterfuge” (Live at Slims)
07. “Kill On Command” (Live at Slims)
08. “Phobophobia” (Live at Slims)
09. “Bodies On Bodies” (Live at Slims)
10. “I Profit” (Live at Slims)
11 “T.D.S.” (Live at Slims)
12. “Paraplegic” (Live at Slims)

Vio-lence Recruit Guitarist Ira Black For Summer European Tour

Vio-lence have recruited guitarist Ira Black (Lizzy Borden, etc.) for their upcoming European tour. He will be filling in for Phil Demmel (ex-Machine Head), who is set to fill in for Willie Adler during Lamb Of God’s European shows.

Black issued the following statement:

“The cats out of the bag! I will be filling in for my brotha Phil Demmel in Vio-Lence Offical Page for the upcoming 2022 dates starting at the Brutal Assault Festival on August 9th, Alcatraz Metal Festival on the 13th, the South America run in September and winter European tour! This is going to be a blast and I’m truly honored!

Vio-Lence is a legendary Bay Area thrash band and I’ve known them for many years. I’ve had a great time learning Phil’s parts, rehearsals are going great, these guys are the real deal! I’m looking forward to slaying it for the Vio-Lence fans around the world. See you out there! 🔥”

Vio-lence’s Sean Killian Says Phil Demmel’s Fill-In Role In Lamb Of God Came About Because “A Couple Of The Guys In The Band Are Not Down With Doing The Vaxx”

During an interview with , Vio-lence frontman Sean Killian discussed guitarist Phil Demmel’s fill-in role in Lamb Of God. According to him, Demmel was recruited to fill in for Lamb Of God guitarist Willie Adler due to his COVID-19 vaccination status. Killian said the following:

“[Phil has] been asked by Lamb Of God to be able to step in for ’em, ’cause a couple of the guys in the band are not down with doing the vaxx. So if there’s countries that are still closed by the time they go out, he’ll go out. But we have a solid backup already ready to go. And he’s someone that a lot of people know; I just don’t wanna say who it is. You don’t wanna put it out there and then not have it happen. But if Phil‘s not there, the guy that will be there is just as good as Phil is on the axe. He’s a shredder. And everyone knows him, so if I told you, you would know right away.”

[via Blabbermouth]

Vio-lence, Whiplash, & Artillery Set For 2022 “MTV Headbangers Ball” European Tour

Vio-lence, Whiplash, and Artillery will be hitting the road on this year’s “MTV Headbangers Ball” tour in Europe. Here’s the dates for that run:

11/23 Amersfoort, NET – Fluor
11/24 Hamburg, GER – Kulturpalast
11/25 Mannheim, GER – MS Connextion Complex
11/26 Zlin, CZE – Masters Of Rock Cafe
11/27 Budapest, HUN – Barba Negra
11/28 Regensburg, GER – Airport Eventhall
11/29 Stuttgart, GER – LKA Longhorn
11/30 Zurich, SWI – Alte Kaserne
12/01 Brussels, BEL – La Madeleine
12/02 Essen, GER – Turock
12/03 Aarhus, DEN – Voxhall
12/04 Stockholm, SWE – Slaktkyrkan
12/05 Gothenburg, SWE – Tradgarn

Vio-lence Hope To Record Another EP By Next Fall

Vio-lence’s new EP, “Let The World Burn,” won’t be released until March 4, but it looks like the band are already thinking about a follow-up. Guitarist Phil Demmel said the following about that [via Blabbermouth]:

“I’d like to do another EP rather than an album, and we’re working on the songs for it already, and hopefully we’ll get in to record by next fall. We want to constantly be releasing music, and constantly doing shows. At this stage, we’re excited for everybody who’s still excited for this band. To them, I say thank you for still listening to and supporting us. We’re excited to come play, so spread the VIO-LENCE.”

Vio-lence Premiere “Let The World Burn” Music Video

Vio-lence have premiered a new video for the title track of their new EP “Let The World Burn.” That effort will be released on March 4.

Frontman Sean Killian commented:

“The memory of you will be forever forgotten when the extinction event arrives and fire becomes God. When the world burns and all is destroyed, all you know, all you believe will be forgotten forever. Let the world burn!”

Guitarist Phil Demmel added:

“I hadn’t written a lot of thrash in the past 17 years or so, but being the main songwriter for the band over the years, I wanted that sound, I wanted that mid-’80s raw thing, but I also wanted to capture our signature notes and structures and stuff like that.”

