Tribulation Sign New Worldwide Deal With Century Media

Tribulation have signed a new worldwide deal with Century Media Records. Guitarist Adam Zaars commented:

“After this involuntary hiatus, this global societal and cultural hiccup, we are just about to return to the stages and as already announced, we have already started our next chapter. As of now, we have a few new songs recorded that will be released digitally later this year and on wax as soon as possible after that. It’s a Tribulation you will recognize, but in a new shroud with new tastes and smells. Angrier, darker, and a tad more cynical. We have also slowly started working on our next album that we will yet again release with our long-term partners Century Media Records, with whom we have now signed a worldwide deal. Make sure to catch us live this summer.”

Tribulation Win Swedish Grammis Award For “Where The Gloom Becomes Sound”

Tribulation have officially took home another Swedish Grammis Award. The band scored the award in the “Best Hard Rock/Metal” category for their latest album “Where The Gloom Becomes Sound.“

Tribulation Digitally Release “The Dhampir”

Tribulation’s “The Dhampir” has officially received a digital release. That 18-minute track was previously only available on the deluxe vinyl edition of “Where The Gloom Becomes Sound.” The band commented:

“Until now we’ve kept our longest song safely tucked away on a picture disc, for only the most interested pairs of ears, but the time has now come for it to be heard by anyone who wishes to partake on the journey. We hope you enjoy ‘The Dhampir‘!”

Tribulation Premiere “Funeral Pyre” Music Video

Tribulation have premiered a new video for their new song “Funeral Pyre.” This track is from the band’s new album “Where The Gloom Becomes Sound,” which will be released on January 29. The group commented:

“Here’s something for the fire worshippers out there: an ode to the one that transforms and delivers, aids and burns. It’s a song about sacrifice and loss and the immortality quest of heroes past. Giving form to the name, we had the help of Claudio Mario and Artax Film who contributed with their own vision of ‘Funeral Pyre‘ – as ragged, yet stylish and clean-cut as always.”

Guitarist Jonathan Hultén Exits Tribulation

Tribulation have parted ways with guitarist Jonathan Hultén. Joseph Tholl will now be taking his place.

Tribulation commented:

“After 16 years of creative, expressive, artistic and spiritual exchange and co-operation Jonathan has decided to leave the band to pursue whatever else life has in store for him in the future.

We know that whatever he decides to do in the future he will do it in the same wholehearted, immersive and meticulous way that he has tackled all the trials and tribulations that are Tribulation, and we truly wish him the best of luck in those endeavours.

The idea and concept of death and rebirth has always played a big role in the band mythos and while Jonathan leaving leaves a big chunk of what has built, maintained and nurtured the creature that is Tribulation behind, we are confident in our vision for the times to come, and we will build something new and once again ride the frightening yet powerful waves of creative uncertainty into the new decade!

‘Vetera transierunt: ecce facta sunt omnia nova’”

Hultén also issued his own statement:

“Friends. After 16 years of playing together, the time has now come for me to part with Tribulation. For some time I’ve been swinging between doubt and determination in a recurring questioning of whether I am the right person in the right place, and in the end this is the conclusion that has been reached. This year made it more clear than ever that first and foremost I have to follow my heart rather than the mind – even if it means walking away from a lot of things I love doing and people I love. Life is too short to not follow your heart, wherever it might lead. I don’t know what the future holds, the only thing I do know is that I have to try to live in a way that makes me happy.

I wish Johannes, Adam and Oscar all the best in the world. I’m looking forward to seeing them continue on the adventurous cruise on the ship that is Tribulation, and all the glorious moments they will experience along the way. I am also very happy to pass the torch to the amazing Joseph Tholl, one of my favorite songwriters of all time. The magic he will introduce into Trib will be an invaluable treasure and I couldn’t imagine a better addition to the band.

And most importantly – I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who has supported, appreciated and helped us along the years. I thank you from the bottom of my soul, you made this journey into what it has been. Thank you for everything!

However, this is not a goodbye. I won’t stop creating music and art as long as there is a heartbeat left in this body, that’s a promise. Much love…”

Tholl added:

“As a long-time fan and friend of the band it’s sad for me to see Jonathan leave, but it’s also an honour that I’ll get to cherish his great work. I’m thrilled to join this assembly of old friends and I’m looking forward to be a part of what the future holds for Tribulation.”

Tribulation Premiere “Leviathans” Music Video

Tribulation have premiered a new video for their new song “Leviathans.” This track is from the band’s new album “Where The Gloom Becomes Sound,” which will be released on January 29. The group commented:

“Your first morsel to the gloom-made soundscape of our new album is something that we conjured up from the cataracts and that comes in the shape of a torrential flood, an oblation to the ‘spirits of the sea and of change’, to the Leviathans!”

Tribulation Reschedule European/UK Tour

Tribulation have postponed their European/UK tour with Bolzer and Molassess due to the coronavirus pandemic. The trek will now take place in September/October 2021.

Tour Dates:

09/17 Copenhagen, DEN – Pumpehuset
09/18 Hamburg, GER – Gruenspan
09/19 Utrecht, NET – De Helling
09/21 Vosselaar, BEL – Biebob
09/22 London, UK – The Dome
09/23 Paris, FRA – Petit Bain
09/24 Milan, ITA – Slaughter Club
09/25 Aarburg, SWI – Musigburg
09/26 Essen, GER – Turock
09/28 Heidelberg, GER – Halle 2
09/29 Munich, GER – Technikum
09/30 Krakow, POL – Kwadrat
10/01 Prague, CZE – Nova Chmelnice
10/02 Budapest, HUN – Barba Negra
10/03 Vienna, AUT – Szene
10/05 Berlin, GER – Hole44
10/06 Malmo, SWE – Babel
10/08 Gothenburg, SWE – Valand
10/09 Oslo, NOR – Parkteatret

In other news, the band have also posted a new teaser for their new album “Where The Gloom Becomes Sound” (out January 29):

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Tribulation To Release New Album “Where The Gloom Becomes Sound” In January, Announce European/UK Tour

Tribulation have announced that their new album “Where The Gloom Becomes Sound” will be released in January 2021. You can find the cover art for that effort below:

The group said the following about the record:

“‘Down, further down, Where the Gloom Becomes Sound…’, Anna-Varney Cantodea once sang in a previous millennium, in a different world. And further down than Down Below we went with this one. The album is a sombre one, filled with ghastly shadows and elemental magic – a mythological bestiarium vocabulum ranging from the desert sands to the midnight sun, from our murky prehistorical past to our potentially luminous futures.

Figuratively, literally and musically. We worked together with producer Jamie Elton to create something wild and imaginative, something that would take the listener on a nightly adventure along with Fernand Khnopff‘s enigmatic sibyl on the cover and with all the gods and goddesses, nymphs and demons that we conjured up during the recording. As an icing on an already frosted cake we had the help of Tom Dalgety for the finishing touches.”

In other news, Tribulation have also announced a European/UK tour with Bolzer and Molassess:

01/29 Copenhagen, DEN – Pumpehuset
01/30 Hamburg, GER – Uebel & Gefährlich
01/31 Utrecht, NET – De Helling
02/02 Vosselaar, BEL – Biebob
02/03 London, UK – The Dome
02/04 Paris, FRA – Petit Bain
02/05 Milan, ITA – Slaughter Club
02/06 Bern, SWI – Dachstock
02/07 Essen, GER – Turock
02/09 Heidelberg, GER – Halle 2
02/10 Munich, GER – Technikum
02/11 Krakow, POL – Kwadrat
02/12 Prague, CZE – Nova Chmelnice
02/13 Vienna, AUT – Szene
02/14 Budapest, HUN – A38
02/16 Berlin, GER – Columbia Theater
02/17 Malmö, SWE – Babel
02/18 Oslo, NOR – Parkteatret
02/19 Gothenburg, SWE – Valand
02/20 Stockholm, SWE – Slaktkyrkan

The band said the following about the tour:

“Now at summer’s end in the near endless year of trials and tribulations that is 2020, after a touring hiatus and a new album in the so called, bag, we are very happy to announce that we are yet again about to trek across the ancient body of Europa – over her flesh and through her veins – the land where the sun ever sets.

And as fortunate as we sometimes are, we will have both Bolzer and Molassess aiding us in spreading the gloom in each of the 20 cities we are visiting. At this point, we all need a little taste of Saturnalia, and as so, we encourage you all to join us in taking a step into the time before time, in illo tempore, and a step out of the profane everyday existence. Be open and let us possess you, at least for a night!”