Vio-lence & Coroner Announce May U.S. Shows

Vio-lence and Coroner have announced some May shows together. Here’s the dates:

05/21 Chicago, IL – Reggies
05/24 Boston, MA – The Middle East
05/25 Philadelphia, PA – Underground Arts
05/26 New York, NY – Le Poisson Rouge
05/27 Baltimore, MD – Maryland Deathfest (Vio-lence only)
05/28 Baltimore, MD – Maryland Deathfest (Coroner only)

Vio-lence To Release New EP “Let The World Burn” In March, Premiere New Song “Flesh From Bone”

Vio-lence will be releasing a new EP, titled “Let The World Burn,” on March 4. The effort will feature five songs including: “Flesh From Bone,” “Screaming Always,” “Upon Their Cross,” “Gato Negro,” and “Let The World Burn.” A lyric video for “Flesh From Bone” can be found below:

Phil Demmel said the following about the new song:

“This is the first Vio-lence song I had written in close to 30 years. I wanted to keep some of those early ‘Eternal Nightmare‘ (debut album, 1988) qualities intact but infuse a lot of what I’ve culled into my songwriting arsenal over the decades. ‘Flesh From Bone‘ has the frenetic picking/fingering riffs and the solo trade-offs that are pretty old-school, and I’m also wearing my influences on my sleeve with a few Exodus and Slayer inspired riffs.”

Sean Killian added:

“‘Flesh From Bone‘ reflects on the true suffering of man during the dark ages of history. Laws and rules of people like Vlad the Impaler were not to be broken, if you did your sentence would be impalement, or worse. To die in battle was to suffer.”

“For 34 years, a creation called ‘Eternal Nightmare‘ has been making memories for people around the world. Now, it is time to create some new memories in 2022. I am very proud of the new music we created, and we are fortunate to have worked with some very creative people. Nothing too polished here, unless fragments of glass and broken razor blades are what you consider polished. I love to create, and we hope your heads explode when you hear the new Vio-lence!”

Phil Demmel Says Vio-lence’s Recent Fresno Show “Turned Out To Be A Superspreader Event”

During a chat with Rob Rush of 94.3 The Shark and Metal Allegiance’s Mark Menghi, Vio-lence’s Phil Demmel talked a bit about the band’s August 6 show at Strummer’s in Fresno, CA. The guitarist said the concert “turned out to be a superspreader event” that caused everyone in his household and some of his bandmates to get sick with COVID-19.

Demmel had the following to say about the show:

“We played a show in Fresno about a month ago, and it turned out to be a superspreader event. [Laughs] And the whole house here, we all got COVID. So we spent a couple of weeks healing up and getting better… That was our first show with Bobby Gustafson, ex-OVERKILL, and Christian Olde Wolbers from FEAR FACTORY and POWERFLO; it was their first show with us. We played a small, I think 300-capacity club, and it was a Petri dish of just the plague. And it served its purpose, other than everybody getting the sickness. It was unfortunate in that [regard]. Because we were supposed to play Bloodstock [Open Air in the U.K.] and Alcatraz festival [in Belgium] the next week, but then we couldn’t go because we all got sick. Then we had Southern California shows. We canceled probably seven shows because of everything that happened.”

Menghi also discussed his own experience with COVID-19:

“This delta variant and all this other COVID shit, as we all know, it’s hitting pretty hard again. I know a lot of people right here at home in my close circle that have COVID right now and it’s kicking the shit out of them. And these are vaccinated people. It’s kicking the shit out of them. I’m vaccinated and had it twice. It’s a motherfucker. I had it really bad in December, this past December. I missed Christmas altogether. I came [very] close to checking myself into the hospital because I couldn’t breathe. I came close to going to the hospital because it was the first time in my life where I could not breathe. I felt like my lungs were — like [boxer Mike] Tyson was coming at me and just kicking the shit out of [me]. It was hard. And I remember that night — it was, like, 2:30 in the morning — I started fucking screaming. I’m, like, ‘Fuck you!’, yelling at myself. ‘You’re not going to a fucking hospital.’ And I don’t know if I willed myself but the next day I started feeling better. But it was bad. Whether it’s the flu, COVID — I don’t know what it was — but I’ve never been sick like that before in my life. So, I don’t know. People have their take on it. My take is just get the shot. We all put worse shit in our body. God knows myself and Phil put bad shit in our bodies. It can’t be any worse. So, that’s the way I look at it.”

This news comes after it was revealed that Vio-lence’s Sean Killian was recently hospitalized with COVID-19. The vocalist, who was unvaccinated, has since been discharged.

[via Blabbermouth]